rabbits_high_blood_pressure“Why do rabbits never suffer high blood pressure?”

The answer to this weird question lies in a recent 10-year long study performed by researchers from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

During the extended research in Holland, 20,000 men and women were observed to analyze their diet and especially what kind of fruits and vegetables they consumed the most.

Researchers categorized fruits and vegetables by color in order to find the ones most beneficial to heart health. That included a few main color categories: white, red/purple, green, orange/yellow.

Authors of the study noted that none of the study participants were suffering from any heart related problems at the beginning of the research.

[adrotate group=”5″]After summarizing results of this unusual study, Dutch researchers discovered that fruits and vegetables rich in orange and yellow shades where the most beneficial to cardiovascular health.

And carrots were the absolute winners in this category!

According to the research, study participants who consumed carrots more frequently had a 35 % less chance to develop heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure. This is compared to the other study participants who did not include carrots into their diets or ate less of them.

Scientists conclude that the unique content of antioxidants like beta carotene found in carrots has outstanding properties to support our heart health. Not to mention vitamins K, C, B6, B1, and B2, and minerals like calcium and potassium.

The main finding of this study, however, was a discovery of a different category of phytonutriens called polyacetylenes. Two major ones found in carrots include falcarinol and falcarindiol.

These unique compounds make carrots extremely beneficial to our overall health; but more importantly, they have an amazing ability to improve our heart health and lower blood pressure.

And you don’t have to stuff yourself to benefit. The suggested minimum daily consumption of carrots is 25 grams. That is equivalent to one medium-sized carrot or two to three baby carrots.

It is highly recommended to consume carrots raw, to ensure the most optimal intake of the nutrients it contains.
If you prefer to eat them cooked, steam – don’t boil – the carrots.

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