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Michael Jackson’s “Doctor” License to Kill?

In today’s article, I’m touching some very sensitive, controversial and moral issues. So whether you agree with me or not, I’ll really appreciate your comment on this article.

As I write these words, the verdict has just come out on Conrad Murray’s guilt and I believe that’s pretty much in line with public opinion.

I believe most of us connect to Dr. Murray with feelings of betrayal. After all, doctors are supposed to be helping people, not overdosing them with dangerous medications only meant for hospital use.

It doesn’t even matter if Murray in fact injected Jackson with the overdose or if Jackson somehow did it himself, the drug should never have been there in the first place.

It’s like hiring security guard to protect your house and have him show up with a nuclear bomb for your kids to play with. The security guard was supposed to protect you, not harm you. The same goes for doctors.

The scariest thought however is that Murray’s case is so far from being isolated. Although unusually dramatic, similar things happen in thousands of doctors’ offices every day.

Doc in a box will prescribe sleeping pills or Valium to a person for years even if he knows very well that these drugs are never supposed to be used for more than a few weeks.

Not all doctors use methods described here but the fact is that most doctors receive some kind of direct or indirect payments from drug companies to push their drug. Most likely your doctor does too. You might want to shoot the question in your next visit. Legally he’s obligated to tell the truth.

The fact that many patients – like Michael Jackson –  ask for or even insist on receiving addictive drugs that are only meant to use for a short period of time, doesn’t relive the responsibility from the doctor. His Hippocratic Oath is to practice medicine ethically in the best interest of the patient. That means sometimes saying NO.

Some of Murray’s attorneys’ reasoning was that Jackson was determined to get this drug and if Murray hadn’t given it to him, someone else would. This is the same reasoning street pushers give when selling illegal drugs to kids.

In fact, I feel the street pushers have more ethics than the doc in a box because they’ve never given an oath to be anything else than pushers who deliberately turn people into junkies. And they’re not betraying anyone’s trust. They’re open about their intentions.

We’re all responsible for our own health and own actions. Sometimes, however, we need to put our trust in professionals. Part of that is to trust that they’ll put aside their own greed and agenda and say NO if we ask for something that’s not good for us.

Dr. Murray betrayed that trust when “attending to” Michael Jackson.

If you’re suffering from insomnia as Michael Jackson was, I recommend you check out our insomnia program instead of relying on sleeping pills. This program often works better than sleeping pills and has absolutely no side effects or danger.

Warm regards,

Christian Goodman

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  1. I am British and I have been a supporter of our National Health Service since its beginning in 1948. On the whole, its doctors give far more than they get – it’s the tradition. They certainly don’t get $100,000 a month.

    If poor Michael Jackson had had a British NHS doctor, the chances are that he would be still alive, however severe his addiction. But then, we have our failures too: look at Amy Winehouse. It seems that any popular entertainer with an addiction problem is particularly vulnerable.

    By the way, the British politician who told the USA a year or two ago that he ‘wouldn’t wish the British NHS on anyone’ was a right-wing loonie with more money than sense. I owe my life to the NHS (much to his annoyance, I dare say).

    PS ‘Todays Poll’ (on the same page) over-simplifies the issue by offering only two alternatives: ‘Goverment run’ and ‘Privatly’ (2 spelling mistakes in only 4 words!). The NHS is not run by the government; it is responsible to the British Medical Council. It is publicly funded, but that is another thing altogether. Every citizen pays a small amount of money weekly, and in return receives free basic medical care. It is a form of insurance in which everyone is safeguarded, even the poverty-stricken. I would not want to live in a country that did not have a similar system.

  2. I quite agree with you christian, most times, it is up to the professionals to put aside their greed, and change their way of thinking, but that is not the way of conventional medical practitioners. There are alternative methods that do work, but that would put most of the conventional practitioners out of practice, if people started catching on. It would get the public to start delving into a journey of alternative therapies, and start thinking for themselves for once.

