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Are Blood Pressure Medications Useless?

Way back when I was fighting my high blood pressure, my doctor, my wife, my friends and even the next door neighbor sang me the same tune on having to go on blood pressure medications.

They wanted me well. They didn’t want to lose me. But as a natural health researcher (and one stubborn son of a gun), I decided not to give in till I’d done my homework thoroughly.

What I discovered about high blood pressure medications was so terrifying that I became even more determined to pursue a natural approach. Not only were the side effects scarier than the worst terror movie, many studies have found the medications useless at best to prevent diseases like stroke and heart attack. They may even contribute to the risk.

What’s more, there is no reason to believe that blood pressure can’t be completely managed naturally without side effects. Scientists have yet to contribute a rise in blood pressure of more than 5-6 points to genetic causes. And that’s in rare cases.

Even if high blood pressure quote “runs in your family” it’s more likely due to family lifestyle than to genetic causes. I was, for example, raised on a sheep farm and never saw fresh salad on the dinner table till I was a grown up. We worked hard day and night when needed and never complained. Even if my father had mostly turned to other business and the sheep farm was only a hobby for me, we kept in many ways the same lifestyle and mentality as had been for generations.

I’m sure you can find many similarities to your parents’ and grandparents’ lifestyles, even if the world has been completely turned upside down in the last fifty years.

But the fact was, that once I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, I had made several drastic lifestyle changes to lower it. And although it had helped some, it didn’t do enough to get it under control- far from it. In fact, I often said I’d tried ‘everything’ and nothing worked.

So why was I still resisting blood pressure medications?

First of all, I’m not telling you not to take medications. I’m not a doctor. And you should never change your medication dose without consulting your doctor. The withdrawal symptoms of going cold turkey can be deadly. I’m only sharing what I consider the truth for me.

The real deal-breaker for me was reading up on the side effects of blood pressure medications. I’m not going to count them all (that would take pages). But some of the most common range from fatigue to risk of heart attack (wasn’t that what they were supposed to prevent?). In the long haul they can even raise blood pressure, which means you have to take more blood pressure medications to suppress it again.

Not only are the side effects often severe, they are also not isolated. Almost everyone I ask can name me at least couple of things they experience as side effects from their blood pressure medications. If I have to take medications, I want them to make me feel better not worse.

I admit that part of my resistance was due to the silent effects of blood pressure. You don’t feel the pain like you do if you had arthritis or migraine. You just have to trust the doctors that it’s true that blood pressure causes this and that disease in the future. But there is no immediate pressure. If I had realized back then just how serious high blood pressure really is, I may have been more flexible.

But then we have the studies showing that blood pressure drugs may not be that effective in preventing heart attack and stroke (the two main causes of death due to high blood pressure).

According to research from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, for example, blood pressure medications did very little, if anything, to prevent stroke and heart attack unless people also applied drastic lifestyle changes. And then you have to consider- was it the medication that helped or the lifestyle changes?

Another study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine compared the positive effects (if any) of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs for diabetic patients to the side effects they suffered. That way they calculated what they called “quality-adjusted life-years” or QALY.

The QALY is a pretty neat term. It refers to the extended time on earth that we can truly enjoy. Where we’re not tied to hospital beds with tubes coming out of every artery. We have to die of something but I think we should make the most of it while we can.

The researchers only found an increase in QALY among type 2 diabetic individuals who took blood pressure and cholesterol medications among those with the highest, most severe levels of hypertension. For others, the side effects overwrote any length of lifespan the medications might deliver.

Now the risk level of high blood pressure is set at 120/80. What’s called pre-hypertension is between 120/80 to 140/90. Many doctors consider the upper limit acceptable for elderly. The fact is, however, that studies have found that the risk of heart attack begins for individuals with blood pressure exceeding 115/75.

