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Three Steps to Curing ALL Disease

If you’re suffering from some of the lifestyle-related chronic diseases bothering 80% of people over 45, I have good news for you. They can all be healed naturally, without side effects, using three simple steps.

I’m talking about diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic pain, frequent vertigo, frequent headaches, fibromyalgia… (the list could go on and on).

In today’s feature article, I explain why the traditional medical system isn’t working to stop these diseases and how to use the three-step natural approach instead.

Many of you will agree with me, others will be skeptical, but one thing I can promise you, the discussion on this issue will be educational and fun. So, to read on and make your comment below.

Before I explain the three steps, let me clarify one thing…

I think modern medicine has some fantastic, magical solutions. Just visualize the challenges the doctors and nurses at an Emergency Department face when they get in a child with severe internal bleeding and every bone broken after bad car accident. Everyday these brave people save lives like that.

And we all admire doctors like the fictional Dr. House (popular TV show) who combats mysterious diseases with keen insight (okay and some sarcasm) and can diagnose and save lives. Everyday there are thousands of doctors all over the world doing similar things without ever being noticed.

Not to mention the awe we must all feel when a surgeon manages to separate twins that have several common internal organs. Sometimes the odds of succeeding are close to zero but they still do it.

….these are modern day heroes!

I consider the real beginning of modern medicine to be in 1928 when Alexander Fleming made the world-changing discovery of Penicillin.

(Since we’re discussing natural medicines, it’s worth mentioning that for centuries folk medicine had been using mold -in essence what Penicillin is made of- for centuries for all kinds of ailments, even at the risk of being burned for witchcraft.)

With the discovery of Penicillin, doctors all of a sudden had the tools to CURE life-threatening and chronic diseases such as syphilis, and infections caused by staphylococci and streptococci.

Overnight, doctors and producers of pharmaceuticals became world class heroes and the dream seed was planted that super drugs would deliver an answer to all health problems.

Consequently, the general public signed the responsibility for their health over to their doctor. Unfortunately the medical system hasn’t quite lived up to this responsibility (it never works to let someone else take responsibility for us).

Three times more people die every year of cancer than in early 1900. Deaths from major cardiovascular diseases are as common as they were back then. More people are saved from dying but more people are also having heart attacks now.

170 million people world wide suffer type 2 diabetes according to the World Health Organization. This number is expected to DOUBLE in the next 30 years.

Americans spend more money than any other nation on health care per person (three times more than the second country on the list), yet we have the highest frequency of cardiovascular than anywhere else in the world. There is a strong correlation between how developed a country is and how common things like heart attacks, type 2 diabetes and cancer occur. Countries that spend the most on health care generally also have the highest frequency of these diseases when total population is accounted for.

So does it look like modern medicine has lived up to its expectations? I don’t think so.

Okay, at this point you’re probably wondering what in the world all this historical rubbish has to do with the three steps to cure for all lifestyle diseases.

Everything! Which leads us to…

Step One:

To naturally cure whatever health problem you have, you have to begin by taking full responsibility for the disease. You can consult with your doctor (and I recommend you do so) but don’t expect him or her to cure you.

The medical system has no CURE for chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. A cure is something that eliminates a condition. But all the medical system offers you are medications that TREAT the SYMPTOMS of the above conditions.

And the reason our doctors can’t cure these thing is because they’re the result of the lifestyle and misleading information we’ve followed throughout our lives. Our genes haven’t changed at all in the last 100 years, our lifestyles have.

The only way to CURE these things is to reverse the process these lifestyle choices have caused. And we must take FULL responsibility for them, even if we didn’t know any better or were following the wrong advice (often by the traditional health system).

Step Two

We must take drastic actions today! Any disease is a wake up call that something is broken. And when something is broken, we must take drastic actions to fix it.

This step is like the ER of natural health. When a patient is brought in after a severe accident, there is no time for idealizing or discussing. The key is ACTION, ACTION, and ACTION. Whatever it takes to save the life.

If you have any of the chronic-lifestyle diseases, this step would include getting solid natural information on eliminating the disease you’re fighting and following it to the ‘T.’

Most health problems could have been prevented.

If a person always ate relatively healthy in moderation and exercised daily, a slice of cake once in a while wouldn’t make him or her obese. However if a person has gotten to the point of weighing 400 pounds, having high cholesterol and blood pressure and full blown type 2 diabetes, cutting corners is not an option. You must take drastic actions to bring yourself back to health.

