Little Known “Ugly Cholesterol” Leading Cause of Death

We all know that there are 2 kinds of cholesterol that we should try to balance: good and bad. Keep the good HDL cholesterol high and keep the bad LDL cholesterol low.

Recently, though, scientists have been discussing a third kind of cholesterol that is worse than bad. In fact, it is downright ugly.

A study from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark looked at the health and diet of over 70,000 Danes.

They found that for an overwhelming majority of instances, “ugly” cholesterol was actually the culprit in causing heart-killing plaque to build up.

Also called remnant cholesterol, it differs from LDL in that it is mainly triglycerides.

This Very Low Density Lipoprotein, or VLDL cholesterol, is inversely connected to HDL (the good cholesterol). When VLDL rises, HDL drops as a result.

It is manufactured by your liver and having high levels is even thought to be the result of widespread inflammation. This type of inflammation is caused by fatty, fried food and most processed foods as well.

For those who have a very high ratio of VLDL to HDL in the blood, they are found to have the highest risk of developing coronary artery disease and wind up as the most likely to die of heart attack.

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  1. The comments about high VLDL triglyceride being linked to inflammation caused by fatty fried foods doesn’t really scan. I am on a high fat low carb diet and have been for some time and my VLDL, LDL, HDL levels at my last blood test are as follows:
    serum triglyceride levels 0.53 mmol/L (normal reference level 0.84-1.94)
    serum LDL level 2.90 mmol/L (healthy level less than 3.0)
    serum HDL level 1.66 mmol/L (normal reference level 0.91-1.42)
    Although my LDL level is close to safe max the others are very healthy above and below the usual to a degree which makes me happy.
    Also, high HDL and low VLDL is associated with pattern A LDL all of which is unlikely to cause clotting of the arteries according to some very high authorities.
    However, the more information we are given on this subject the more we can understand it all. So thanks.

  2. There is no such thing as 'good and 'bad' cholesterol. That is one of the most pervasive medical MYTHS out there, created and perpetuated by pharmaceutical advertising. Cholesterol is one chemical compound and ALL cholesterol is exactly the same.
    Talking of LDL (Low-Density-Lipoproteins) and HDL (High-Density-Lipoproteins) as if they were two different types of cholesterol are misleading.
    Cholesterol is not water soluble so it cannot travel freely in the bloodstream to where it is needed. It is transported in little packets together with other materials, notably fats and proteins. These little packets are called 'Lipoproteins,' a contraction of the words 'lipid' and 'protein.' LDL and HDL are not cholesterols, they are merely 'carriers' of cholesterol. LDL carries cholesterol from the liver out around the body to where it is needed for cell repair and all the other jobs that cholesterol does; and, as the body abhors waste and is a great recycler, HDL carries 'second-hand' cholesterol from cells being replaced back to the liver for re-use. Neither HDL or LDL is 'bad;' both are essential.

    We are told incessantly that high cholesterol is bad for us. But low cholesterol is far more serious. Cholesterol is an essential compound in our bodies. Low levels of cholesterol are associated with increased total mortality, cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, antisocial behaviour, depression, suicide, increased susceptibility to infections and other conditions.
    The only information that reaches the masses as regards cholesterol, is that which is controlled by the upper echelons of the medical and pharmaceutical controlling elite. Through their paid for media moguls and media pundits they propagate the MYTH that is cholesterol.
    After all that you have heard about cholesterol, you may be surprised to learn that as you age, your chances of an early death 'rise' if your total cholesterol falls. The Japanese confirmed these results with a study conducted at Kyushu University.

    Low cholesterol increases stroke risk, cancer risk.
    Low blood cholesterol compromises immune function, and increases infections and deaths in surgical patients.
    Low cholesterol increases depression and suicide risk, antisocial behaviour in adults, as well as mental illness in children.
    Low cholesterol contributes to Parkinson's disease, diabetes and obesity, sickle cell anaemia, and Crohns disease in children.
    Low cholesterol increases kidney disease risk, it increases death rates in young and old alike.

    In other words low cholesterol affects just about everything that is you or I, and why, because cholesterol is an essential part of the body's means of functioning, it is at the heart of cell activity. All the above have been proven to be; as described by many studies in all parts of the world by Medical Universities, Doctors, Professors, whose results are there for all to examine. It is those studies that the ruling pharmaceutical mafia do not publish, like vaccines and so many other drugs they have created a market for, on an unsuspecting gullible public, who now look to them as the solution to all their sicknesses.
    The pharmaceutical mafia have now got an indoctrinated public hooked on their sugar levels, blood cholesterol, tryglycerides, lumps, bumps, and spots and blemishes which could mean this or that or the other, and of course it needs drugs to deal with it.

    The need to protect oneself means to step outside the 'system' and help oneself. As Dr Linus Pauling said, '95% of all illnesses can be PREVENTED by good nutrition.'

  3. Sounds to me very like the "cholesterol" I have been hearing about. It is the smaller size particle which can pass into the lining of the artery walls, aka oxidised cholesterol or pattern B. Both the normal LVL and HDL cholesterol carrying particles are too big in diameter to affect arteries. The rest is in Michael Cook's article below.

    You guys have got to get off the good/ bad cholesterol bandwagon.
    Maybe now the light is obviously clear for you to change tack!

  4. “Good cholesterol”,”bad cholesterol” – what a load of nonsense! It’s “good” when your cholesterol levels are adequate and it’s downright serious (“bad”?) when they’re too low. I was on a low cholesterol diet and my cholesterol readings were “normal” (according to my GP) but this didn’t stop me having a massive heart attack six years ago, followed by a quintuple bypass op. After three months in hospital (seven weeks in ICU) I was discharged on a cocktail of ten prescription drugs, including a high dosage statin. My recovery was pitifully slow and I suffered terrible pain in my arms and shoulders, partial paralysis in my left arm and nerve damage in my toes, which were without feeling. I stopped taking the statin after a few months and got off the rest of the drugs, with my GP’s guidance, as soon as possible. I sought advice on natural remedies and proceeded in this direction. I am now back to normal (except for partial numbness in three toes) and my GP has confirmed that my damaged heart now appears to be fully healed (it took six years but it DID heal)and my vital signs are as would be expected for a fit 70 yr old. I feel as well as I’ve ever felt. Ironically, my cholesterol readings are now “elevated”. That can only be beneficial at my age. My MI was apparently caused by inflammation, so why did the hospital cardiologist start dosing me with Lipitor? The medical establishment needs to completely reject the current insane “religion” surrounding cholesterol and start studying nutrition, a subject about which most of its practitioners are woefully ignorant.

  5. There is no "ugly/bad" cholesterol. There is only a fatty and inflamed liver, protein deficiency and mal-absorption in the gut. Fix those, and there will be no need to blame the symptom.

  6. can you show us the 3 easy way to lower high blood pressure and to beat cholesterol in a natural way without buying anything from you. that is if you really want to help people.

  7. Les Ryan Hear Hear, when does a doctor ask about your diet, exept if you are a diabetic? My brother has been a naturopath for over forty yrs. I was a nurse. I used to ignore his warnings to me about diet, because I was impregnated with the ‘take a pill for it’ mentality. So sorry now I didn’t listen to him. All my health problems are diet related. He is 8 yrs older (68,) and as fit as a fiddle. I can hardly get up each day.

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