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Hypertension Biggest Cause of Death According to the World Health Organization

A recent push by the World Health Organization to motivate clinicians on doing a better job of caring for their high blood pressure patients asserted that hypertension outpaced tobacco complications as the leading cause of preventable premature death in the world.

Doctors need to educate themselves better if they are to stem the tide of the 13% of all global death due to hypertension, researchers from the European Society of Hypertension said at a press conference in London.

The number two initiative behind better education for clinicians was patient awareness. Doctors suggest that a better partnership between patients and providers is only possible when both sides get better educated on the issues and possible solutions,

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  1. Who would believe anything WHO said? The big Pharma has infiltrated WHO many years ago and nothing they say can be trusted. Hypertension is a simple lifestyle problem and doctors and their drugs are not needed for health care. This needs simply Health Coaches and a self responsibility from suffers. I knew WHO had been corrupted when the studies showing starchy carbs were bad for human health disappeared from their archives.

  2. I have been seeing a well know PCP for about two years now. He admits the medical profession has done a poor job treating hypertension. He does not seem to know what to do about it other than to medicate me to the point where I fall asleep while working on my computer. There surely must be a better way!

    kindest regards,
    Rob Lamb

  3. We need more information on how to control HTN besides, med.

  4. All they want to do is scare you into buying medicine and or breathing, calming "cures" and I'm sick of it! Robert S you are correct about carbs! I've cut them from my diet and lost 50 lbs!

  5. Good post Robert, you hit the nail in the head. People are really confused and at lost who to believe nowadays. Just like I said before the more researches and reports are issued, the more it becomes too complicated because a lot of those reports tends to contradicts each others.

  6. Kathleen Kelly

    No one has to rely upon dangerous high blood pressure medications from Big Pharma. A few simple lifestyle changes do work. My blood pressure dropped from 160/85 to 122/75 in about two weeks time as a result of some intense research on natural remedies. I cut way back on salt, radically increased the amount of potassium I was getting from foods, began taking magnesium supplements (500-600 mg. daily), and perhaps most importantly, I began taking a tincture made from Hawthorn Berries. Hawthorn Berry tincture or extract is the standard remedy for high blood pressure and heart problems in many European countries. It’s safe, effective, and reasonably inexpensive particularly if you do the research and learn how to make a tincture, yourself.

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    That is true, But by taking the ProArgi9 Plus you may by able to change all that!

  8. Doctors must be well-educated when it comes to such kind of ailment. He must be well-versed in treating his patients. You know patients rely so much on their physicians.They must have faith on them though faith must first be given to our Lord Jesus Christ because He's our Great Healer. Glory to Him!

  9. Frustrated.
    I currently take 5 medications and blood pressure is still 145/90
    I don’t smoke, haven’t eaten red meat or added salt in 25 years, exercise 4 to 5 times , I am a 57 year Black male who weighs the same now as I weighed in high school, 165lbs. Doctors say my kidneys are fine, no chest pain or head acnes. It is obvious, that medication does not work. health food practioners say I should get hormones check? Can anyone help me.
    ……..Not to proud to beg……..

  10. Ricardo B. Prospero TOO TRUE… to say the least!!

  11. Bernard
    Have you tried Christian Goodmans BP Program??? If not Why not??

  12. Maria.hadjinicolaou

    Which froots are rich in potassium and magnesium please would you inform me.t

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