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Can High Blood Pressure Cause Cancer?

High blood pressure has recently been strongly linked to a certain type of cancer, says a group called Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project (Me-Can).

A group that studies the effects of metabolic processes and the occurrence of cancer recently revealed that even though malignant melanoma, or skin cancer, is associated with exposure to UV radiation, it has also been linked to chronically high blood pressure.

The Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project, or Me-Can, conducted a mega-study looking a data from over 540,000 people over a 12-year period of time.

Their findings, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, showed that men with high blood pressure showed a much higher occurrence of melanoma, while women with high blood pressure were more likely to die from melanoma cancers.

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  1. Well, I don't have any knowledge about the effect of high blood pressure to one's health. It's only now. Thank you for publishing this article at least it safeguards our health.

  2. This is only now that I would know the bad effect of high blood pressure to our health.Well, we must be thankful to this website for publishing such kind of article, so helpful.

  3. Thanks, for this info.

  4. It is to be expected. People with high blood pressure are always tissue deficient in Mg. Low Mg levels are a predictor of cancer and lower survival rates. My concern is that the method you are promoting does nothing to deal with the deficiency. I have been resolving blood pressure with Di mag and K for years. Also stops afib and resting angina. Cells with high levels of Mg and co Q 10 are extremely resistant to metastasis. Low Mg is often a sign of persistent low grade infection as Mg is first line of defense against toxins and abnormal fats. The only Mg test that is meaningful is free ion Mg. It does not matter how much is in the blood, how much is available to react.


    It is true high blood pressure may cause cancer,so it is very important to you to continue educating people on how to prevent cancer my mother died due to cancer it dangerous disease.Thank you very much for continuing education.

  6. To Bill Olsen, please forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean my Mg? Is this Magnesium? And what is Dimag and K please?

    Thank you

  7. Bill, you are right on! Magnesium, K and CoQ10 are our best defense against high blood pressure. I also strongly advocate Hawthorn Berry tincture or supplements. It works! Cayenne, garlic and celery or celery seed are also somewhat effective in lowering blood pressure.

  8. could you please give me some insight on insomnia,
    thank you

  9. Thanks for the info, but, if someone is on medicine for high blood pressure, is it the same? are the conditions the same?

  10. I have tried these excercises without success.. There are so many reasons or mixture of reasons for high blood pressure aswell as cancer…. alot of associasions can be made between one thing and another. AQs a Naturopath I always try to find the reason for something. I have failed with my own blood pressure. Hugh Halliday. HELP DECLARE NZ GM FREE http://www.declarenzge-gmfree.co.nz.

  11. gwendoline Rozell

    High blood pressure is the bane of my life. I wresstle with it every day even though I am now on 4 medicals for the complaint. Ihave tried walking, and it does help…sometimes. The point is, how long can one exist with blood pressures of 180 plus? Mine has been this way for nearly 15 years and I am still alive! Any comments from anyone? God Bless you all. Wendy

  12. Sure is getting more complicated to read this kind of article that link high blood pressure to a certain kind of cancer.I just hope the authority concern validate their studies and make sure before they put them out. I am beginning to be confused what to believe.

  13. Wendy, I have been hoping to find someone like you who are having the same problem with chronic high blood pressure as I am having. Could you pleae email me at kitd46@yahoo.com. My bp has been chronically high for almost 12 years and controlled for nearly 7. I have walked also and it seems to be only a short fix as it crepes up again. I believe it has done a lot of damage to my organs and now I am hearing about it may cause cancer. I am thankful for being informed. Though, I wish someone could figure this problem out for millions as it would save so many lives.

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