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One Food to Eat with High Blood Pressure

More high blood pressure patients are using natural remedies to control high blood pressure. This behavior is not surprising.

One natural way of controlling high blood pressure is by consuming beet.

How Beet helps in controlling high blood pressure

A study published in a medical journal last year reported that high blood pressure patients can reduce their blood pressure by 10% by consuming 2 cups of beet juice every day.

Amrita Ahluwalia, who was the leading author of the study, advocates that beetroot juice and other nitrate-rich vegetables help immensely in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Benefits of beet are aplenty. Some of the more pronounced ones are:

  • Beets reduce total cholesterol levels – Regular consumption of beet juice can help reduce your total cholesterol by 30%, and triglycerides by 40%.
  • Beets increase good cholesterol levels – Beets also increase the good cholesterol or HDL levels.

In addition to the above, beets also reduce the risk of blood clots, dissolve inorganic calcium deposits that clog arteries, and improve digestion.

So invest some money on a good juicer and take your first step toward a healthy heart.

Precautions while consuming beet

Do not- and we repeat- do not mix beet juice with broccoli or other vegetables that have high calcium content. Beet is rich in oxalic acid, and oxalic acid and calcium can cause digestive problems if taken together.

Also, as beet is rich in oxalic acid, high blood pressure patients who have kidney stones, osteoporosis, and gout should avoid consuming it.

Other natural remedies

Besides consuming beet, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet to manage your blood pressure. When picking an exercise regime, remember that what counts is the duration of exercise and its regularity.

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  1. Beets are important. My pressure takes a dip whenever I consume them.

  2. Parker R. Metcalf

    cannot beat beets!

  3. is there any way to improve the taste? its one of the most unpleasant tasting vegs to me.

  4. If we prefer to eat whole beets, how much should we eat? Still two cups a day?

  5. two questions: beats are I believe high in sugar…so what happens to people who are overweighted or have diabetes, and people with cancer?

  6. I drinks beets with appel and pamagram. is all toguthers. two cups is it ok.

  7. I love steamed beets with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. ..adn some red onions in the mix too!

  8. and have you noticed this helps your blood pressure?

  9. Beets,carrots and organic apple juiced are excellent liver cleansers.
    1/2 small raw beet+ juice of 4 apples add 1 large carrot, juice. Always
    dilute beets, never drink it straight, too potent. From Jay Kordich
    THE JUICEMAN’S POWER OF JUICING.PAGE 165.builds healthy red blood cells allowing more oxygen to get to the brain through the red blood cells.

  10. Is it true the gout sufferers should not eat beets?

  11. Can I assume that your (American) “beet” is our (English) beetroot? We do also have a sugar beet, which is NOT the same thing.

  12. my wive is type 2 diabetic can shee us this beet recepee

  13. Beets are one of my favorite foods. I like them pickled. Used to can them from our garden. Hope you are doing well.

  14. My blood pressure was 190/119. Taking Coversyl 10 mg a day brought it down to 145/85. Then I started drinking tea made of oak leaves to help me with frequent trips to bathroom at night. My blood pressure dropped to 100/60. If the tea is responsible I am not sure, should be followed up by some more volunteers. Milan

  15. krishnareddy kapireddy

    How much we should consume per day should be cleared.

  16. krishnareddy kapireddy

    Which is better,Raw juice or cooked one?

  17. Clarence O liver

    Well in November 2009, I was diagnose with HB and I refused to take the medication. So i starting using beets juice which brought my blood pressure down a whopping 30 pt. left all the red meats alone supplement with Arginine which is a nitric oxide and citrulline which is a nitric oxide booster and it keep my pressure at bay without any harmful side effect…also did a natural herbal detox to remove heavy from the body and toxin. and went back to nature of green and yellow red veggie….processed food is not the answer fruits and veggie and pleanty of beets juice…

  18. I use vege. Juice of carrots,celery,beets,granny smith apples,sometimes grapes and oranges. Is that o’k?

  19. Michael Langshaw

    How will taking beet affect one who is taking regular Hi-Blood Pressure medication, such as Verapomil.

  20. Thanks a lot for this information. I will try it out but pls what stores can one find good quality beets to buy?

  21. Hi Christian.

    Beets could be a problem with diabetes? Also the purple potatoes?


  22. Two years ago I was advised by a friend to drink Beetroot juice for cholesterol & have been taking it. I like the taste & have been taking it off & on.I will take heed re: not to mix vegetables with higher content of calcium. Thank you for your good advise.

  23. Is beetroot juice with 10% apple, bought in a carton, just as good as juicing whole beets?

  24. You have to be careful with Beets thy could cause Diarhoea.

  25. I have a tendency toward oxalate related kidney stones. Would the oxalic acid in beets contribute to creating kidney stones?

  26. I hear that beets and carrots are too high in sugar for high blood pressure and diabetes? More research please as I love both these veggies.

  27. Questions. 1. Cooked or not? 2. Is shredded ok or juice best? 3. I like canned, this not good: I mix it with boiled beet juice and eat the veg.

  28. A great and simple way to reduce your high BP,',,,,,,,,,.

  29. Yes, ii is a proven n well known fact.

  30. Sir ji it is very educative about health,thanks for sharing

  31. Even bananas r gr8 in reducing BP. Oats n flax seeds r also good.

  32. Drinking 1/2 cup of beat juice a day is acceptable and comfortable to have. Has anyone tried to drink 2 cups daily and for how long?

  33. This blog has got a lot of very useful stuff on it! Cheers for helping me!

  34. i have gout have been a vegy fore 3 years no more gout can i still eat beet as my blood presure is high in smothies

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