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Vegan Diet Can Reduce Diabetes Medication Dosage

Diabetics looking for an easy way to reduce their dependence on prescription drugs should adopt a vegan lifestyle, according to a paper published in Diabetes Spectrum.

The paper notes that several studies have linked a vegan diet to decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
In their research, they discovered that adopting a plant-based diet reduced medication use by 43%.

The scientists state that a vegan diet helps diabetics lose weight, an important factor in insulin resistance and blood glucose management. Also, a vegan diet may improve insulin sensitivity in certain people.

A 21-day plan to eliminate type-2-diabetes (does NOT require vegan)…

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  1. i feel this is correct depending mainly on vegetables, fruits as well as fish is very important in management and prevention of type 2 diabetes. depending on saturated fats and transfats fats as main source of diet could lead to a drastic fluctuation of blood sugar level because of the increased insulin resistance and the damage they cause to the pancreatic cells

  2. Of COURSE a plant-based diet is beneficial to “managing” and preventing Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is caused by high levels of fungi living on the pancreas (causing it to malfunction) and throughout the body, and veggies (and organic meats) are powerful anti-fungals. When fungal levels fall to normal, diabetes slowly disappears.

    Do you know how they induce diabetes in lab animals? They inject them with MOLD! Voila…diabetes. See Recaging the Beast at Amazon.

  3. It is useful for diabetic patients.

  4. Vegan diet along with yog & pranayam can do wonders.

  5. Thank you for the info. With lots of veggies and walking I have lost weigh and improved my sugar level as well but i still take my meds. thank you

  6. It really does not require a vegan diet to eliminate type 2 diabetes. In fact in some cases grains act detrimental to ones health.

  7. It’s funny how everyone has to add some type of meat, or fish back into a Vegan diet. Just can’t leave it alone.

  8. Once again back to Gods original plan for our bodies.

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