What I’ve discovered since I began writing about high blood pressure and communicating with hundreds of people with high blood pressure is how seldom the blood pressure medications make a big dent. Yes, they almost always lower blood pressure somewhat but rarely do they bring it down to 120/80 or the preferable 115/75. The only time it does is in borderline cases where lifestyle changes could have done the same. So by taking blood pressure medications I would have been looking at severe side effects without even having the full benefits of bringing my blood pressure down to a preferred level.

The main reason, however, for why I resisted blood pressure medications with such a determination was quite personal. As I mentioned before, I was raised on a farm. And I was raised with the old fashioned thinking that every man and woman should stand on his or her own feet. We should provide for ourselves with honest, hard-earned money. And we should not be dependent on anyone else. I just hated the idea of putting my life in the hands of my doctor and the pharmaceutical companies. No matter how kind-hearted my doctor really was. I just couldn’t do it.

I think that since you’re reading this article and seeking natural methods to improve your health, you probably have a somewhat similar mentality.

The fact is, that once you’re on blood pressure medications, most people are on them for life. I later learned that it’s quite possible to get off BP medications and use natural methods instead. But back then my doctor put it to me bluntly that once I took the first pill, there would be a pill (or two or three) a day for the rest of my life.

What’s even worse is the mentality that we all have the tendency to develop once we’ve entered the medical realm. We begin to trust and rely on the medications and not take as much self-responsibility. It’s even been proven that people who take supplements tend to eat less healthy food because they trust the supplements will take care of all their nutritional needs (which they don’t).

But through my writings and communications I’ve also learned how many people are out there who are as terrified of this disease as I was. After all, high blood pressure has been determined to be the number 1 preventable cause of death in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Nothing else even comes close. And none of us are ready to die yet, are we?

And as with my example, people often claim they tried everything they could to lower their blood pressure naturally. I may sometimes sound harsh when I say “no you haven’t.” We can always do more.

This website and the whole Internet is loaded with all kinds of free information on lifestyle changes that have been proven to work. I often suggest to people who say they’ve tried everything that they make drastic changes for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. Maybe try to be a vegan for two weeks or go strictly on the cave man diet. Stick to it for some time because often things take time to work. If that doesn’t help, try something else for a couple of weeks.

My “aha moment” finally appeared with the discovery of the three easy Blood Pressure Exercises I teach in my Blood Pressure Exercises Program. I’ve since witnessed thousands (literally) of people having the same results as I had. Some used additional lifestyle changes but many without changing a thing. You can learn more about these simple exercises here…

No matter what natural methods you choose to use, if you’re on blood pressure medications, you should never change your medications without consulting your doctor. The results can be deadly. What I recommend instead is that with natural interventions, as you experience your blood pressure to go down, ask your doctor to lower your BP medicine dose. Then keep on doing the natural intervention as the blood pressure keeps on improving. Then ask your doctor to again lower your dose. Little by little you’ll be off medications.

Now as we reach the end of this long, very personal, philosophical article, I would love to hear what you think of this whole thing. What’s your opinion on BP medications and other drugs? What do you perceive as the side effects and positive effects. Remember that facts may be wrong but opinions never are.

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  3. I agree with your conclusion. I have had all kinds of bad side effects and they never work.

  4. I went cold turkey on bp meds some 2 years ago. I’m still here, and feeling good. I’m nearly 81. My quality of life is good. Would I go back on meds? NO WAY!!

  5. If it is three very simple exercises that you are suggesting then why don't you just share them without the huge price tag to prove there is another way for all to try? Money making scams are to be frowned upon and if I did try out your method and pay for it and it actually worked then I would stand on my soap box and tell the world! I know for sure that stress relieving balls and magnets and acupressure points to stop pain and bring down the blood pressure actually do work along with several good herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes to go green.. Quietening the mind is a must! Blessings to all in this horrible situation 🙂

  6. I agree with your conclusion, I am praying about reducing my blood pressure medicine, thank you.

  7. Yes, very interesting article, My BP has been high for 10-15 years and has slowly risen to what is now often 180 or 190/120. As you said I have been on various medications but none seem to work, in fact the 1st treatment was a drug called Ramapril, after a month or so on this I comletely lost my sense of smell and it has never returned to this day that must have been 5 or 6 years ago now. The next was Candesartin, this didnt seem to upset my stomach quite so much but left me feeling lethargic and lifeless and without any benefit of lowered BP. ? I then decided to come off medication and feel somewhat at a loss of how to treat it now. Funily if I go for a fast but short run my bp seems to come down to a normalish level, Strange?????

