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Mussels Ease Arthritis Joints Pain

Unique compounds found in mussels can help relieve arthritis-related joint pain, according to a new research study published in this week’s Inflammopharmacology Journal.

In this study, arthritis-ridden volunteers were given a supplement consisting on green lipped mussel extract. Over the course of the eight-week trial, participants found that their knee pain dropped 59 percent.

The scientists behind the study note that green lipped mussel extract is a potent anti-inflammatory. It’s this property that allowed the extract to reduce knee pain and increase joints mobility in a relatively short period of time.

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  1. Since this is a potent inflammatory, how do I know if it also acts as a blood thinner? If it is, people on blood thinners should be warned beforehand.

  2. Well, the mussel it is a very big antiinflammatory, and 28 years ago in my Country I did eat becouse my arthritis,it is not new for me, but, they have plenty colesterol, that is the information that did coming to me, I like to know if this is right or no, because if they don’t have to much bad colesterol,I will like to eat it again.
    Thank you for all your information.
    Happy Easter for every one.

  3. I have heard of green lipped mussel extract. My question is what if certain individuals not able to take fresh seafood or even in capsule form? People have all sorts of Allergies nowadays. Maybe eating right kind of certain vegetables & fruit may help towards eliminating the dreaded disease.Anyway Thank you for this information.

  4. It's an easy solution to reduce arthritis problem.We should try this to get benefit without medicine.

  5. I first encountered New Zealand green lipped mussel extract, as a powder, over 40 years ago, although I have never had need to use it.

    It is also available as a topical gel as well as an oral capsule.

    Josephine is quite right to be cautious, anyone who has an allergy to shelfish of any sort would probably be better off giving this one a miss, or at the very least, only using it under qualified supervision due to the risk of triggering an anaphylactic reaction.

  6. I have tried this product, sold as Lyprinol.
    Any effect is too mild to make it worthwhile is my experience.

  7. I have taken NZ Green Lipped Mussel tablets for some time now – it certainly helped my knees, but recently I have developed painful arthritis in my thumb – it hasn’t seemed to help this area – unless of course, it has helped and the thumb would be more painful without it! Does anyone have an answer for this? Thank you Heron team for your continuing great information.

  8. Pity they taste like rubber bands and get stuck between my teeth.

  9. Better than the mussell extract is Emu Oil. Aboriginal people have been using it for thousands of years. Its available in creams and sprays (such as Pain Away) but I take it in capsules. Its amazing for the knee area. If I stop taking it my knees crack up and I hobble and can hardly walk. Emu Oil somehow greases the joints and I have no knee trouble at all when I take it. Im very allergic and 4 years pain free, no reactions and fit! Seriously it works. I was recommended it by an elderly lady whose arthritis does not cripple her and she credits this to Emu Oil.

  10. The chance of having an allergic reaction to green lipped mussels is very low….Thousands of people eat them in NZ(where i live) and i dont know anyone who cant tolerate them.As for the cholesterol garbage.Cholesterol consumption doesnt drive up cholesterol(thats a myth)…saturated fat does that…..so dont worry about it.A lack of vit C is more relevant to plaques forming than cholesterol consumption.

  11. Another great product is Neprinol AFD, (advanced fibrin defense) which supports inflammatory response, immune function, blood cleansing, blood viscosity, circulatory health and fibrin levels. It is manufactured by Arthur Andrew Medical. My naturpathic doctor put me on this some years ago to lower my Lipo Protein A levels (which for me is a genetic thing). It works great. I hope this info is beneficial to all.


  13. well, I think this is an easy remedy……

  14. Fe Salomon Moste

    am happy about this. I will try it as soon as I can. Thank you for this info.

  15. please tell how many would you have to eat in one day?

  16. How about the old yellow rasins soaked in gin? (for arthritis)seems to help

  17. Emu Oil is banned in some countries. When I was in the UK and asked for Emu Oil, they were horrified. It had something to do with animal rights. Not too sure however. Just a thought if you want to use it. I suppose it depends on where you live.

  18. what is in the lip of mussel that can cure arthritis?

  19. Very good news to hear i will try with this please any spray for ED

  20. Well, as of this time, I don’t have yet pain on my knees. I love eating this kind of shellfish but I fear of the Red Tide having now in the Philippines but not exactly in my very own place. Just somewhere n the Philippines.I hope this Red Tide won’t last for long.

  21. Please let me know where to buy the shellfish in Kenya.

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