anti_inflammatory_foodsIf you are diagnosed with a chronic disease that is directly caused by an inflammatory process such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis or even high cholesterol and blood pressure, then you definitely need to start replacing your food list from foods that harm to those that heal.

In today’s feature article, we will look at the most powerful foods that give the highest inflammation-fighting bang-for-the-buck that you can eat, but are also easy to find and won’t make you gag.

All the following foods can be found in your local supermarket. Although most likely you have some of them already sitting on your kitchen shelf.

[adrotate group=”5″]Green Tea- technically a drink and not a food, this powerhouse of an antioxidant gold mine should be on your list of things to consume daily. Whether it is in hot or cold form, sweeten only with local honey or raw cane sugar and start your day off right.

Eggs- While many people have taken these beauties off their list because of the high cholesterol content, they also are packed with vitamin D. If you are deficient, and most people are, you should consider including these as a no-meat protein replacement. Don’t be too concern about the cholesterol either as recent studies have found the cholesterol in eggs more beneficial than harmful.

Salmon- The wild-caught variety is the best, as the farmed kind is oftentimes poorly raised and deficient in the very nutrients provided by their wild counterparts. Salmon is the fish that is the highest in EPA and DHA, which are critical Omega-3 fatty acids. Most diets are Omega-6 dominated, which ramps up inflammation. Balancing with higher concentrations of Omega-3 helps to put out the fire.

Shiitake mushrooms- These mushrooms are great in broths, as a main course for vegetarian diets, and as a compliment to any food at breakfast, lunch or dinner. The incredible variety of preparation makes this antioxidant mother-load a perfect addition to everyday meals.

Pineapple- Not everyone can eat this fruit due to its acidity, but if you can, you definitely should. Its sweetness helps to replace sugar in a lot of recipes, but the most powerful chemical it boasts is bromelain, which is an anti-inflammatory acid that has been proven to be as effective and many over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen (only without the side effects).

Blueberries- these, and other berries like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries have been proven over and over to be extraordinary in their antioxidant content. While fresh, organic berries can be pricey, it also doesn’t take many of them to be of incredible value. A half-cup serving once or twice a day is ideal.

Turmeric- This is really a spice, not an actual food. However, it always will make the list of inflammation-reducing foods due to its oxidation-fighting properties and also its versatility. Used for centuries in Indian cuisine, this spicy addition tastes great while beating back the ravages of inflammation in the body.

Spinach- This food is also incredibly versatile. Its dark green color hints at the incredible nutritive value within: magnesium, folate, carotenoids, flavonoids, and B6- plus also the fat-soluble vitamins A, E and K…the list seems endless of the anti-inflammatory properties this vegetable includes. Great in salads, dips, omelets, and most any other dish, spinach is easy to include every day.

Sweet potato- This sweet, tasty root vegetable is the only ‘potato’ that is indigenous to the US. Ounce for ounce, its nutritional benefits far outweigh many of its side dish compatriots, anyway. To ensure the highest possible benefit from this food, which includes beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C and manganese (all powerful inflammation-fighters) don’t eat it fried. “Sweet potato fries” are no better than French fries. Opt instead for the boiled, steamed, or baked preparations and go easy on the salt and added sugar. The cooked flavor of this amazing root stands well enough on its own without a lot of tinkering.

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil is probably one of the most perfect foods there is. It is s staple of the very heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, but is also proven to be packed with polyphenols that are critical in helping to protect the blood vessels from inflammation, which keeps away hypertension in the cardiovascular system but also diabetes and arthritis, which are inflammation-driven diseases.

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