In my diabetes program, for example, I lead people through three phases of curing type 2 diabetes. The first one can be quite painful and takes some self-discipline. However, it’s a critical step to bring the blood sugar back to normal. Later on, you can become more flexible but till your blood sugar is under control, you must use all the natural tools available to become healthy.

Similarly, Scott Davis teaches various techniques to lower cholesterol in his guide. While your cholesterol is still too high, you should implement as many of his techniques as you can. After the cholesterol is under control, you can become less strict in food choices again.

Some terminal diseases can also be fought using natural methods in addition to traditional techniques. For example, even if a person developed cancer at such late stages that surgery is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use natural methods to fight it or keep tumors at bay after surgery. This way you may not need chemo in addition to the surgery. Medical journals are full of studies that show how natural methods have been used with success to free people from these terrible diseases.

Which leads us to…

Step 3

Rod Stewart sings: “I wish I knew then what I know now, when I was younger, when I was stronger.”

Once you’ve been able to reverse your disease, celebrate the second chance by continuing to live healthy. You can do things more moderately in step two. Think of what you’d have recommended to the younger version of yourself. Then follow your own advice.

This includes things like staying away from processed food. Avoid a fatty and sugary diet. Eat animal products in moderation and only grass fed or organic. Consider the disease as a hateful relative or bad house guest. Just because you rid your home of one doesn’t mean there aren’t more waiting to take their place when you let your guard down.

Blue Heron Health News publishes Christian Goodman’s program of extremely effective exercises to lower blood pressure. After people manage to bring their blood pressure down to normal, most often within a week, they often ask if they need to keep on doing the exercises. Most people can get away with stopping the daily routine but what’s the harm of spending nine minutes a day making sure your blood pressure never goes up to a dangerous level again?

The same goes for any disease you tackle. As I’ve demonstrated in this article, it’s the modern day lifestyle that creates these diseases and we have to give up some of these staples of unhealthy society to first cure and then prevent them from raising their ugly heads again.

So there you have it, my three step approach:

1) Take full responsibility
2) Apply drastic actions to reverse the disease
3) Use moderate lifestyle changes to make sure you don’t get sick again

You can find links to various guides to tackle health issues on the right hand side of this page.

But first, what do you think? Please leave your comments below…

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  1. well,I think this is absolutely correct!! It is up to us to take charge of our own health. We need to discipline & exercise control on what goes in our mouth. The modern medication prescriptions do not do the right thing in the long term. I have been reading many articles that coming regularly to my home,on natural herbal supplements,vitamins etc.,that makes me think they are better in so many ways to heal our health. As you say in your article first deal with the lowering cholesterol,blood sugar etc, & later on be flexible. All things in moderation.It would be so good our own doctors at their surgeries help patients in alternative ways to combat their dis-eases.I have yet to meet a doctor in natural therapy to advance the chronic dis-eases that old or young suffer.

  2. Totally common sense. But so many hidden factors. Continue to enjoy all of these wonderful articles.

  3. Great advise. I'm agree 100%, however, its not that easy. I'm a vege and I hardly eat any meats and very little milk which I use for my coffe but I'm tipping on diabetes and I'm slightly over the colesterol limits. But I'm still fighting the battle. Now at 65 I am full of energy and I can't keep still. Good work.

  4. Absolutely fabulous article. I know, for sure, that your Diabetes Guide and Blood Pressure Programs produce 100% of the desired results. But one needs to take them very seriously.
    Keep up your good work.

  5. Thank you for that.There are way too many people thought the doctors could write a prescription for some statin medicine and and behold you are cure, when in fact there are simply no cure by so doing.I am confident that there is a cure for type 2 but it will only be found in natural medicine, and exercise.My mother lived to be 98 with absolutely no statin meds.

  6. sounds good, but for me there is no hope.after developing ibs, hypoglycemia, fructose malabsorption, depression, dr. have given up on me i think.
    this last years i had immense stress, my husband diagnosed with alzheimers, other family problems.my neck and head hurt so much, what to do/

  7. Very true, good article. People have to start being responsible.

  8. Kingsley Ebosetale Imolele

    I believe so much in natural medication, though, I have not been able to completely redicates HBP issue. I have bought Christian Goodman high blood pressure programme and have commence the progamme once again because i believe in it and though simple might work.

    We can make a difference with natrual Medications and get 90% result and remain healthy.


