Surprising Cause of Baldness and How to Prevent it

A Japanese mega-study involving 37,000 men reveals surprising cause of baldness.

What’s more, if the researchers are right, it’s relatively easy to naturally prevent, even reversing baldness.

And it has nothing to do with using shampoos, creams or pills. Plus it doesn’t cost a dime.

Men whose thinning hairlines are centered around the crown have been found to have the highest occurrence of coronary artery disease, according to a study published in the journal BMJ Open and conducted in Japan.

Researchers looked at over 37,000 men, studying a variety of health metrics. What they found was a significant link between baldness on top of the head and heart disease.

The link is not completely clear, but researchers are considering it to be male hormones. Having too much testosterone in the form of DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink.

It also has been found to be responsible for weakened blood vessel lining. This is a contributing factor for high blood pressure and heart disease.

The researchers commented that the best way to get blood pressure under control, and possibly weaken the impact of the hair loss, is to get proper sleep, eat right, exercise, and most importantly, eliminate stress.

These are all low cost of free methods that can benefit both your heart and head.

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  1. Well my dad is 86, completely bald, super healthy and still able to fix the roof, dig the garden. His blood pressure is 120/75. He eats a mediterranean diet, drinks a few glasses of red wine each day. So far he has no sign of heart disease.

  2. reservetrol in red wine is good for the heart, but with red wine you have to be careful about too much alcohol consumption. I take Isagenix mens AM/PM multivitamin packs every day which have the equalvilent reservitrol found in 250 glasses of red wine. My BP readings came way down right away! Checkout the chart on page 68 of their product catalog to see what I am talking about.

  3. I think the only cause of Baldness is Oily hair and don’t use any shampoo. Wash your hair 3 time when ever you have a shower every day and it will stop falling.

  4. I have read several articles about DHT. One solution that came from a respected MD was to use Oat Seed (Avia Sventia) which turns DHT into usable testosterone. This has the added advantage for the average man that more free testosterone increases Libido.

    Seems to work for me!


  5. I started losing my hair at 20 years old but my bp is at 120/70. I'm 27 and completely bald!

  6. I do not want to see this Add anymore I cAn not clear it off my ph please help

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