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The Most Important Supplement You’re Lacking

Hopefully by now, your doctor has recommended some kind of lifestyle changes. He/she may have suggested improving diet, working out a little (more) and even trying to reduce stress. For most anyone over 30 years old, this is needed.

But no matter what disease you may be fighting, be it diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, ED, menopause, pre-Alzheimer or whatever else, no medical person has probably ever recommended THE MOST IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT HUMANS NEED!

I’m talking about a “supplement” so important that you can’t go without it for more than a few minutes. And yet, almost every single person I’ve worked with is somewhat deprived of this element, contributing to almost all diseases known to man.

And the best news is, it’s completely FREE!

So whether you agree with me or not, please invest a few minutes in reading on and making your stand in the comment section below.

You see, when I begin talking about the importance of breathing effectively and oxygen delivery throughout the body, people around me often shut their ears. They’re much more open to discussing diet and exercise to improve health. After all, don’t we all breathe automatically?

The answer is NO, but more on that in a second.

First, let me point out that we can live for days without water, over a month without food but only a few minutes without oxygen. And just as we can live for months without sufficient amounts of water and years on a very low level of food, we can survive for a long time without receiving enough oxygen.

But what effect does it have? Just think about it. How do you feel when you’re hungry? First you get irritable, right? Then after awhile you may feel somewhat weak and tired. Most of us have never experienced being on the edge of starvation but we’ve read stories and seen newscasts demonstrating the effects.

But oxygen delivery is even more important.

It’s a well known fact that people suffering from sleep apnea (a condition where people stop breathing for several seconds throughout the night and are therefore oxygen deprived) tend to gain extreme weight as a cause of that. Throughout the years I’ve had hundreds of people who have used my Stop Snoring program contact me and because not only did their snoring disappear but they also lost significant amounts of weight. This was one factor that motivated me to create my Weight Loss Breeze program that helps people lose weight only by breathing more effectively.

There is also a close connection between suffering sleep apnea and the risk of developing of Alzheimer’s. And, several studies have proven that long periods of even minor oxygen deprivation (less than 15%) causes Alzheimer’s and other dementia symptoms in mice. We’ll soon be launching a dementia prevention program based on these principles.

Research has also found oxygen deprivation to cause migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, muscle pain and several other conditions you’d never think of in connection to oxygen deprivation.

Stroke and heart attacks are, of course, the most obvious diseases caused by 100% oxygen deprivation to important parts of the body. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. If your blood constantly includes low levels of oxygen, your body has to pump more blood to get the same amount of oxygen delivered. This causes hardening of the arteries, higher cholesterol and a rise in blood pressure. One of the many things our blood pressure exercise program does is it improves breathing and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Cancer cells thrive in oxygen deprived environments that kills most healthy cells. Lack of oxygen may also change the DNA structure of a cell, creating cancer cells.

The list of health hazards connected to lack of oxygen could go on and on. This is only a small example.

But are you really oxygen deprived? After all, you feel fine, right? And you’re constantly breathing, right?

Well, yoga studies have shown that normal people (not advantaged yoga masters) can usually inhale FIVE TIMES more oxygen than they do. This means that most likely if you were breathing as effectively as nature wanted you to, your blood would be receiving 500% more oxygen than it does now.

Now think about it- if you’d cut down your diet 80%, and if you’d only drank 20% of the water you’re drinking today. No matter if you’re overeating or under-eating, you’d most likely be ruining your body if you made such drastic changes. But that’s how most people are breathing.

And remember, oxygen is much more important than eating or drinking.

Not using your lungs to their fullest capacity also increases the risk of developing fungus and bacteria in the lungs and breathing passages, weakening the immune system and causing all kind of health hazards.

As if that wasn’t enough, if you spend significant time indoors or live in a city with lower levels of oxygen and a lot of air pollution, you’d hardly be getting enough oxygen even if you were breathing at optimum efficiency. It’s therefore becoming more important than ever to focus on effective breathing.

But there are several easy things you can do to increase the oxygen level in your body:

1) Simply be aware of your breathing. Sit down a few times a day and focus on a few deep breaths. As you make this a habit, your breathing will improve throughout the day.

