This Pleasant Treat Heals Type 2 Diabetes

Coffee for Type 2 DiabetesMore and more benefits are turning up with a favorite morning treat- that some would call necessary fuel for even getting out of bed.

It turns out, though, that this morning staple that is considered a dessert in etiquette circles has the power to protect people from type 2 diabetes.

For those who can’t even think about starting their day without fueling up on a cup of hot coffee, there is a reason to keep chugging the caffeinated powerhouse beverage.

In a study out of Qingdao University’s Department of Epidemiology, researchers found an inverse correlation between coffee and development of type 2 diabetes. What they found was that as a person’s coffee consumption increased, their risk of diabetes plummeted.

They also found that the more coffee a person drank, the more shielded overall they were long term from developing the disease.

Now it should be said that the biggest risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes is the consumption of sugar, so if you are after the protective benefits of coffee- don’t “doctor” it up with a ton of cream, sugar, syrups, or other additives.

Plain, black coffee is the ticket. While researchers found that caffeine did play a role in the reduction of risk of diabetes development, they also found that even decaffeinated coffee had protective powers as well, insulating people with as much as a 30 % reduced rate of developing diabetes when consuming at least 1 cup per day.

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  1. Lawal Ibrahim says:

    This is a good information to public

  2. Micheal Cook says:

    This is nothing more than a coffee advert. EVERY food has its benefits in some way or another. The simple solution to prevent diabetes and a host of other ailments is a low carbohydrate diet. That means also very little fruit and vegetables, for ALL carbohydrates turn to sugar in the body. Fructose from fruit is most harmful to those with diabetes, thats why Doctors get it so wrong as they advise their diabetic patients to eat MORE fruit and vegetables, so by excaserbating their diabetic problem. The proof of that is in the reality that those diabetics do NOT get better. All they have to do is to cut down their carbohydrate consumption to about 15% of their daily diet and see what happens to their sugar levels, especially type two diabetics, will see a remarkable drop in their sugar levels, and they would need to adjust their medication if they are on it accordingly. For type two diabetes can be remedied quite quickly if carbohydrates are strctly limited.

  3. Good information to consider.

  4. Craig Greenwood says:

    Hmmmm. I was diagnosed with type II May last year (2012), and I do, and did, drink about 5 coffees a day. No sugar. Sounds a bit like BS to me. Anyway, off to find those ‘activated almonds’ lol.

  5. says:

    I became addictive to coffee from 1981 until today. I’m also addicted to the smell of it. I consider myself of a moderate coffee consomption. All I need is that one morning cup for breakfast and I’m good to go for the rest of the day. I have to agree with you on this one. I’ve seen people drink coffee all day long, but, I’m not an abusive individual of the consomption of anything. I must have a cup of coffee in the morning

  6. Allah ya taimaki dan lawan Gusau

  7. Marie Beaudouin says:

    same as above. I still drink that one cup in the morning, am I addictive to coffee? I don’t thing so