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Naturally Curing Genetic High Blood Pressure and Other Diseases

Quite often, we who are focused on natural health solutions face criticism from doctors and other people. These are the experts who believe in, or even have tested for, genetic conditions that contribute to various diseases.

What can you do if it’s all in your genes?

Well, although there are rare diseases that are almost completely out of our control, assigning only genetic attributes to things like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and most other conditions is little more than an excuse in my eyes.

You can completely overcome these conditions and today, I’ll show you how.

Many readers will strongly agree with today’s article, others will strongly disagree. So please make your comment at the bottom of this page.

You see, genetic research has advantaged very rapidly for the last 10-15 years. In fact, researchers have found contributing genes to pretty much every major disease we face.

Not only that, but by blaming a genetic cause of anything, they’ve thereby ‘discovered’ new diseases that were not considered diseases before. Obesity, for example; there is a gene for that. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar; yes, we’ve genes for that.

Even happiness and unhappiness can now be clearly contributed to a single gene.

Now here is the catch that genetic researchers don’t want you to know about…

Pretty much none of the genes, or combined gene structures, they’ve discovered contributes more than 20 – 30 % to increase the risk of any given disease. And usually, it’s quite easy to overcome the contributing factor of that gene structure.

This is, of course, not the case with EVERY disease. Type 1 diabetes for example is mostly (if not completely) genetically caused. And therefore, there is little you can do to prevent it completely. But there are still many things you can do to improve it naturally.

Genetic contribution to heart attack, however, can be completely overcome by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Don’t take my word for it.

Just the other day a new study on heart attack was released. Researchers followed over 27,000 people of eight ethnic groups. Their mission was to see if the 9p21 gene, that has strongly been linked to increase risk of heart attack, could be overcome by healthier eating habits.

Surprisingly, they found out that people who had the 9p21 gene heart attack risk, but ate the recommended amount of raw vegetables and fruits, had similar risk of heart attack as those who did not have the 9p21 gene risk.

Another study published in the November issue of PLoS Medicine included more than 218,000 adults. Researchers found that yes, people who’re unlucky enough to carry the so called “obesity gene” were in fact more likely to become obese (surprise, surprise)… BUT … if the same individuals were physically active, they completely reversed the risk.

Only five extra hours per week of light physical activity such as walking, jogging, moving around, taking the steps etc. is enough to counteract the obesity gene.

Linking a particular gene to a disease also doesn’t tell the whole story.

A high blood pressure gene may not directly be connected to high blood pressure levels. It may very well be connected to some kind of food craving or lifestyle choices that then lead to high blood pressure. By making conscious choices not to give in to those genetic lifestyle choices, you’ll lower your blood pressure naturally.

Now, please indulge me in an important three-paragraph side story…

You see, I frequently watch the world series of poker. Every year, thousands of people sign up to play for close to a $9,000,000 pot. Among those thousands of players, there are some TV stars, many amateurs, and 30 – 40 high class professional poker players.

The tension really rises when there are only nine players left on what’s called the “final table.” Whether or not you fancy poker, you must appreciate the fact that out of those nine players, there are always 3-6 very familiar faces. Not always the same people but definitely players belonging to a group of 30-40 top poker players of the world. And sometimes you see the same person at the final table year after year.

Now how is that possible when every one of those thousands of players that started out are dealt by total chance by the same stack of cards?

It’s the same reason some people with the obesity gene are slim as a light pole. We’re all dealt some aces and some twos in the genetic pool. It’s how we play our cards that matters.

You may have an obesity card and have to work out a little more than others. In return, you may have the happiness card and not have to spend hours a day on positive affirmations. Or, you may have the pretty-face cards that have been proven to increase income and promotions.

Throughout the years, I’ve helped thousands of people lower their blood pressure using only the three simple exercises in our blood pressure program.

Many of those people were very skeptical in the beginning because they were sure their blood pressure was genetically caused. It ran in their family.

In my experience, these exercises help almost everyone- because they’re taking on the main underlying cause of high blood pressure, and therefore overwriting genetic attributes.

You may check out our exercises for lowering blood pressure naturally here…

My co-writers here at Blue Heron Health News and other natural researchers work with all over the world tell me the same thing.

Whether it’s high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, menopause, or even erectile dysfunction, the fact is, it doesn’t matter what hand you’re dealt. If you apply the right natural approaches and lifestyle changes, you’ll be better off than most people with a different gene structure.

As always, your comment is very much appreciated. Tell us what you think and share your own success story combating bad genes.

Warm regards,

Christian Goodman

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  1. Christian,

    In the main I agree with your views.

    One of my brothers-in-law was a consultant physician and he thought every one of us has a ‘clock’ for dying from various diseases. Environmental factors can slightly accelerate the ‘clock’ but if your’s is set for lung cancer at age 79 (even though you’ve never smoked) then a stroke or heart attack at age 83 isn’t going to matter much.

    I bought your high blood pressure pack and it’s good. I recently discovered that my brother has been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

    He’d is a very fit man in his sixties. He’s slim. His wife prepares all their food from scratch. They live on the coast and he swims regularly, if not daily. He still plays touch footie and squash. Very importantly he’s happy in retirement. But a year or so ago he suffered some sort of sprain injury and the thoroughly professional doctor took his blood pressure – probably for the first time in his life.

