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Medications Raise Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Habitually downing fistfuls of medications –no matter what type—significantly increases one’s risk of developing erectile dysfunction, according to a study of more than 30 thousand men.

The study found that men taking 10 or more medications per day were twice as likely to have ED than those that didn’t take as many.

The research included both prescription and over-the-counter medications, like Tylenol. The scientists state that medications may interact with one another, interfering with the penis’ function.

The scientists recommend reevaluating medication use to ensure that all medications are necessary for health.

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  1. toto says:

    Deo gracias,God’s grateful,my very seldom medication keeps me healthy,regards.

  2. Tony Hammil says:

    Surprise, surprise! The sad fact is that there are effective natural alternatives to many medical conditions eg blood pressure,but we trust doctors who know nothing about these, and who prescribe medications with gay abandon. We then suffer the numerous side effects eg fatigue,the drugged feeling, and even life-threatening effects, and we’re then hooked on these medications. There is no substitute for natural treatments combined with close monitoring, either by the doctor or by yourself, as a first approach.

  3. Fay Simpson says:

    My husband had ED, he took no medication but his Diabetes caused it. He did not take anything for his Diabetes, as he would not go the way of the Dr’s, he watched his diet for 10 years, but then gave up and ate normally, but it did the damage

  4. Solly says:

    I hope the Doctors read this article and make their comments as well.

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