3 Powerful Foods That Dissolve Blood Clots

blood_clot_foodsIt seems there will always be an abundance of prescription drugs on the market that are for thinning the blood to keep away blood clots -and no shortage of advertising to go with them.

However, nature has held the inexpensive and natural key to clot-busting all along. Today we will look at the three best foods for dissolving blood clots that have been used by cultures all over the world for centuries.

And the best part is, they cause no side effects!

Dissolve a blood clot or prevent it from forming in the first place with just the food you eat? Sounds almost too good to be true, but these foods actually exist. Below are the three best sources of clot-busters from the food world…

[adrotate group=”5″]Papaya and pineapple- These acidic fruits that are found in tropical regions are the key producers of an enzyme called bromelain. This protein-digester has been shown to be effective in reducing high blood pressure, improving cholesterol, and driving out inflammation. It’s effectiveness in clot-busting, though, is believed to be due to its ability to eliminate the fibrin in blood clots. This is because bromelain stimulates fibrin’s natural enemy, plasmin. It also seems to inhibit platelets from adhering although the reason why is still unknown.

Natto- There are a lot of people who are generally turned off by this slimy, soybean-based food. Mostly because of its very pungent odor and gooey texture. However, it’s been a staple of Japanese cuisine for many generations. The fermented soybean dish has its own enzyme- nattokinase- which has been shown to be not only effective in dissolving existing clots but also in preventing new ones from forming. This should be reason enough to give the goopy dish another chance, or to at least try it if you’ve never had it.

Apple- This fruit doesn’t directly dissolve clots like the other two foods on this list, but it is here because of a compound unique to apples that indirectly keeps clots in check. Apple contains quercetin-3-rutinoside, or rutin for short, which has been found in clinical studies to inhibit the formation of fibrinogen, which is a precursor to fibrin. Fibrin is a critical element in the formation of clots. Studies in mice also indicate that rutin has anti-thrombotic properties as well, which are helpful in preventing DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. These clots form in the lower leg and once they break free can travel to the lungs, causing pulmonary thrombosis, which can be deadly if not treated.

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  1. thanks Jenny, will sign up.

  2. Thanks for the article of how to prevent blood clots by natural blood thinners. Just what I was looking for.

  3. Nature has provided for all our needs but it is left for us to discover them.

  4. TrueOops! T’is RED [not my favGreen] apples which reign in this area.

  5. Do the same benefits apply to apple sauce or juice?

  6. Thank you. I am dealing with a pulmonary emolus right now and have not been able to take any of the blood thinners. Too many side effects. I believe in the natural way and will continue with it. Thanks, I didn’t know about bromelain and quercetin. I’ll buy some papaya and pineapple today. Blessings!

  7. Gud stuff had no idea about the papaya and pineapple n natto I’ll buy some immediately,thnx I humbly appreciate it.

  8. an apple, or a pineapple a day…

  9. Great article, thanks for the info. No wonder they say “Apple a day keeps a doctor away..”

    Papaya also contains papain, powerful enzyme. It supports immune system. The compound Rutin is also found in Buckwheat.
    Nature indeed has provided us with all we need,thanks to Blueheron for letting us discover it to be able to heal and prevent diseases without pills and medications!!!!

    Your humble reader…

  10. It is great to have this info, especially at the older age. I am very sensitive to side effects of blood thinning medication, so having the right diet works the best for me. I drink blended papaya juice almost every day and for my age I feel as healthy as a 75 year old can be !

    Thank you for the valuable info.

  11. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham

    Great help in natural healing. Thank you very much.

  12. Reading the article you have shared really help me. Thanks. God bless

  13. great info,nice to think these 3 fruits which are common in the pantry can dissolve blood clots

  14. Why put manufactured substances in your body whilst Mother Nature is there to lend a hand. So pleased that there are Posts like this to help keep us all informed. Thank you.

  15. Will Papaya juice be as effective as eating the fruit? Ditto Pineapple? I would appreciate your comments. Wonderful site and so informative.
    Laurence H. Stroud

  16. Laurence: Juice will most likely have the same effects. There are however traps. Eating the whole fruit, you get more fiber and the sugar from the fruit does not spike your blood sugar or cause inflammation as when you drink a lot of fruit juice. Having a glass or two (or three) pure fruit juice is however not going to be harmful for most people. BUT make sure it is pure juice. Almost all juice sold in supermarkets and even health food stores is watered out and loaded with sugar. So make sure you read the label.

    – Scott

  17. Will Ginko Biloba clean up arteries and veins? TY in advance.

  18. I wish I knew this before I almost died from taking a blood thinner called xorelto. I had a dvt after having surgery on my ankle. Then suffered two pulmonary emboli :/ then hd a horrible allergic reaction to the blood thinner and had to risk not taking anything. All the while I could have been eating these yummy fruits. Mother nature has what we need, and from now on I will try to be healthier naturally before turning to meds

  19. Pattijo Barahona

    Thank you, that short and simple ways of treating the 3 blood clots I have now on the right side of my body. I’m being treated daily with injections but its go to now that I can help myself to three delicious fruits without any side affects.

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