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Soy Helps Lowers Blood Pressure

Researchers at Columbia University in New York found that people who consumed more soy protein than non-soy eating counterparts had much lower blood pressure.

The data suggest that the isoflavones in soy work to boost the body’s natural production of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure.

The study’s author notes that soy protein would ideally replace other protein sources, not supplement them because the additional calories would not be healthy if additional protein is added instead of simply replaced.

Note: If you’re planning on adding more soy into your diet, shop for good quality. Some of the cheaper types of soy are processed with chemicals that are actually harmful to the body in the long run and GMO modified.

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  1. best option for vegetarian.

  2. Minttu says:

    I”ve read a lot about soy and am quite convinced that it is NOT so great after all.

    Just google The whole soy story and you”ll get a lot of information.

  3. Harry DaMan says:

    Here we go again, I seem to have read that soy protein is NOT healthy for some reason, now here's someone suggesting otherwise! What's your opinion?

  4. Micheal Cook says:

    Any discerning individual will see that society is getting sicker and sicker, and ironically in an age where "healthy" eating and nutritional Guru's proliferate the TV channels.
    As this article promotes SOY as some wonder food, the concerned and questioning person will check out ALL that is Soy. To take the word of the "establishment" is to be nothing more than a piece of merchandise to be exploited to THEIR every whim of change of what is good or bad as regards OUR health. OUR health should be OUR concern, not others, we can listen and learn from many sources, but at the end of the day it is OUR life and OUR health that is on the line, and that of OUR children, therefore making OUR health OUR responsibility. We have a tyranny of control, and most people have capitulated to it, even those in the medical profession are by and large bought and paid for by the big pharmaceutical agencies. The same applies to the food industry.

    We are no longer satisfied with the natural foods that our forefathers ate. not even naturally breast feeding our children, many societies have proven, and still do today, demonstrate the enormous advantage to one's health by eating as nature intended, and that has been done by peoples all over the planet for millenia.

    The masses have been indoctrinated by big business to eat THEIR way, "Foods that are one way or another, dessicated, chemicalised, sprayed, heated, froze and thawed, by oxidation and decomposition, by milling and polishing, canned, bottled, packaged, with thousands of additives and colourings man applies the principles of his civilization and the elimination of the natural and substitutes it with the artificial to the foods he eats and the fluids that he drinks. The end result is a food that is nothing more than a "dead fuel" mass, which ends with the body not being able to sustain itself in a healthy state. Thereby a societal sickness that is becoming ever more evident for all to see is the end result.

    NEVER has it been known for children to be so infected with diseases that they are burdened with today. Hospitals are filled with children with diseases that were unheard of not so long ago, cancers are rampant among them, as are diabetes, obesity, ALL indicative of what the"establishment" and their big business buddies in the food and pharmaceutical industries are feeding and treating society with. And it is going to get a lot worse.

  5. Jack Boucher says:

    Perhaps soy is fine if you don’t mind genetically modified nutrition in your diet.

  6. Charles Zinner says:

    Soy NEVER did me any good…sorry this is a bogus piece of research.

  7. John Doyle says:

    Soy has supposedly no upside unless it is fermented naturally as done in Japanese cuisine. This needs to be explained, much better than done here.
    It is otherwise a fake food. Surely you authors have done your research before blindly spouting something like this?
    It really undoes what otherwise is a good source of info.

  8. Mary Nelson says:

    Almot all soy grown today is GMO. I avoid GMO's as a matter of policy.

  9. Barbara Martin says:

    “They” need to make up their minds is soy helpful or is it harmful?

  10. Kitera says:

    I think you need to distinguish between fermented soy and regular soy. The beneifts of soy were found in the Asian population – but they eat their soy fermented. That is not something we usually integrate into our North American diet. Unfermented soy can hurt your thyroid – and can cause a host of other problems. Because it is relatively cheap to grow it is used in a wide variety of processed foods – my advice is unless you learn to eat fermented soy don’t touch a product that contains soy.

  11. toto says:

    agree for non GMO products,as well as tempe and other legumens,regards.

  12. Leigh A says:

    I agree with all comments above. Soy is always being pushed as some kind of super food. It’s not….not unless, like mentioned above, it’s fermented like they do and Asia. My Chinese holistic MD doesn’t recommend consuming it. Not only is is soy in the USA genetically modified but women should think twice before consuming it (ithas phytoestrogens that could cause problems down the road). Researchers at Columbia U. should know better and maybe you should weigh everything in the balances before you publish them!

  13. Joni Wykes says:

    There seems to be a lot more negative responses to adding "Soy" to one's diet – thus leaving me to believe that before taking it, a person needs to do some further research on the issue.

  14. Soy protein may help lower blood pressure but men if you want to grow man breasts it is a good for that too. Soy is an estrogen mimicker. I use to added soy protein powder to my morning shakes every morning and ended up with Gynecomastia. Substituted whey for the soy and no more man boobs. Women give it a try.

  15. Rick says:

    We don’t need (Never) need any GMO product (.) and as for production of nitric oxide just take, 4 grams of Arginine and 500 megs of Citrulline twice a day, and you will get all the nitric oxide you need.


  16. mona gounden says:

    I am taking it for my lower levels of oestrogen as ,I am in menopause.
    My systolic pressures have risen to 180mmhg whne I am naxious.

    So I have change dmy diet ,completely to include all the foods lowering blood pressure.

    My gynae has advised to go on isoflavonoidsin phyto soya.

    I would believe that when the level of oestrogen normalises the blood vessels do dilate.

