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Specific Type of Blood Pressure Causes Heart Problems

A mega-study following 12,000 middle age adults for over two decades may have cracked the code on how to spot heart problems early, simply by measuring certain blood pressure changes.

Researchers found over the course of this two-decade study that participants whose blood pressure dropped significantly upon standing were at a much higher risk for serious heart disease than those whose pressure remained constant.

Orthostatic hypotension, or a drop of more than 20 points systolic and 10 points diastolic was the diagnostic criteria for identifying those at the highest risk.

Dizziness upon standing is a common complaint for some seniors and apparently can be the signal of other troubles “under the hood.”

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  1. This is very useful information.Can't be ignored.

  2. once again pull us in to look at something which may be affecting us (this latest article is for me I think) but it is always a carrot to lead us on to BUY some other programme. I think I will stop reading your articles, it actually raises my BP…..

  3. Well! t could be true!

  4. I agree with Helen. These articles are like the Daily Mail on a weekend does this Health thing and I'm sure if I could collate all the stuff they've ever put on there they must have contradicted themselves a shed load of times..pretty much like here I fear.

  5. These articles are very helpful, and as for trying to encourage us to buy some other programme I am so glad I bought the blood pressure excercises, even though I was a skeptic. They really work to lower your B/P.

  6. I have very low blood pressure and was told by the doctor to take salt with my food and this has helped a lot with the dizziness.

  7. Hope it works out for you. I've known for years that we do the opposite for some animals than we choose for humans. Always found that strange. When we look at those groups with long life expectancy we often find counter intuitive 'health care'. Don't over do it though!

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