  8. My mother died at 55 and about 80% of her relations died of heart attacks or stroke.This was due to high cholesterol which was never diagnosed.I have been on ISTIN and LIPITOR for 20years and Glucophage plus lisinopril since 10 years. I have started exercising in the last one year doing 1hour of brisk walking and I am feeling better.I will discuss with my Doctor when next I see him.

  9. thanks for the article.I understand natural ways are the best means to combat blood pressure, but to be honest with you, its not an easy task.I am currently doing everything from exercising, to less intake of salt in my diet, regular intake of fish oil, vitamin supplements, but yet it’s been hard to reach the goal of 120/80.My blood pressure still hovers around 135/85 at the end of each day.I am 36 years old, weigh 140, 5’7 tall and currently on medication too.So whatelse should i do to attainn my goal of 120/80!

  10. As a diabetic I was put on ACE inhibitors as soon as my BP went even a little high. From the first, I experienced acute (bad enough to see me rolling around the floor)abdominal pain.My doctor changed the brand, but said that she didn’t think it was anything to do with the pills. After three brands, she said perhaps I should take it at night. The only difference was that I spent half the night writhing in agony. Eventually I decided that I was NOT going to take them. A locum I saw felt that my BP wasn’t high enough to really need treatment anyway. The next doctor I saw decided that I did need pills. He put me on diuretics. After ONE WEEK my blood glucose levels were almost off the scale (it has never come back down to its previous well managed level). They went in the bin too. The next doctor prescribed angiotensin antagonists. No side effects to start with until I started to get palpitations— dose upped! Palpitations got worse, so I stopped taking the pills — palpitations stopped!!!!! I now take a mixture of herbsd, and apart from my visits to the doctor, by BP is good! (110-120/70-80) My blood glucos levels have not recovered. I eventually got round to checking the side effects of ACE inhibitors, and discovered that my reaction is not common, but a very dangerous allergic reaction! So much for it can’t be the pills!!!

  11. I stopped taking my medication after years of feeling poisoned with virtually no changes. I know my BP is related to peri-menopause but that is never taken seriously. The meds made it almost impossible for me to function – pain, fatigue, head-aches, dizziness, constipation, palpitations and anxiety. When I stopped Atenolol I felt better in 2 days and Ramipril affected my mobility so much I thought I had MS. I think the readings mean different things to different people and it is not in the drug companies interest to cure anything.

  12. I WAS PUT ON BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS.THE WHOLE TIME I felt ‘crappy & had no get up& go’. After a lot of reading on B P I started taking NATTOKINASE. Also I take SERRAPEPTASE for high chlesterol. My B P now is usually around 115-65, chlesrerol is at 190. I am now very active & amopften told to ‘act my age’ (no fun)!!.I am 66 years old, going for 111 at least!!!!!

  13. I have been taking 2.5 mg of Amlodipine once a day at night. As soon as I take the tablet, I suddenly feel exhausted start yawning a 100 odd times continuously, weak and tired in the legs and i have very very disturbed sleep the whole night.Whether the medicine is helping me to control the BP which is 150/80-85. i hope it is keeping my BP under control but I cannot risk trying what happens if I let go the medication – we are made to believe that if I stop for a day the BP goes totally out of control! But I have made drastic changes in my lifestyle ind addn to the 2.5 mg daily dose of amolodipine

  14. Thanks to your program and eating broccoli, BROWN rice, beets, peas and garlic daily, my hypertension is cured. It is interesting that the article you put fort a few days ago regarding the cause of hypertension as the possibility of the lack of a protein in the artery feeding the kidney. Another article put out by St. George’s University (mentioned in your article) identifies ‘BZD’ as the protein in question. And ‘coincidently’ broccoli contains ‘BZD’. Thanks for all you do.

