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Caveman Diet lowers Everyone’s Blood Pressure

Despite the popularity of the DASH diet, scientists remain on the hunt for new diets that turn down the dial on blood pressure. According to new research out of the University of California San Francisco, the search for a tasty and effective blood-pressure lowering diet may be over.
They report that sticking to a so-called “caveman diet” – also known as a Paleo diet or a hunter-gatherer diet – lowers blood pressure, body fat and blood cholesterol.

In this study, a group of overweight volunteers were asked to follow a caveman diet –consisting solely of meat, vegetables, nuts and fruits. The researchers note that 100% of the study volunteer’s blood pressure went down significantly, and that the subjects reported that the diet was easy to follow.

This diet also significantly improved type 2 diabetes and cholesterol level.

The scientists note that the diet works by tapping into our ancient human genome, which has been largely unchanged over the last 10,000 years.

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  1. I'm wondering if this "caveman" or paleo-diet is more advantageous for people of northern or Euopean descent as opposed to those whose paleo-ancestors were from desert or tropical areas of the globe. That is to ask, what about groups of humans that were mostly vegetarian through their evolution?

  2. Did the diet work because of a weight loss in the participants? as well as a reduction in sodium intake to decrease fluid overload in the system? Or was there a more direct cause and effect with this diet and blood pressure?

  3. really important to eat what grows in your region. out of season food should not be imported.

  4. not article related, are Christian Goodman and Jim Healthy real names ?!!!!!

  5. What is the caveman diet? What foods do you eat and how much?

  6. to reduce the blood pressure I eat daily a typical home made" MUKHVAS" freshener after Meal.
    Reduced Cholesterol

  7. Katy and Lexie take note – we are Type O's – the original cave women! XX

  8. caveman's diet means raw vegetables and meat seldom cooked, well that's good! We'll try to make it a trend in the house..

  9. Did any of them leave only the meat out?

  10. I agree with you. Depends on blood type. This mimics the Atkins diet.


  12. I’m surprised that fish is not included in the caveman diet. Surely some cavemen lived close to a river or the sea.

  13. Sue Smith

    Could be weight loss but probably stripping wheat flour and sugar out of your diet and adding the essential nutrients your body needs and which it can get from plenty of vegetables and fruit should do the trick.

    Consider it as one of the ways to give your body a metabolic defrag.

    It works. You don’t have to know how it works. No need to complicate the simple of spend a fortune on powders.

    Regards and best wishes

    John Miller

  14. vegetables, fruits, nuts yes but no meat.

  15. Please let me know what is MuKHvas……

  16. Dear Larry, I am school teacher. I have been suffering from High Blood pressure since last year. I am afraid of the side effects of the medicines, but i use one tablet per day to maintain it. I liked your comment passed in above link because I am basically pure vegetarian and have not used meat, fish or egg in my entire life. Kindly suggest me fruits or vegetables so that i can maintain my BP in natural way. Thanks. Kind Regards Ashok.

  17. Wonderful

  18. haven’t used but is it mostly vegies and fruit? supposedly all meats are really not good for you. right?

  19. I”read that caveman lived only an average of thirty five years.To be fair he did have to face many dangerous physical hazards.

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