Countless studies have indicated for years that diet habits that cause obesity and lead to Metabolic Syndrome, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

A recent study on rats has finally uncovered the truth in the matter. And the results may surprise you.

Scientists at Lehman College’s Department of Biology used groundbreaking telemetry research to study the effects of overeating on blood pressure.

The team is the first to be able to study sympathetic nerve activity in rats using radio-telemetry devices.

What they found during the study, which compared 2 groups of rats and the reactions of diet on nerve activity is that the rats that were overfed had significantly higher reactions in their sympathetic nerve activity than the rats who received healthy, well-portioned meals.

Even after 2 weeks they noticed significant changes in the metabolic markers between the two groups and the impact on the nervous system was undisputable, thanks to the radio-telemetric measurements.

The insult to the sympathetic nervous system illustrated how the stress of overfeeding caused hypertension in the study specimens.

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