  15. Related to this article, I would like to share my own experience on synthetic drugs which was prescribed to me by my doctors to relieve my trigiminal neuralgia problem but didn't work at all. I underwent therapy but that also didn't work. I went shopping for the right doctors who can address my problem but none of them even come close. I live with pain and misery of my health problem for 5 years until I took a herbal food supplement called Green Barley recommended by my sister-in-law that completely relieved my pain and misery. Perhaps, some doctors will say it is purely coincidental but my experience only proves there is a big potential and promising future for herbal food supplements we can use as alternate medicines without any adverse effect.

  16. It started many years ago, that my doctor said my BP was getting high.At that time I was working in Const.eating lots of processed foods and drinking alot, but I always stayed active playing Softball,basketball and jogging.At 61 I am still playing softball.My doctor started me on BP meds which I didn’t like and told him so.I started doing research on natural cures and lifestyle changes.I started first with diet eating real foods like,organic free range meats, raw dairy and veggies.I also take whole food supps and use different herbs.I go to a chiropractor 2x month. Now when I quit taking the meds my BP was really high 119/100, but with all the above I have gotten it around 135/75 at its best.I am going to do a kidney and liver cleance to.

  17. There is a very short very easy breathing exercise that can lower you BP in minutes. I've done it and checked it and it's amazing. I've cut mine in half and will subsitute BP supplements instead to assist in this endeavor.

  18. Dear Christian,
    I love reading your materials, and shared them with my husband,we’ve always been pretty natural and open to altrnative medicine & raised our 5 boys the same.he;s had BP all his life, thinks since a kid.taking BP meds for 15 years. you make so much sense Christian,and I know it’s scary for one to understand how taking it is also not good,but he’s read things I sent over to his computer you wrote and applied some things and is doing better, at least sleeping better at nite, earlier too.

  19. hi christian ,on reading the article about blood pressure medications the observations on the side effects were ,similar to the effects i have been having for years but did not know what caused them but on thinking back to years ago i was getting various side effects then but i did not connect them to my blood pressure medication . i am at present getting side effects ranging from insomnia to , muscle cramps, the insomnia i put down to being a shift worker for years when i did not sleep at night but during the day , but it could be a side effect of the medication, at present i am on 50mgs of atenolol and 5mgs of amplodine which i do not think are controling my blood pressure as it goes up and down during the day , but when i have it checked by my GP he says that it is ok ,but i think if i used the exercises it would not only come down but would keep it lower and i would be able to stop taking the medication which i have been taking for years. keep up the good work christian excellent articles . regards.

  20. I am always amazed by your articles. My blood pressure & diabetes have been out of control for years. In the beginning, I think my system rejected all the meds given by doctors. I had severe effects, mostly hypertensive reactions, if I had any effects at all. Many meds worked for a week, or two weeks; then quit working. New doctors do not believe me. I was treated all my life by military doctors. Now I can only see civilian doctors. If they saw my records, they would know how difficult it was to find a med. to benefit me. Since then, I have developed an immune disease & many other DX’s. I have no energy, stamina, hurt all the time, and each new med brings several reactions which take me to even lower levels of functioning. I can walk only from my house to 1 door down; have migraines as well; 24 hr congestion; have Gerd also & some of the healthiest vegetables make me sick with stomach problems, and some of these veges I love. I have been unable to take any meds the Rumatoligist give to me; hypertensive reactions. Now, I no longer know what to do; I also have little fun; I used to be a super active person. Christian, I want several of your articles; have had identity stolen 2X this year. Difficult to find safe way to send $ Often I am so tired, I cant think well enough to do what I want & need to do.