  9. I agree with your assumptions, I have had to research my illness over 10 years because local doctors could not or would not help me. I have written a book about my story, it is entitled ‘ANSWERS TO A DISALLOWED ILLNESS INCLUDING THE BIOLOGIC REACTION TO STRESS , WHICH MOST OF OUR DOCTORS DO NOT UNDERSTAND’
    Since then I have had a quadruple heart bypass – I never did realise and was never told that an ‘Adrenal and Underactive Thyroid problem’ can cause heart problems and consequently by having heart surgery and been given the medications that follow that it is likely to interrupt the thyroid medication which left me to work out for myself what help I needed next!
    I wrote my book in order to pass on to others including future generations who need to begin to learn about our bodies and to begin with the ‘Endocrine System’ for starters! We need to present ourselves at the surgeries/hospitals having already understood what our problem is about and demand a ‘Clinical Diagnosis’ – not accept the scripts for depression, laxatives and diet pills etc.
    Jean Gittins.

  10. Excellent, I wish everyone goes by this rule. My grand parents lived upto 99 yrs with very little dependency on medicines. The less dependency on medicines the more life span..Wishing everyone a happy & healthy life thru this article.

  11. Hi Nelson, I just wanted to share a link that may be the final piece to the puzzle for you regarding diabetes… http://scienceh2o.com I've heard many testimonies that it has helped dramatically. If you have any questions please contact me.

  12. I whole heatedly agree with you that we should be more conscious of the things we eat. I used to work in restaurants and, gasp, a fat food, sorry fast food place but am now ashamed of what I used to prepare. Television chefs have a responsibility to educate on healthy eating practices, and Paula Dean is now on my dart board. Despite being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she still pushes of her sugar and fat laden recipes , she ‘controls’ her diseas with a pill, for which she is paid to endorse

  13. l amm currently suffer terrible RH hip and musle ache this is intermitten and comes and goes’ when ever it pleases. A year and half ago l suffered from “Polimyala” and am now being weaned off it. l have had hip and back Xrays my blood work is in line. One doctor says l will increase your prednesone the other doctor says l want you off it within the month. No pain killers l have tried do nothing to ellviate the pain.?????????????????????????

  14. 37 years ago I had severe angina and the cardiologis recomended immediate
    open heart surgery. One artery was 80% blocked.
    I was not a smoker and I exercised regularly.
    I persuaded him to let me first try a vegetarian diet. He relented
    but said that I am taking a huge risk. After 6 months on the diet
    I had no angina and i was back to running 3 kilometers a week.
    But 17 years later the angina returned most severely and I agreed
    then to undergo the surgery, a triple bypass.
    The same cardiologist commented that I was wise to become a vegetarian
    or I would now be ready for a another bypass!
    The triple bypass was successful. Needless to say I am still 99%
    It is 20 years since the surgery and I am now 84 years old.
    I run 20k per week, downhill ski 40 to 60 days per winter with
    never a hint of angina.
    A precautionary stress test showed no irregularities in my heart.
    A caution: to prevent heart disease do not rely on exercise alone!
    That did not work for me.
    I am greatful for the skill of the surgeon and the medical care
    that I received, but I am a firm believer in good nutrition combined
    with sensible exercise routine.

  15. This an excellet and valid article: I was diagnosed with an incurable condition 2yrs ago. A young doctor told me your condition was caused by what you put in your mouth over the last 20 years. My medicine has no sway over the condition as long as you continue to put the same stuff in your mouth even in moderation and if you do not change your life style drastically.
    All the wonder drugs of modern medicine,to date,have failed to alter the progression of your diesase. I will continue to prescribe them because as a doctor i must treat you–but if you were my father this is what i would say
    to you. It is quite different than what i would tell you as a board certified,licensed physician. I followed his advice and i am alive today and
    though not cured the progression of my disease has stopped.

  16. Gabrielle,

    Maybe you could find and attend some meetings where you can talk about your stress. Sometimes talking about things is better that keeping silent.

    Mike T.

  17. Pray for Wisdom and seek information to heal your body naturally.

  18. I agree 100% with the article – except for one thing……….our bodies exhibit symptoms as a cry for help, to show us something is wrong and needs attenton. Therefore, to keep ‘battling’ our bodies is simply counterproductive and counterintuitive. It is the language of the Western medical mode,and is unhelpful. We need to understand what our bodies are trying to tell us and work with them to get better. This is where mind body medicine comes in. Another point – as most, if not all, disease comes from stress and inflammation (which is the biggest stress of all), those two conditions MUST be addressed.

  19. Less is best when it comes to medicine. By increasing my mineral intake, namely magnesium, the need for taking medication was no longer necessarily.

