“Incurable” Hypertension Cured Naturally

We hear frequently from people who are desperately trying to get their high blood pressure down and find that despite their healthy-eating, exercise-filled, non-toxic lives that their hypertension is just too stubborn.

Not all hypertension is created equal. Depending upon the kind of stress that is causing this high blood pressure, it can be seemingly impossible to treat. This kind of high blood pressure is called resistant hypertension.

Researchers in Italy at the University of Pisa looked at the effects of lack of sleep, or chronic insomnia in a study recently published. What they found was that for people with the poorest sleep quality, their high blood pressure was the most resistant to almost every kind of therapy, including drugs and lifestyle changes.

Poor sleep quality adds an enormous amount of stress on the body in almost every system, as it is the critical time when the body’s restorative powers are the most active. If the body isn’t allowed to repair and heal itself over time, this stress causes chronically high blood pressure that then perpetuates the cycle.

Which came first, though…the chicken or the egg? Either way, fixing the issue with sleep will make solving the blood pressure problem much easier to resolve.

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  1. Really…I sleep with the tv on and I feel fine.

  2. Really really useful stuff. thanks for all your hard work and research. Thanks for sharing your insights. Thanks for taking the trouble. Thanks for enabling people such as I to understand blatently instead of having to decipher hidden information. Please continue to stay the same and do the same for the future so that others continue to be inspired.


  3. Thanks for the research and the result Hope to benefit from this info.

  4. If I sleep with tv I get a hangover.

  5. Really helpfull, keep up d good work!!! Gracias

  6. I have HT and am getting a sleep check done in my local hospital to check for suspected Sleep Apnea. I will report back later- but it will take time.

  7. I used to sleep with books and it helped me a lot.

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