  17. Make your mind up properly…who is telling the truth.. Is there any truth left on this planet…I wonder..

  18. Sorry, Soy inhibits thyroid function.

  19. Joe Stypes says:

    Got that right!

  20. Esther Snow Bronson says:

    People, PLEASE use a little common sense!! People, who don't know what they are talking about, pass around these little snippets of info

  21. The trouble with soy, it contains something that feminises men.

  22. f you only get to the point?

  23. My Dr. says Soy interferes with the function of the thyroid. And I shouldn't use soy. As a diabetic with a thyroid issue my reshearch says I shiould follow his advice on this subject.

  24. kol says:


    I wonder how much the ‘researchers’ at CU NY were
    paid for that phony ‘research result’ by the likes
    of Big Soy(processors).. Big GMO(Monsanto et al)..
    Big Health(FDA, CDC, AMA, & all the other ABC’s).

    Their ‘profits’ must have been sagging and needed a
    ‘booster shot’ to up their dinero levels yet again.

    Whatever the ‘health’ ABC’s say.. “DO THE OPPOSITE”.

    Coskun Toktamis · Top Commenter
    Make your mind up properly…who is telling the truth..
    Is there any truth left on this planet…I wonder..

    I’m with you Coskun.. and all those who commented above
    against “ANY SOY” that isn’t fermented.

    Sadly.. as usual.. these ‘reports’ at blueheron seem to
    consistently lack anything remotely like essential-level
    depth of REAL INFORMATION DETAIL. I’ve tried to take a
    fair view over quite a long time of visiting and reading
    but won’t be back as the quality of info is consistently
    at the low end of the scale… but I’ll be staying with
    the REAL educators sites where they provide real value.

    This site seemed OK at first but the pattern I see here
    now is []catchy headline.. []pretty picture.. []brief(as)
    vague ‘article’ as to really be virtually meaningless..
    []followed by a “Click here&link” to (product for $$$$$$)

    See you at the real educators and real health providers.

  25. The problem with this kind of report based on a particular research, it tends to mislead the public on what is the truth, Most of the times, report contradicts each others making it more complicated for people to believe. Remember the old myth about the bad effects of coffee and eggs?

  26. Ronnie Plant says:

    We need much more than soya to help have proper levels of blood pressure.Read my new book ‘SELLING SICKNESS’, sub-titled How To Take Control Of Your Own Health, to learn how to do so. ISBN Number is 978 0 9551051 8 0. As a practicing Naturopath, now 84 years young, I have helped thousands attain better health by adopting and abiding by my slogans ‘WE ARE AS WE EAT,DRINK, SLEEP and Exercise or ‘A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE CAN WORK WONDERS’.

  27. Soy protein mimics the female Estrogen . so young men who want to become fathers should not east Soy . It would lower sperm count as well as feminizing the body .. eg softer whiskers . softer skin bigger breast on men etc. depending on how much you ate. This is a world wide problem with young men complaining of finding it hard to be fathers.

    Young men please read the labels on ALL pre processed foods as soy protein isolate is added to many foods.

    For the older man soy could help with our blood pressure. But the debate is still on . some say don't eat soy unless it is fermented as the fermentation process takes some of the toxic elements and combines them to make different nutrients that are very beneficial.

  28. You cannot say something is no good on " ONE " testimonial. need a large survey with placebo controlled studies. This Depends the reason for your high blood pressure.

  29. But there needs to be lots of reports like this and for further tests taking into account the past reports to narrow down the possibilities of what is truth .

  30. Bob . says:

    There are 3 different types of Oestrogen . One is very harmfull one is very good one is inbetween . one can convert to the other . This process is whats important. .. :www.realcuresletter.com”

  31. John Wagoner says:

    I don’t consider soy a healthy food, what with its estrogenic compounds and the fact that it inhibits the activation of thyroid hormone. Who needs foods that disrupt your hormones ?

  32. Harry DaMan says:

    Bob Pritchard, now that I think about it, I also remember reading about the difference between fermented and non fermented soy, fermented being the the good guy of the two. Can anyone confirm to this?

  33. Harry DaMan , I have read this too.

  34. I agree with that Bob, but at the end of the day people will have the hard time to make a conclusion because of the complexity of these so many reports.

  35. Micheal Cook says:

    My own research on SOY is that it is about as much use as a sugar coated cyanide pill.In fact it is the CAUSE of many serious ailments. People need to do their homework, including THIS site. It indicates blue heron health news just follows the false propaganda about SOY of those that proceeded them.

  36. Micheal Cook says:

    My own research on SOY is that it is about as much use as a sugar coated cyanide pill.In fact it is the CAUSE of many serious ailments. People need to do their homework, including THIS site. It indicates blue heron health news just follows the false propaganda about SOY of those that proceeded them.

  37. Micheal Cook says:

    My own research on SOY is that it is about as much use as a sugar coated cyanide pill.In fact it is the CAUSE of many serious ailments. People need to do their homework, including THIS site. It indicates blue heron health news just follows the false propaganda about SOY of those that proceeded them.

  38. Charles Zinner says:

    Nattokinase, derived from fermented soy, is of great value…it is a different animal from the soy protein advocated in this research.

  39. Karen Bartz says:

    Soy does contain genisten which has been identified as one of the major anti cancer superfoods but these days you have to make sure it's organic and fermented is definitely the better way to have it.

  40. I think is necessary more research about the opinion of Columbia University.

  41. what’s up great job on the info for this topic looking forward to reading more.

  42. diet drops says:

    I enjoyed reading this. Thank a lot for doing such a good job. I’ll definitely return to this site to read more and recommend my neighbors about your writing

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