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Raw Food Diet Combats Cholesterol and Hypertension

Eating a diet primarily composed of raw food is an effective way to keep “bad” LDL cholesterol in check, according to research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In this study of 200 adults, researchers found that adoption of a raw food diet dramatically improved many important markers of health, including cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides.

The researchers note that raw food dieters tend to consume more fruits and vegetables than followers of other diets, and likely contributed to their better overall health in this study.

However, the researchers did find that raw dieters also were more likely to suffer from vitamin B-12 deficiency.

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  1. Okay on one hand eating Raw foods helps you, on other you have deficiency in B12. Couldn’t we eat some part of the raw food & some cooked meals to get enough B12?


  3. Cool you say raw foods is the one but also they say breathing excercises and other dietery ways.Which one is the best as there seems to be no one right way.I am just starting to lower my cholesterol and Hypertension which wayis the best

  4. I wish a list of foods containing Vitamin B12 is also given in these pages.

  5. Good research….not easy to stick to! Has other down falls as already mentioned.

  6. I'm a raw food person but I like other foods to. anice crisp salad radishes beetroot great!

  7. it is all wrong, the experts allways get evrything wrong, specialy in the usa, just see how people eat and live around the world, and people look slim and healthy, demm all doctors who tell my 4yld to eat american brands and not the international foods,, it may not be good for him, this is the typical us hipocracy and propaganda, shame on them….

  8. I rarely eat meat and practically live on raw and cooked veggies, fruits and whole grains and limit my sugar intake. This is not to say I totally exclude white potatoes and white bread. I am not overweight and exercise two hours each day. So for years I have been trying to figure out why my LDL runs about 170. I have yet to find anything that works in lowering it.

  9. Wow you're on Facebook?

  10. Eating raw food is good but it does prevent eating other food(B12) judiciously to remain healthy.

  11. There is no guarantee that cooked food would supply B12 either so what I would take from this is eating the raw fruits and veggies and supplement B12 under the tongue with methylcobalim or at least a raw B12 of some kind like that Roundrock company would be the way to go. Actually the story is B12 is manufactured by natural microorgranisms such as should exist in your gut but the antibiotics kill them off. Eating raw food certainly does not prevent eating other food, that is strictly your own decision. The problem with cooking is it tends to kill off certain vitamins and denatures protein, as welll as creating cancer causing compounds in the food, like acrylamide.

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