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Insomnia Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

While it’s well known that insomnia can lead to impaired concentration and memory, few studies have examined the long-term effects of sleepless nights on overall health. In one of the first, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers examined the connection between sleep patterns and heart attacks in a group 50000 older men and women.

They found that difficulty sleeping was tied to a 45% increase in heart attack risk, similar to the increase that obesity brings on. The scientists note that a lack of sleep increases the likelihood of high blood sugars and hypertension, two conditions that impair heart health.

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  1. Well, I should be dead then. I have had insomnia since early 20's.AND I do have hypertension.

  2. no here it, s all about money,, talk and talk then get them up for moneyyy.

  3. After the loss of my husband at age 70, I developed a TV in the bedroom habit to actually help me fall asleep. It did ease my thoughts for awhile, but after falling asleep with the TV on, I would wake up 2 hours later and watch some more. Mostly news because I am not a fan of comedy or silly shows. Now I cannot fall asleep and get very antsy if I try to leave the TV off, but I am awake several times at night and have been hospitalized with malignant hypertension, 220/110. So, yes , don’t develope this habit as it is a serious health problem, and a habit that is hard to kick.

  4. Have you found a solution to dysautonomia? donna

  5. Very interesting!
    Of course, 45% means it is a strong factor, just like obesity. Does not imply causation. I believe both insomnia and HBP must be induced by a vast set of sources, specific to each individual.

  6. That'll be me then. Mind you, what about the underlying causes of insomnia? There's a bag of stress hurt going on there which is probably even more causally linked than the sleeplessness. Sort your quality of life out first, usual zen principles..

  7. I like your information and I would like to know that there is inflammation in m body but after few bloh tests doctors could not find the root cause could you please shed some light as to what is going on. Thanks sonia

  8. Thank you for this article.I am glad I read this. I also not getting enough sleep for some time,waking up for bathroom & not able to go back to sleep.Later in the day fall asleep for lack of proper sleep at night. I am concern about my health too specially when it comes to high blood pressure.I don’t watch tv at night when I can’t sleep,I massage my legs as they are stiff & that help me to have some sleep,but not enough.

  9. i never had a problem with sleeping or blood pressure when i was young. i went through some trauma and had issues sleeping and then developed sleep apnea and now i have high blood pressure too. i can relate to the sleeping with tv on issue but my wife and i have removed it from the bedroom and only watch tv in the living room. i practise meditating some times but am not disciplined enough to exercise and meditate regularly. i know when i took karate for 2.5 years my health was excellent colds only lasted 1 or 2 days and my blood pressure and anxiety etc was minimal. so a lot of times sadly we create our own problems. so please exercise, eat right and meditate regularly. this is the key to the okinawans long life. they average the longest and healthiest lives on the planet. cheers dave

  10. I find that whenever I become really tired for whatever reason – late nights/early mornings, poor sleep from worrying or eating too much/too late, etc, my BP Always Goes Up (all other factors being the same.)
    Late night beverages are also taboo because of the wee factor waking me up at night 2 or 3 times maybe.
    A proper bedtime routine helps me sleep enormously.

    Best Wishezzzz

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