  21. Reading your articles, and reader comments give me a great positive outlook. You have some interesting & wise readers. I am going to get things arranged this week, to help myself in a better way. taylor

  22. I think most health issues can be cured by simply changing our diets. High blood pressure is not different. Most of the foods available to us contribute to and cause health problems. Let us all take steps to cure ourselves of the ailments me suffer. Eat organic foods, fresh fruits and veggies. Even if you change your diet for just a week there will be change for the better. Its worth it to try instead of pumping your body full of chemicals.

  23. Yes

  24. This is in response to Eddy Mayi:

    My studies of hypertension have been quite extensive. Keep reading these newsletters. Also I will add my 2 cents to this perhaps one of these may help.
    Vitamins, The common ones, Q10, magnesium, zinc, vit D, calcium, potassium rich foods, garlic, fish oil, and dont eat junk food. Most food sold today I consider crap. No white flour, sugar or chemical flavoring additives. Eat real food. Sleep 7-8 hrs a night, relearn to breath deeply filling the entire lungs. De-stress as applicable (this can make a major difference (this was my big one…)). Get SOME sunlight, yes sunlight on all of you skin and in your mouth (no kidding, but not alot, just a few seconds at least) but use reasonable precautions to avoid overexposure. I do not do more than 30 min a month. Take your physicians advice on this one. Do see a skin doctor for precancer checks. By the way, it is my belief that there is more than just vit D and endorphin synthesis going on when one goes out it the sun. Man was meant to get some sunlight. See a dentist, take care of teeth and gums, floss at least daily.

    Your attempt to “cure” hypertension is really a return to naturalism. What is natural, right and good for you is the thing to do. Your bottom line score is your BP numbers. By the way, when you check your BP, relax long first, have the cuff air bag part large enough (completely around your arm, get a larger on if need be) and level with you heart when you check. I found up to a 10mm difference when the cuff is not level with the heart. If your arm is straight down, your BP score will higher, and yes that extra 10mm did concern me at times. Make sure that the diastolic listening is long enough (the pulse sound must completely decay away). This may be hard to check on a machine, but you can feel the pulse decay away as the bag empties, then the machine should stop, not while you can sense some pulsing. This is also true for old fashioned measuring methods. Incorrect readings have been known “create” hypertension disease. By the way, those base line numbers, are just some kind of guideline. In reality (nature), they are just an idealistic invention, but dont ignore the message.

    I hope this helps. It works for me.


  25. I appreciate all your articles on hypertension, they continue to give me valuable and timely insights. My bp was extremely high, averaging 185 over 100 when I had a physical 2 years ago. My doctor put me on medication to which I side effected. I dropped the medication cold turkey, consulted a nutritionist, changed my diet and lifestyle and now average 140 over 85(reaching as low as 116 over 66).I tweak my program continuously and expect to average 117 over 77 by June this year. I am 63 and very active.

  26. johann von jager

    Dear Sir! in last 7 weeks or so ihave been in constant pain with my wrists,my Doctor does not know what it could be,had done all tests possible but there does not appear that is enything wrong! I am on medicine::::TRAYZAN-PRISTIQ-LIPITORand-ASASANTIN-SO I WOS WONDERING IF THET ARE THE CAUSE OF MY PROBLEM
    Yours sincirely Johann Von Jager!
    Ps. I am 73 years of age and in very good health and do not look my age at all,lol

  27. Susan Krautwurst Roesser

    I couldn't agree with you more! I'm on a dieretic for my blood pressure and recently added a natural herbal supplement. I eat fresh fruits and veggies everyday and very little meat and when I do it is organic. I excerise regularly. I recently found out my cholestral is also high (217) and my doc asked me if I was watching my diet. I was so discouraged. Both high cholesteral and high blood pressure run in my family. I think I might be in that small percentage. I am determined to not go on any cholesteral meds. I will be adding some garlic supplements to see if that will help. I also have had prayer for healing at my church and am believing for the Lord to heal me.

