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Kiwi Combats High Blood Pressure

Forget an apple a day: according to Oslo University Hospital scientists, kiwi is the fruit that has the largest impact on high blood pressure levels.

In this study, a group of 100 men and women were asked to eat 3 servings of apple or kiwi per day for 8 weeks. At the end of the study, those that ate kiwi significantly lowered blood pressure –even more than apples.

Kiwi’s high levels of the antioxidant lutein, as well as other nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, may work together to reduce high blood pressure levels, the scientists claim.

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  1. Another great fruit variety I must get around to planting when I find out which one is best suited to this climate because of ocasional frosts inlate winter..~.

  2. By how much was BP lowered with Kiwi fruit?

  3. I wish all our medicines /cure comes in the form of fruits and veg.

  4. How much sugar does the average size kiwi contain? Eating two or three kiwis a day to help blood pressure could be problematic for someone who must watch sugar intake.

  5. Being a Kiwi myself, it sounds a bit like cannibalism. Seriously, though, I'm not surprised by this result.

  6. I will try this lovely fruit.

  7. Kiwi having a high content of Lutein would mean they are good for Eyes.

  8. how many kiwis per day were consumed during the experiment?

  9. Blood pressure is a very complicated business . I have a listed of at least twenty things that can raise blood pressure. I am a Naturopath aged seventy five and I do as heap of different things that are supposed to help lower blood pressure but the combination is not totally successful.

  10. is there a KIWI Supplement we can take for those who can not attain the fruit everyday?

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