    Guess what? It was sky high! Like mine. And like two of his other three sisters.

    Christian, none of us eat processed food. We pride ourselves on our cooking from scratch. My husband and I live in the country and grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables and even nuts. We have free range chooks who provide us with eggs that I’d expect to have an excellent omega 3 to 6 ratio seeing as the chooks are let out every day to eat green grass and forage for grubs in the woodheap.

    So I really do think there IS such a thing a famial hypertension.



  2. I’m convinced good genetics are paramount in living a healthy long life, however if one abuses ones body by drinking and smoking, eating all the wrong foods and generally not looking after yourself with a healthy diet and exercise, you can have a genetics disposition to long life but by not taking care of yourself you stand a chance of going to an early grave. However if you have this genetic disposition to longevity and actually participate in a regime of a healthy lifestyle it augers well for a good long life without pain and suffering. Of course there is always the wild card of getting run over by a bus or some other tragic happening, but all in all one should acheive the three score yaers and ten, if not twenty. There is yet another consideration and that is, I’m of the opinion we/you are actually alloted a specific span of time on this planet and when your time is up then your time is up, off you go to the other side.
    Christian does has a very valid point which I also subscribe to and that is “Natural Is Best”, there are so many ways of acheiving a long life by natural methods. Where it comes to health or should I say lack of health or actual disease rather than ease, the hospitals are full of unfortunates who have relied for one reason or another on the magic bullet or the pharmaceutical concoction from their doctor, which in a lot of cases doesn’t mitigate a life time of not looking after oneself. Some of us are fortunate inasmuch we have an enquiring mind and don’t always take the normal path as determined by society which in itself dictates placing ones health in the hands of a medical professional. Doing so doesn’t always work to our best advantage or benifit either. Doing what we are really supposed to do takes a certain discipline of the mind, such a disciplined and enquiring mind and a penchant for attempting to do as much research into acheiving that healthy outcome for not oneself, but other members of ones family is something that we should all strive for.

  3. Based on what I have read about recent genetic research,the possession of a particular does not absolutely predict a health outcome (or any kind of outcome actually). Genes represent mere potential and are modified continuously by the environment in which they develop. So no matter what, if you follow the kind of advice available on this website, you are less likely to trigger the adverse outcomes that doctors love to scare us into submission with. It helps if you can get the message to your mother before she delivers you but it is never too late to improve the odds.

  4. I have very strong feelings about *genetic* diseases. If they are truly genetic DISEASES, how did they become part of our heritage? Why did these genetic conditions not die out long ago? And if they are genetic conditions that can reappear generation after generation, then it just makes sense that there is a way of life that is comfortable and healthful for the people with these conditions. Think about it; the obesity gene helps those folks survive famine. ADHD has been called the warrior mentality because it helps those folks survive hostile and dangerous environments. Thank you, Chrstian, for looking for all the healthy ways of life that can keep us well.

  5. I have high blood pressure but am taking no drugs for it. I am awaiting your book of exercises. I also have familial tremors. I take Primidone and want off of it. Do you know anything that would help? Thank yo.

  6. I agree that everyone has a specific gene disposition but I also concur with your article that lifestyle choices, eating healthy foods and exercising are absolute key components of longevity and successful living. I love your newsletter. I would suggest that you also consider a video email approach. Go to http://www.talkfusion.com/1560456 This may be of interest to you.

  7. read all the common knowledge for 10 min. to get to exercises and then you want money…you're no better than the drug companies.

  8. You are absolutely right. Whatever the cause, the POINT is your blood pressure is high. So – it is like anything else – pointing to a cause is easy, it is the CURE that is what one seeks. My “gene” test show mine as inherited. So – what to do next is the real question and my hope is that eventually they will find out how to subdue that gene. Will that ever happen. Not in my lifetime.

  9. I find it abhorant in the extreme that big pharma can drop stem cell research for spinal injuries in favour of cancer research because there is a bigger market in cancer stem cell research. WHY NOT DO BOTH. I am well aware of the commercial argument and a cure for cancer is urgently needed but so is help for peple with spinal injury, blood pressure, and other diseases.

    What is going on, where is our humanity…people are suffering.

    We are on the cusp of major change in the world economy, let’s take this opportunity to reorganise the power base of big business like the medical profession.

    Make your feelings known and make your vote count.

  10. I’ve been diagnosed with inherited tendency for heart disease because both parents died of heart disease. I have systolic high BP even after angioplasty and two stents.I take three Rx drugs; Ace Inhibitor, Beta Blocker, and a Statin plus 81 mg aspirin. I feel there are better natural ways to heal without the side affects of Rx drugs, yet not secure enough to challenge the doctors.


  11. Robert Cruz Mendoza

    intresting topics that everybody must to know about genetic diseases,,, ihave type 2 diabetes and elevated blood pressure, this info makes a sense and help me to control just follow procedures, thank you sir…..

  12. You hit the nail on the head! I am living proof that lifestyle changes can have a tremendous effect on your health. I think that most health problems can be cured with diet changes and a healthier lifestyle. Please read " The Gerson Therapy" by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, D.P.M.

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