Telephone Heals High Blood PressureSeveral studies throughout the years have proven that modern technology raises our blood pressure rather than lowering it.

A new, interesting study, however, reveals how receiving one surprising phone call may improve your blood pressure whopping 20%.

In a massive new study looking at people with high blood pressure, or hypertension, a simple phone call seems to make a huge difference in how well participants ended up faring.

The mega-study by Kaiser Permanente involved almost 65,000 adults with hypertension.

One group of participants received automatic phone calls (also known as robo-calls), prompting them to go to a walk-in clinic to have their blood pressure checked. The other group received no call.

At the conclusion of the 4-week study, the participants in the group receiving the calls were more than 20% more likely to have their blood pressure well-controlled versus the group that received no phone call.

The only problem with this approach is that “well-controlled” blood pressure usually means “highly medicated with bad side effect” blood pressure. I wonder how it would work if people got an automatic phone call reminding them to lower their blood pressure by eating healthy and exercising.

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