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Cholesterol Drugs Cause Type 2 Diabetes

While cholesterol-lowering medications may decrease cholesterol levels, their benefits may be offset by an increase in type 2 diabetes risk, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered.

In this study of 153,000 women, the scientists found that those that took a popular type of cholesterol medication known as statins were more likely to suffer from increased blood sugar and type 2 diabetes.

The scientists think that statins interfere with the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar naturally.

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  1. I agree completely and know a few people who have been diagnosed type 2 diabetes after being on Statins. Benecol will reduce cholesterol, with no side effects. And healthy eating of course.

  2. Wolf von zur Muehlen

    The marketing of ‘big pharma’ with the advice to lower total cholesterol to less than 160 is criminal. In his book ‘The cholesterol lye’ Prof. Hartenbach clearly substantiates that cholesterol has hardly anything to do with the formation of plaques in the vessels. However, a cholesterol deficiency increases the danger of developing cancer. I can only recommend to enjoy eating eggs and to abstain from taking atorvastatin.

  3. I agree, too much handing out of tablets in the UK.

  4. I had type 2 diabetes before statins were prescribed and had to have a quadruple by- pass, in part because of cholesterol. Since taking the statins, the diabetes has actually improved, but only because I also stick to a low carb diet. I think quite a few people let their weight rise on statins because they feel "off the hook" about cholesterol and that's what causes the problem with diabetes.

  5. This could explain a lot…I took a statin for a while until I got the horrific leg cramps…now my blood sugar is outta whack!

  6. Anyone who is on or has taken a statin drug MUST take CoQ10 to help stop or at least reduce some of the damage these drugs do to the body.

    Check the web for some of the horrendous side effects and maybe you will decide to tell your own doctor NO, I don’t want to take this drug.

    Also, I have seen that women particularly do not get any benefit from these drugs and only the risks.

  7. docs are pushing them hard on me now. Hell there was less peer pressure than in school!

    I need smarter more well read doctors. My first test is anyone them noticed, investigated or asked for the data from 20,000£ worth of air polution monitoring system outside their surgery.

  8. Here we go again, one drug to treat one complaint , another drug to treat the side effects of the first drug, and on its goes.

  9. Tend to agree re: statins. They need to be taken w/extreme care. I suspect they do not help one,s HDL, as they claim. Omega-3
    Also does very well VS LDL. Big Pharma is something else!…Agree100% re: CO-Q10′ very important…good stuff,thanks

  10. I only take 5 mg blood pressure tablets.

  11. Agree 100%..Back in the early 90’s our cholessterol levels started rising after heavy doses of prednisone (to deal with a serious infection caused by an insect bite…The Dr started us out on a low dose of statin..then wanted to increase it..We were reluctant but allowed him to do so. His Nurse Practioner wanted to raise that dosage level a year ago..We said no. This past December we went in for a check up and our Total Cholesterol was 189, HDL 67, LDL 102.TriGlycerides, 92……He was pleased with the results but felt we needed to raise the dosage because of the LDL…Then we told him we had not take any statins for at least 9 months..He was surprised and said he would see us in a year…We have been able to control our cholesteraol with diet, exercise and supplements..Believe CoQ10 and Garlic are really our “helpers”..Statins are bad news..Would advise everyone to take a real close look at other options before going on statins.. When we go to our Dr. and see the number of older folks sitting around in the waiting room, looking hopeless, we believe “statins” is the culprit…Stay away from it..

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