As people make strides to improve their cholesterol numbers and overcome diabetes, they are faced with a dilemma regarding exercise.

Should you really hit it hard, or take the slow and easy route?

Compounding the issue is that people who are already struggling with weight or chronic pain issues might find it difficult to exercise in the first place.

A new Dutch study reveals that the answer to the problem lies in not what you are doing, but how you are doing it.

The Dutch researchers compared the cholesterol and blood sugar levels of 2 groups of people looking at how they exercised.

In one group, participants exercised vigorously after a meal for a short period of time, doing high-impact activities such as running, circuit training, and other intense activities.

The other group simply walked or did low-impact water aerobics, but for a longer period of time.

What they found was that for both groups, cholesterol and blood sugar improved, but the lower-intensity, longer duration group had better results overall, showing that you don’t have to suffer to get exercise that will make a difference; a simple walk for about an hour will do more than a 20-minute run.

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