  28. I THINK ALL THE MEDICINEDOES MORE DAMAGE then not taking any thing.

  29. I had a major heart attack 6/26/11 and got to see the other side. The docs put me on Crestor (Less side effects than Lipitor), amlodopine, Plavix, metropolol, and aspirin. Never felt worse until I started eating raw Kale. One meal per day, at lunch. I am a b- blood type so for protein I can eat meat.
    Fondest alohas, Ben Novick, Kona, Hawaii 96740

  30. Peter Schroeter

    I am all for the natural way but I have no luck with my BP. Is anyone out there on CoDiovan, Coreg or Edynt? I would be very interested to hear.

  31. Norman Russell

    I am 78 years of age and for 5 years I did not questions the doctors in Australia. That was the way it was supposed to be. Oh boy was I mistaken.
    I have been tested for heart desease with so many methods it is unbelievable,all because I nearly drowned in the swimming pool twice, I was on lipitor, coversyl and anything else they could get me to take. Finally they dragged me off an aeroplane because I had passed out and put me a heart hospital for a week. Could not find anything wrong except I had high blood pressure. Finally a specialist said keep taking the coversyl we are going to give you a heart pacer. That when I decided to stop all medication I had arthritis and could hardly walk and I did not worry whether I died or not.
    That was 3 years now. My blood is around 125/70 and all I do is take CoQ10,tumeric (circumin) and a few natural vitamins and eat veges avoid sugar
    Like my fried fish in coconut oil and I travel all over the Pacific and China every 6 weeks as I am still running my business. My knees are bad but I have at last found a doctor who doesnt want to give me medication and will be doing a stem cell treatment on my knees rather than have mechanical ones pout in
    Just by the way my dear sister died at 84 6 months ago after a doctor
    put her on Lipitor as she had high chlorestrol and she died of cancer of the pancreas. She took Lipitor for 18 months Up till then she was as fit as fiddle and playing tennis at 80.
    I think its time doctors were forced to study natural methods of medication before taking these dangerous drugs which only make money and do so much damage.


  32. Norman Russell

    Lots of people are suffering because of prescription medicines.

  33. Peter Hendrik de Leeuw

    I want to get of blood pressure tablets as they make me want to have a nap I feel better when I forget to take them I like to g et of them slowly but don't know how to do it.

  34. Truuuuuuu

  35. this article is the way I think too but I was afraid to lower the dose my son has high blood pressure started to taking edta and now is free of high blood pressure.

  36. Alkaline water

  37. Maryanne Irving

    I have been struggling with high blood pressure for over five years on and off. I have tried so many BP medications and none of them have worked, only to find they make me worse and the side effects are just disgusting. After consulting a naturapath I have changed my life style somewhat and am now taking lots of supplements. My cholestral is 3.8. My heart is functioning at 90% and by blood viscosity is normal. My adrenals are also functioning at 100% so all in all I am feeling and looking pretty good. Although my BP could still be a little lower. I am exercising 5 times a week. This naturapath uses crystal testing as a means to find out what is good and bad for you and also works out what the cause of the health issues you are plagued with. My high BP is due to extreme anxiety. I went on anti anxiety meds and this helped tremendously and I hadn’t felt more normal for a very long time but after six weeks, back to square one. I have lost 13kg now and am planning on losing another 10 kg over the next six months. This I believe with help to bring down my BP. Question. Does anyone out there have any solutions for bad anxiety problems as I firmly believe that this is the cause of my high pressure. I am not on any meds now. And feel so much betgterThanks

    BP started to raise again and

  38. @ Maryanne Irving.

    Try googling “yoga for stress and anxiety”. I do those yoga poses every morning and have eliminated sugar and salt from my diet. I have added more fiber fruits and vegetables plus I take walks 2 to 3 times a week. I have never felt better.
    I am 66 and had a heart attack a year ago. I threw away 12 medications (about 9 months ago) which caused me bleeding in the mouth and nose, very slow irregular heart rate (upper 30s to mid 40s) with nausea and dizziness in addition to sleeplessness.
    Regular praying to God, meditation and yoga every morning for half an hour to an hour. I also take an occasional walk for about half an hour 3 times a week.
    I now have less stress and anxiety and sleep soundly for 7 hours every night.