  20. All this information sounds really good and I agree a person needs to stay away from processed foods and exercise daily, but sometimes it is difficult to buy the more expensive foods (fruits, vegetables and nuts, etc) and any needed supplements if you are on a fixed income. Most organic foods, especially meats, are especially out of range. So, basically, people who are well off financially would have a better chance of being able to do what is needed to cure their illnesses. Sometimes it’s just easier said than done no matter how disciplined a person is.

  21. AND…all these health guide articles basically say the same thing, just change the name of the illness. They are all offering the guides and a “low” price that will soon have to go up! Again, a person would have to be financially well off to order all the books that might be needed. In my case I would need the one for diabetes for my husband, arthritis for me and cholesterol and high blood pressure for both of us. I’m sure we could use several others but even if I could afford ONE, which one would it be? Can’t do it! Too bad the people on fixed incomes will never be able to get well but that seems to be the way this world functions. If you’ve got the money you can have the best doctor, lawyer or in this cas …..information!

  22. You have to take charge and change to get your body back into balance. After concerning ovarian cancer stage 3B. Today 27 years later, I am extremely healthy and don’t need medication. You have to treat the whole body. Beatingthebigc.com

  23. Very Interesting advice, I also believe in natural way to cure our disease,but we must have patience

  24. How can I get this important information for free

  25. Every article better than the previous one…God bless for all your resarch & common sense…and not being afraid to speak out the truth. Big pharma getting richer & people getting sicker…moderation in all!

  26. Jodi, your premise that all disease progressions can be influenced by lifestyle choices is accurate to my perception…

    that their "origin" is lifestyle related defies the probabilities involved in genetic variability,,, anatomic anomalies are responsible for many more of these difficulties than is recognized.

    common bile duct anomalies and those of the sphincter of oddi / ampulla of vater & pancreatic anatomic anomalies resulting in GI congestion is a very real statistical possibility given what autopsies have suggested over the past fifty years.

    may your message inspire people to take responsibility that they take the bull by the horns and do all that they can to shift what they can through their choices of behavior.

    and would respectfully recommend that you do a bit more research to genetic pre-disposition to recognize that more is afoot than is easily comprehended or described in behavioral terms.

    situations, for some people are exceedingly complex.

    and, many thanks for all you provide to your readers.

    http://www.dale-alexander.com / 305.393.0929 / tropical@aol.com.


  27. With all respect,yes absolutely right.Thanks!by the way(Syzygium samarangense(Eugenia Jambos)is “makopa”which we call it in Tagalog ( Philippines).

  28. I totally agree. TAKING OWNERSHIP OF YOUR OWN HEALTH is the key. In the UK national health service patients mostly want an Instant Cure for their ailments and, for free. Most of them have no intention of changing their lifestyle and guess what? They stay sick, plus side effects. If the situation arises, you have to work in PARTNERSHIP with your doctor and become a Star (ex)Patient! Its a Win, Win.

    Keep ’em coming Team.

  29. I am discharging a lot of protien by urin is there any cure for this.

  30. I am suffering from Severe IBS. I eat healthy,I can’t afford Meat, so I ‘m vegan out of neccessity. Every year as it is changing to spring, I get very severe syptoms.I literally feel like I will die. The new gastroenterologist at the Va hosp will not even see Me. She says I am intolerant of any of the drugs She has to treat Me.So She ask Me to leave Her office.(She is from India)So I guess I am on My own for a cure,though at this point I am at a loss of what to do. This is the worst flare up I’ve ever had. What is Your Advice?

  31. cholesterol limits ???? a big misnomer there. The liver makes LDL and HDL in response to inflammation and the red inflammed ulcerated blood vessels. The LDL sticks to the ulcers until it is healed then it comes off. the HDL mopes the LDL up and either converts some and transports the rest to the liver for processing. Just like the Pancreas , makes insulin for high blood sugar . The ratio of LDL & HDL is important and this is affected by diet . Total cholesterol up to 7 is no problem but a sign you should look at your foods. . Acid or alkaline producing foods. Tomatoes/white potatoes, red meat acid . need to research the foods. ## stating drug have a lot of dangerious side effects. it works in the liver where Co Enzyme Q10 is made in the liver. statins interupt this . a low level of CoQ10 in the heart muscle can lead to low heart rate and can also stop. statins 80 mg is very toxic. original was 40mg to start then lower to about 10 to 12 mg a day . "www.realcuresletter.com"

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