A team of Malaysian researchers discovered that an extract from an apple popular in Southeast Asian countries can reduce high blood sugar.

In the study, researchers tested the ability of compounds within the apple (known as the “water apple”) to block the same key enzyme responsible for high blood sugars that many anti-diabetic drugs target.

They found that an extract of the compounds stopped the activity of the enzyme 89% of the time –significantly more than prescription drugs. The water apple extract was also found to inhibit the formation of AGE products, known to contribute to diabetic complications.

Update: The name of this apple is Syzygium samarangense often goes by the names: wax apple, love apple, java apple, royal apple, bellfruit, Jamaican apple, water apple, mountain apple, cloud apple, wax jambu, rose apple, and bell fruit. They are very rare but you may possible be able to get it in local health food stores in Europe and USA.

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