    I can say that my quality of life has been great after I have adopted these life-style changes

  39. I am FINALLY beginning to believe I can live without SWELLING, BLOATING,Pain in lower ABS so bad I can hardly stand on my feet @ times. What a Female Dr. associated with Froedtert/Medical College of WI did to me is nearly UNFORGIVABLE. Very long story.Will write it when time, but it is like what I have just read. First pill she scribed for me made me so dizzy I could NOT BALLROOM DANCE. I did not REALLY begin investigating the DANGERS of B.P. Pills (Trusted this Dr.)until I began with such awful G.I. pains,bloating,gas,Hemorrhoids & BLOOD PRESSURE HIGH ALL THE TIME. SEEMS WHEN I TOOK A PILL THE B.P. SOARED.I feared OVARIAN CANCER, Colon Cancer.I WAS SICK. I began researching SIDE EFFECTs. RACKING my BRAIN about What I might have taken to cause all this. I have HAD some TOUGH STRESS to deal with, but NOT to this EXTENT. The BULB went on in my head. I had given in to start another B.P. pill called CHLORTHALIDONE.Being I lead a very busy life, I had trusted this DR. I looked up side effects. I had all the ALLERGIC reactions NAMED for this DEADLY PILL. I stopped taking it immediately. But my INTESTINES did not IMMEIATELY Heal. I was in EMERGENCY ONE NIGHT. SICK, CHILLS, had taken the OTHER B.P. pill but B.P. was 200–just would not come down, & the two small hernias –I have, one Umbilical, other, lower left. THEY HAVE BOTH BECOME WORSE SINCE ON B.P. PILLS. I FELT THEY WERE STRANGLING. I WAS SCARED. Dr. there said was not strangulation.They asked about the B.P. pills, When I told them I'd stopped the CHLORTHALIDONE,when I had such pain etc. They all (Nurses etc around me) sort of said HMMM.did not come right out saying, YES BAD, but I could sense their agreement.I know they might have ALL BEEN called on the CARPET to EVER go against any of these SO-CALLED LEGAL DRUGS. Next day I got apt with a HERNIA spec. @ AURORA. Went thru the exam, was scheduled for Surg on a FRI. but on Mon. I cancelled. I KNEW I HAD to get my bowels under control, or NOTHING would help me. I Dr. shopped. Saw two different FEMALE DRs. in separate small Aurora areas. Was still taking the first B.P. pill. but B.P. rarely under 140. I considered both these women to be " IDIOTS" & UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF BIG PHARMA. B.P. was not really discussed. They considered me to be OK in that category, but began with IDIOT questions—-trying to find SOMETHING to prescribe for me.Suggesting Depression pills—–come in for a STACK of tests. I walked out on both. Am affiliated with a young woman DR. @ AURORA. Have seen her ONCE. During this time, the B.P. pill I was taking JUMPED the PRICE for 30 pills/ $6.00 for Medicare INS. to $25.50. I was ANGRY. Called UNITED HEALTH etc. That was IT. BIG PHARMA RAISED that price. This pill is called DILTIAZEM. TRY to make this short. I weaned off that pill. now my B.P.can be 117 @ night. It varies during day,but lower than EVER was while taking any pills. Along with this I MUST BE EXTREMELY careful of what I EAT. I am allergic to many things.Couple wks ago, I bought some Fresh PORK (never touch any prcessed meat,foods at all) @ Outpost.Said—Barn Raised, but NO DRUGS etc. Well, I got the bloating,the pain, the constipation etc.etc. & now KNOW it was from that pork. ALSO B.P. went HIGH. I am allergic to these Drugs,or FEED that these animals eat. I even began buying (AFTER reading) a Wonderful Pale Yellow cheese, made in DUBLIN IRELAND that comes from cows PASTURE RAISED. Grazing on the green fields of Ireland. This Cheese reminds me of the Cheese my MOM used to make.It is GREAT. I LOVE it, & No SideEffects. It is hard after years of TRUSTING Drs, Grocers to become YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE taker. But I am doing just that. I will not eat the SALT made in the USA. My salt is from the HIMALAYAN MTS. It is PINK. It is DELICIOUS. & I do use SOME salt. My morning COFFEE, is Organically raised. I was @ one time in life so CHEMICALLY allergic, I could not pick up a NEWPAPER to read. My eyes would swell, pain & water from the ink on that Paper. I spoke briefly with the NURSE @ OFFICE of INternist I am with now (unless she won't see me if I WON'T take B.P. Pills) I have 6 mo. app. in June. That Nurse said NO, NO, you cannot stop the B.P. Pills. Called in a new Script for meThat one has NEVER BEEN PICKED UP.I have the FULL bottle of DILTIAZEM sitting here. My problem WAS/IS allergies. These Drs are completely IGNORANT about about the CAUSES & TREATMENT of High Blood Pressure. GOD & THE MANY SAINTS & ANGELS ARE GUIDING ME, BUT I HAVE REALLY HELPED MYSELF ALSO. EVERY MEDICAL PERSON IS ASTOUNDED WHEN I TELL THEM "NO I HAVE NOT HAD MY FLU SHOT. I HAVE NEVER HAD A FLU SHOT & NEVER WILL". I am very strong. I am 5'1" weigh 107. I thank GOD for the guidance I;ve received to STOP the PAIN & AGONY my Digestive System. One the advice of a Health Food person, I have begun a GOOD PROBIOTIC (one that needs REFRIG.) every morning. I am surrounded by HEALTH GROC stores. I shop for ORGANIC bargains. Those who come to eat THE TURKEYs chickens——–meals I prepare, cannot compliment me enough. Some people just don't care. Would just rather have their INS pay for PILLS, & continue to put anything in SIGHT into their mouths, to circulate through their bodies. Did I mention COCO NUT OIL, Organic GrapeSeed & all the other wonderful things. GOD put many wonderful things on this earth for us. GOD did not invent the DRUGS. THE BILLIONAIRE LEGAL DRUG PUSHERS did that. The Stress of Living will NOT go away,People MUST be aware of the TRAINING & BRAIN WASHING Drs.& Hospitals are getting from the BILLIONAIRE DRUG PUSHERS.

