I had a frustrated customer contacting me the other day asking why we didn’t give Canola Oil the weight it deserves in our Blue Heron Cholesterol Guide.

After all, everyone is raving about it. It’s sold in most health food stores and some people consider it a magical solution for lowering cholesterol.

And it’s in pretty much EVERYTHING!

I answered that we actually gave it too much weight in our guide. We mentioned it once. In the next edition we’re going to take it completely out.

The answer was pretty harsh so now I owe this customer and you a little explanation.

First of all we have to look at what Canola really stands for.

You see, Sunflower oil comes from sunflowers, Coconut oil from Coconuts, Safflower oil from Safflowers etc. Self-explanatory, right?

So we would have to assume that Canola oil had to come from some plant called Canola.

Not so.

Canola stands for “Canada” and “Oil.” It has nothing to with the plant it’s made from, which is called Rapeseed.

Rapeseed is in the mustard family and has been considered a magical industry oil for decades. It’s been used to make anything from bio-diesel to soaps and industrial oils. It’s highly poisonous, causing irritation and blindness in both humans and animals.

Rapeseed oil was widely fed to cows in England a few years back. After the mad cow disease hysteria cropped up there, one of the actions farmers took was to remove rapeseed oil. It was never officially blamed but no case of mad cow has come up since it was removed.

Canola oil is a genetically engineered from Rapeseed. So, on the surface it doesn’t appear to be as poisonous as its parent plant. But I’m still wary about using or recommending it.

Just the fact that the plant is genetically engineered should flash some warning signs for health food stores or anyone interested in natural and organic health food. Then, the fact that it’s genetically engineered from a plant that’s considered highly poisonous is another problem.

Despite the many companies that think Canola oil is the greatest thing since the invention of compressed air, some natural health experts warn harshly against Canola oil and consider it a source of all-evil. I’m not 100 % convinced either way.

I believe the verdict is still out and we’ll get some shocking studies regarding Canola oil in the near future. Please leave a comment below to tell us what you think.

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