Why Rabbits Don’t Have High Blood Pressure and Neither Needs You

rabbits_high_blood_pressure“Why do rabbits never suffer high blood pressure?”

The answer to this weird question lies in a recent 10-year long study performed by researchers from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

During the extended research in Holland, 20,000 men and women were observed to analyze their diet and especially what kind of fruits and vegetables they consumed the most.

Researchers categorized fruits and vegetables by color in order to find the ones most beneficial to heart health. That included a few main color categories: white, red/purple, green, orange/yellow.

Authors of the study noted that none of the study participants were suffering from any heart related problems at the beginning of the research.

[adrotate group=”5″]After summarizing results of this unusual study, Dutch researchers discovered that fruits and vegetables rich in orange and yellow shades where the most beneficial to cardiovascular health.

And carrots were the absolute winners in this category!

According to the research, study participants who consumed carrots more frequently had a 35 % less chance to develop heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure. This is compared to the other study participants who did not include carrots into their diets or ate less of them.

Scientists conclude that the unique content of antioxidants like beta carotene found in carrots has outstanding properties to support our heart health. Not to mention vitamins K, C, B6, B1, and B2, and minerals like calcium and potassium.

The main finding of this study, however, was a discovery of a different category of phytonutriens called polyacetylenes. Two major ones found in carrots include falcarinol and falcarindiol.

These unique compounds make carrots extremely beneficial to our overall health; but more importantly, they have an amazing ability to improve our heart health and lower blood pressure.

And you don’t have to stuff yourself to benefit. The suggested minimum daily consumption of carrots is 25 grams. That is equivalent to one medium-sized carrot or two to three baby carrots.

It is highly recommended to consume carrots raw, to ensure the most optimal intake of the nutrients it contains.
If you prefer to eat them cooked, steam – don’t boil – the carrots.

However, this rabbit food might not be enough to lower your blood pressure. For an even more powerful method, discover how 3 easy exercises drop blood pressure below 120/80 as soon as today…

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  1. Orange carrots have only a fraction of the nutritional value of purple carrots. Purple/yellow ones have 38.69mg/gram of dry weight. Orange carrots have mere 2.37 mg/g of phytonutrients. Red carrots even less. The research above needs a bit of clarification.

  2. I love this page, it is educating and hope giving to all the health problem people may have , is always a clear answer to every question, given in the best way Doctors can do. Thanks very much dear Blue Herom Health News.

  3. I guess Rabbits and all the animals eat the right food that is the reason they not have high blood pressure, yes animals have a shorter life than we have I don’t know why. Is so controversial; but they are wizards on foods they got their own limits and special diets, I wish we humans were the same , because we are so lucky to live longer than they do.

  4. Rabbits don't wear glasses either, so is that another good reason to eat carrots? Rabbits don't have to worry about electric, gas, water, and a myriad other bills and taxes and worries that are our daily life. The rabbit/carrot analogy is about as plausible as a homosexual, cocaine sniffing, negro come muslim, becoming President of the United States.

  5. that's halarious Michael…



  8. I wonder how much money was spent on this study? I wonder how they got the blood pressure cuff around their tiny little rabbit arms?

  9. Laura Harter bribed it with a carrot.

  10. Its very true that animals are the best in choosing what to eat or not, a shame to human being, we eat what seems to be sweet but bites us like poisonous snake later though slowly that we don’t recognize that we are been beaten. Our living longer than animals its a proof that God created man to be leaving for ever but because Adam and Eve disobeyed the creator that’s why we die, take it or not but this is the fact.

  11. easier to just eat rabbits.

  12. Most of carrots nutrients are found just below their skin….so don't peel,,,, just give them a scrub.
    Eating carrots raw is not better than eating them cooked….this is incorrect…..Carrots are one of the few vegetables that should be lightly steamed or boiled..Its better..the reason being, is they have very strong cellular walls and when eaten raw…its hard for the body to break through these walls to the nutrients inside…..by steaming or light boiling it helps to soften the cell walls…making it easier to digest and absorb what's inside.

  13. I was told by the bunny clinic not to give my bunny much carrot because it is too much sugar. I only gave her purple carrots. Until she was brutally murdered by 2 dogs that came on my property and destroyed her cage she was one of the healthiest bunnies the bunny clinic had ever seen.

  14. LOL Just Wrong but funny ! LOL

  15. what a joy to read! article, and comments! Will watch for this every day now. And I will purchase some carrots, and look for purple or yellow ones. hard to find in the woods, where i live.

    I do not us FaceBook, and don’t want to join. They still send me temptation to come back. I do not approve of FB. You may continue your FB, without malice from me, however. I am attached to Blue Heron, and the readers commenting. I loved todays comments ; ) just georgia here

  16. Oh yeah, and how did the researchers determine the borderline level of high blood pressure in rabbits?

  17. funny comments

  18. I taught pre school for many years and for 3 years or more my co-worker and I had a Bunny who was named BUN BUN she was allowed to run around the room freely until nap time as the children loved to talk to her ,play with her and generally harass her.{she was cage trained}
    Many days while we were getting our children down for sleep ,the Bunny would go to the eating are and get up in the chairs and eat leftovers from lunch ,she clearly preferred pizza, and popcorn never ate salad or carrots.
    I was convinced that she would die of a heart attack but after we gave her to a family { She chewed through the electric cord to my washing machine] on a visit to my house.
    The family reported to us that she lived to ripe old age of 14 .
    I believe the studies ,my grandmother pushed carrots ,said they would give me pretty eyes, I fell for them and have loved them ever since. Bun bun also loved denim she ate holes in 2 skirts and two pair of jeans that we were wearing at the time ,wander if anybody wants to do a study on denim and Bunny Longevity.

  19. thanks for the article. i will give it a trial.

  20. you and Bova Vinny. need to curl up together and laugh your sick asses to death, the world would be a better place for it!

  21. Very useful information about High Blood pressure.
    Thanking you sir,

  22. As another commenter noted, rabbits shouldn’t eat too many carrots because of the high sugar content (which can cause both obesity and diabetes in rabbits). I have several rabbits as pets and few of them are fond of carrots- they do like the carrot tops, however. The actual reason rabbits don’t have hypertension normally may more accurately be that they tend to eat fresh greens and roughage like hay that of course all lack a high fat content and sodium. They also are very active creatures if given a chance. While carrots are probably a good choice as a vegetable for people, they probably won’t “cure” hypertension. This seems like another study with a flawed conclusion.

  23. I guess we can definitely learn from rabbits and their healthy habits. Thanks for sharing your experience Ruth!

  24. What about iodised salt and oil.Did the studies include such variables.

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