  40. About 5 years ago, a medical dr told me that she did not believe that natural methods of lowering blood pressure (e.g., losing weight; exercising) could do the work. I was smart enough to get out of there as fast as possible – neither the National Institutes of Health nor I agreed with her ridiculous remark. I lost 25 pounds and walk 7500-10,000 steps/day. Yes, it worked! and furthermore, I found out that because I am in my late 60s, a higher blood pressure is natural and absolutely ok. She NEVER told me about that; if I didn't know how to reason and how to read, I would be on 1-3 (minimum) prescription drugs/day. Talk about drug pushers!!

  41. Ricardo B. Prospero

    Bottom line on all of these is the fact that more people suffered and dies all because of prescribed drugs. I always believe in the conspiracy theory between Giant Pharma, doctors, hospitals, drug stores and Government on their eveil scheme of keeping us sick and unhealthy to keep their vested interest. Doesn’t it occurs to you why doctors are so eager and happy to prescribe more medicines during your consultation? They are like robots operated by these Giant Pharma executives who makes sure they prescribes their synthetic drugs ion exchange for fat perks.

  42. thank u so much for reinforcing my believe that Drs. are pushing synthetic drugs unnecesarlly . I have been in and out of Hospitals for yhe last 3 yrs. Finally April 2, 2014 i ended up in Hosp. again swollen from the poison bp meds. I took myself off them for the last 9 weeks, Im taking herbal bp. meds I don,t feel well sometimes but better off by not taking synthetics. I know that I will beat this I have not gone to my cardio Dr. I don<t trust them at all. I had 2 heart shocks and 1 stent put in. I rather die than take anything that Drs. prescribe. Nadia

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