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Working Out Keeps ED at Bay

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are often told to lose weight, get their blood sugar under control and monitor and control their blood pressure. According to research out of Emory University, exercising is one of the most powerful ways to treat and prevent ED.

Unlike previous studies on exercise and ED, this research investigated the effects of exercise on men younger than 40. They found that exercising regularly was closely linked to healthy erectile health and a markedly lower risk of developing ED.

Learn simple exercises to stop Erectile Dysfunction and get your sex life back…

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  1. I must be doing everything right.

  2. This is an interesting article. Shall try to see the exercises and endeavour to engage them as at my age coupled with diabetes it is difficult to avoid ED.

  3. Indeed exercise keeps at bay ED i have been excercising for a quite number of years,trust me i was perfectly ok on bed turnig my partner into a piece of rag not able even to raise her finger.But after leaving it for a while my life changes abprutly ,not the one my partner used to know.Thanks for your research i will go back to square one where i have started.

  4. I have found over the past 5 years it is getting harder and harder to found the motivation to exercise like I once did before I became 60 years old.

  5. Larry's comment below "that he must be doing everything right" made me think of the winters where he's at in the Manitoba, Canada country and maybe Johnson is frozen…..:)

  6. Why are we getting thses kind of problems lately is it the food we eat or sexuall habits or what exactly is the problem that young guys lose their erection?

  7. plz help me how i can over come this ED problem? m a diabates person also.

  8. Gentlman, Madam, I am interesting for some idias becouse I am taking to many pilluls,especial for hi blood preshur. Blood flow true my heard left side 40 % right side 65% Doctors say for my 80 years of life,is stile good. But I am taking 14 pills a day,plus warfarin blood siner. And I don’t like this.What about sexuality, I have lady 16 years yonger when I ask my Doctor what Hi can ofer me, Hi sey nothing and don’t even try. What can you give me any idia.Tadeas

  9. now exercise means much more to me.thanks to this article.

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