2) Spend more time outdoors, preferably outside the city around any kind of nature.

3) Exercise. You’ll breathe more oxygen while working out, and also improve your lung capacity to process oxygen and deliver it throughout the body.

4) Reduce stress- since our bodies tend to freeze up when we’re stressed and our breathing becomes shallow and less effective. Our blood pressure program has been proven extremely effective to reduce stress. It also includes deep breathing exercises that boost your oxygen level in minutes.

5) Improve your body posture and free the muscles that control your breathing. Most people use the muscles that are intended to control breathing to balance their body. This is actually very simple to fix and I’ve witnessed people drastically improve their health in a short time using simple body balance exercises.

Some of our programs that are focused on improving breathing using all the attributes above include: The Weight Loss Breeze Program, The Fibromyalgia Program, The Migraine and Headache Program, The Vertigo and Dizziness Program. You can find links to these and other health programs on the right hand side of this page.

But first, tell us what you think by leaving your comments below.

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  1. taking a deep breath and replying with a yes…i agree 100% with this article…i also teach breathing techniques to our clients…below is a recent article about breathing…

    A Heart healthy Reason to keep your Mouth Shut…

    Ineffective oxygen transport happens when you breathe with your mouth open during exercise. Open mouth breathing is a shallow kind of breathing called panting. Even during light or moderate exercise, a person with heart disease will start panting. Heart disease is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. The sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits can be a recipe for heart attack.

    People with heart disease have a reduced ability to exercise. Yet, exercise is vital for a healthy heart and lifestyle. The reason for a diminished level of fitness and over-breathing, when you are exercising, is the fact that the breathing pattern is already shallow even when you are at rest, and this causes a reduced level of oxygen in the heart muscle tissue. Breathing in this way is a form of hyperventilation. Medical studies have proven that people with heart disease over-breathe or breathe about 2-3 times more than the healthy person would breathe. This explains why 100% of all heart patients have a condition of chronic hyperventilation. The studies reveal that all heart patients have abnormally low O2 and CO2 levels in the heart tissue due to the rapid shallow open mouth breathing at rest. Hyperventilation reduces arterial CO2 and that causes constriction of arteries and arterioles due to CO2 vasodilation effect and the suppressed Bohr Effect, which causes further diminished oxygen delivery.

  2. Thanks Christian for the information keep up the good work.

  3. Please answer this question, which you have so far ignored: I have already purchased your blood pressure programs (3); are the ones you mention here new, or do I already have the full complement?


  5. It is true that supplying more Oxygen by breathing exercises substntially to body immensely helpful to reduce the risk of disease.

  6. Hi Christian, that’s absolutely true. For years I have great interest on how breathing correctly can relieve our body from many diseases. In fact I think oxygen itself is natures most wnderfull gift offered to humans. Scientist must make extensive research on it. Last but not least, in fact yoga is based on many postures that help our body to distribute oxygen efficiently throughout our body.

  7. MaureenPaul Barnes-von Kulmiz

    Physiologically, what you are saying is nonsense.

  8. It seems the simply things are the best and the least expensive. I can, and will, pay more attention to my breathing habits.

  9. When I get hurt or feel tired – I breathe deeply a bunch of times – and instantly start feeling better! Then I make sure I'm hydrated with pure water. Surprising how well the body responds when we listen and give it the basics.

  10. “And just as we can live for months without sufficient amounts of water and years on a very low level of food, we can survive for a long time without receiving enough oxygen.”
    Am I reading this right? Don’t you mean to say we CAN’T survive a long time without receiving enough oxygen? Thanks!

