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Bariatric Surgery Not Effective for Diabetes Reversal

In the early part of the 21st century, bariatric surgery physicians were convinced that they had found a single treatment that cured both obesity and diabetes: bariatric surgery.

A decade later, research is beginning to mount against the diabetes benefits of this popular weight loss treatment, according to a report published in the British Journal of Surgery.

In this review of major diabetes-focused studies, the scientists found that 8 out of 10 bariatric surgery patients eventually came out of diabetes “remission”—even though they experienced major improvements in blood sugar directly following the procedure.

The authors note that the surgery doesn’t do enough to correct diet and lifestyle behaviors that contribute to type 2 diabetes.

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  1. it seams that to stop type 2 diabetes you have to stop all grains carbs fruit any sugar potato s and eat only proteen (fish, wild game, nutrient dense vegatables with a brix level higher than twelve so as to stop the bugs and then you don't need to spray the anser is in the dirt.

  2. Alan,

    You;re deads right. Meanwhile the dieticians of the world have set the low glycemic index bar just high enough to include bread.


    John Miller

  3. I had Bariatric Surgery 7 years ago and my blood glucose level has ranged between 85 and 121 ever since the day after my procedure! I, for one, question your research? What was the sample? I stopped using Splenda and use sugar with NO problems!

  4. you should eat far more fat than protein even. and u must avoid carbs.

  5. Keith raised a valid challenge. Just who does the research? Is done scientifically? Too many are just stating, " the experts agree, reports show". We need valid documented data.

  6. I have had two weight lost surguries. one was a bowel bypass done in 1971. I lost 100 pounds.I became anemic and was receiving B12 injections every week. after 10 years I started to gain weight. it was found that the bypass was no longer working so it was recorrected and I was given a stomach stapling. I still gained the 100 pounds back. My surgar level has always remained in the 5-7 level.

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