How the Smallest Amount of Sleeping Pills Kill

A recent study involving more than 10,000 subjects taking popular sleeping aids was conducted that compared mortality rates (deaths) and use of the drugs in any amount.

What they found was frustrating at the very least, and scary in its extreme.

In a study published in the journal BMJ Open, scientists reviewed the medical records of over 10,000 people with an average age of 54 years old who took prescription hypnotics, or sleep aids.

They compared this group to more than 25,000 people who were on no sleep aid prescriptions for 2.5 years.

What they found was no surprise…after adjusting for issues such as age, gender, ethnicity, co-morbidities (other diseases present), and various other variables, the scientists found that even in the very smallest of doses taken, risk of dying was sharply increased for those taking the sleep aids.

They also found that the risk of dying was directly affected by dosage size and frequency of use.

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  1. I have read that if a person goes without any sleep at all for about three weeks they die because of sleep deprivation. In other words, you can't win for losing.

  2. You won't die because your body/brain will eventually make yourself sleep in about 2 or 3 days…That is rare to die ffrom lack of sleep, stop hyping and stop watching the news…

  3. One of the side effects of Carvedilol (HBP DRUG) is insomia. I suffered with insomia for several years. The insomia caused depression. The doctors prescribed Mirtazapine for the depression (also a sleep aid) and Ambien for sleep. I was able to get off the Carvedilol. However my body was used to the sleep aids and when I tried to quit the sleep aids I couldn’t sleep
    I did mannage to cut the Ambien down to only 2.5 mg (half a 5 mg pill) which I take at 1 am. I take 15 mg of the Mirtazapine just befor bed time. This way I can at least get 5 hours sleep total if i’m lucky. I still suffer from depression and frequent suicide thoughts. All this was side effects of the drug Carvedillol. Before the overmedicated me on thiis drug I had no problems sleeping and was never depressed. You could say the doctors ruined my life with their drugs.

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