  11. After a hospital refused to consider me for a simple foot operation because they recorded my blood pressure as 207 over 123 I decided I really should take some action as I had previously declined to take Ace Inhibitors, following fifteen years of beta-blockers. No sooner than I downloaded the natural blood pressure program I quickly realized that I NEVER take a deep breath, except maybe to yawn. (I had even been unable to do that for sixteen months due to neck pain before it was discovered that I had tongue cancer last year.) Mainly I now focus on 4-7-8 breathing method when I am driving, or just sitting. I either take my own blood pressure in the surgery, or now I have purchased a blood pressure monitor I can check it regularly. In just over a week I have seen my blood pressure gradually drop to 157 over 90 which is a great improvement for me. However, I still have to keep reminding myself to continue with the breathing exercises and not become complacent. This does finally explain why I’ve never been able to run, even at school because it always felt that my lungs would burst! (And I’m not fat either!) I still find it quite difficult to take deep breaths but I will continue practicing as I have seen the vast improvement in only a short time. Keep on breathing!!

  12. Here! Here! to the importance of oxygen. We never miss the water till the well runs dry. Just stop breathing for a moment and that’ll speak for itself. Thank for this! I’ll work on taking in more oxyger. It’s free folks!

  13. must mean yoga for you Paul.

  14. You sound convincing and it will benefit us after we follow the simple tips you provided.Taking deep breath,exercises and keeping yourself hydrated has a logic.I shall like to hear more about it.Thanks.

  15. I do agree with you. Because it helped me to Recover from sudden sicknes & the Drs. Said it's heart proplem, but an Indian Dr.said you have nothing related to heart
    & he taught me few ways to breath properly. It does work. Thank you

  16. Hello! I had always thought of the importance of our breathing and what you say in the article with reference to our health. But after having heard of Dr. Buteyko’s studies about the importance of the balance between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide I have some doubts about the rightness of your proposition. Oxygen is very important but if the cited balance is wrong, there are bad consequences for our health, i.e. if C.O. goes down 6% of the blood composition. Thanks for your attention.

  17. Hello! I had always thought of the importance of our breathing and what you say in the article with reference to our health. But after having heard of Dr. Buteyko's studies about the importance of the balance between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide I have some doubts about the rightness of your proposition. Oxygen is very important but if the cited balance is wrong, there are bad consequences for our health, i.e. if C.O. goes down 6% of the blood composition. Thanks for your attention.

  18. This is great information, thamk you.

  19. MaureenPaul Barnes-von Kulmiz

    I believe in clean living and clean eating etc. etc. but there is only so much BS I can stand. I do not challenge peoples experiences, only their silly unsupported declarations of what they claim to be "fact".

  20. Please explain about Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and Balance. Oxygen is important but if
    the cited balance is wrong………. please explain.
    Thank you.

  21. I can totally vibe with this information. You see i’m a young man who watches my diet carefully and works out regularly have an active social life and do well in school. Only one problem for me, for the past couple years my blood pressure has been high, mainly the systolic one which has dumbfounded me as i am very lean and enjoy doing cardiovascular work outs the best. But it all makes sense for most of my life i have been a person who breathes in and out of my mouth due to suffering from allergies. For the past week i’ve been doing the exercises in the HBP program and can feel a nice difference i’m breathing better and more through my nose. It’s also relaxing and i really enjoy the walking (left-right) i recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the same position i’m in. I’m also going to try yoga, plus i’ve doing the 4-7-8 breathing exercises and enjoy them as well.

  22. great advise! I will be breathing deeply more often.. thanks

  23. My doctor would NOT agree with your comment. What Christian says makes a lot of sense.

  24. Very good article but I still don't know what to do in order to improve my breathing!

  25. Thanks for the helpful info.I will be trying to breathe more deeply.

  26. Fascinating article, with new insights into proper breathing.

    My BP was becoming so consistently NORMAL (around 120/80 focused breaks) that when I ran out of my long-term medication for high BP I decided to stop taking it, cold turkey. All ok for 3-4 days then it went back up to the old levels of 150/90 and rising! I started taking meds again and really focused on Christians BP Program, especially Proper Breathing. Delighted to say that BP now back to 128/81/62 yesterday (Focused Break) and headaches almost gone.

    Will continue with your health programme – I am a Lifetime convert, with emphasis on regular, deep, controlled breathing (I love the 4-7-8 system, invigorating or what!) and will reduce my meds gradually over time to completely cut them out.

    Managing my own health with the Blue Heron Team has given me a whole new lifestyle and I love it! And all so affordable.

  27. What a wonderful information,i will always put into practice. keep it up

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