  3. I think Dr Murray’s defence hit it right on the nail,’Dr Murray was a little fish in dirty water’.He was certainly put under pressure by Jackson to administer protofol and on that point Dr Murray failed as a medical pro.But just cast a look at the mountain of tablets and drugs Jackson had by his bedside.Is that normal?…..No!!!There is actually many weird and strange things in the ‘Never, never’life of Michael Jackson,he has always managed to buy himself out of these situations before they erupted into something very damaging but this time he ‘bought himself a Dr’and this was just one step (or should I say purchase?)too many.I, for one, feel sorry for Dr Murray .Naturally he has himself to blame, he took the money and followed his Master’s instructions.

  4. Dr Murray did more than inject Michael Jackson with a lethal dose of chemicals. When he realized that Michael’s heart has stopped beating, he did not call the ambulance immediately but tried to cover his traces instead. He’s a criminal and a coward and fully deserve his sentence.

  5. Dr. Murray was clearly wrong in his actions. However,I believe Michael Jackson was clearly responsible for his own death by the life style he chose to live.

  6. I am a retired Registered General Nurse and I agree totally with Christian`s views and comments, but I also think that every adult individual is responsible for themselves and their own actions. Perhaps if Michael Jackson had sought genuine professional help for his problems and addictions, rather than paying for what drugs or medication he wanted,he might still be here today and still performing before his fans and the public.

  7. If MJ had optimal doctor (Optimal way of eating ) he will be alive and very healthy He could keep dancing for long time .
    Optimal doctors use pils as last resource
    The ethics of today average doctor gone down the drain

  8. I do agree with what you are saying.
    Dr’s push medicine like it was food to nourish the body.


  9. Yes, I agree 100% with your article. It seems the medical field today has forgotten their oath to do no harm, and instead, are looking for ways to “invent” diseases, which really aren’t diseases, so they can satisfy their greed. When you visit your doctor these days you should always “trust, but verify!”

  10. I agree with the broad sentiments of comment 1 above, as the NHS is good when needed in emergency [usually]. When it comes to patient choice however, one has to fit into the system as it is very prone to stock answers to treatments and hardly touches on the alternative. Yes, alternatives can be discussed, but a drug is usually offered anyway -as that is what is safest for all concerned. Given that people are lazy about diet and exercise, drugs have some benefits [initially at least] and the ‘system’ likes conformity. There’s a discontinuity between what is lauded ‘good’ for a free society whilst keeping people on a well trodden path downhill by stresses passed down the line from above.
    MJ’s case seems to involve many of these factors.

  11. Really the verdict doesn’t matter, MJ is dead. The verdict will not return his spirit to his body and allow him to live life. Dr. M is one of many doctors who supported MJ’s dependencies, there are other who should have their day in court. MJ’s death means different things to different groups of people: to some alot of people a lost to their own greed and life style, others lost of employment (still lost of income), to others just to be apart of MJ’s private circle with benefits (still lost of income) and then his children and his parents who has sincerely felt the lost with a true sense of lost in itself. BUT there are others who need to have their day in court and I believe MJ’s medical records needs to be opened and fully investigated to really show where the drugs (addiction)were initally introduced and may have begin. This verdict of Dr. M should not be the end. Who else???

  12. I am glad he was convicted because he was careless in his duties as a doctor. When someone put their trust in you to take care of them along with paying you $150,000 per month that doctor should have been at Michael Jackson’s becking call. Also he should lose his license to practice because he want harm others.

  13. I think with all cercumstances considered, The doctor was wrong,But a lot of doctors in the USA are giving medication they know will hurt you partularly HMO doctors for the poor & the seniors. But the real culpret is the food & drug adminastration,who allow medicine to be given when not investagated enough.A lot of medication doctors are percribing are not tested enough & will eventually kill you by causing damage to organs in your body,even though they help your medical condition they were percribed for. Also some of these doctors dont treat you at all. Act as though you are immagening you have some thing wrong with you, till it is too late to do any thing, such is in my case. But what can a person do, when they cant afford insurance to pay for all of these treatments. I am 73 & I will die because of a doctor who wouldnt treat me or run tests to find out what was wrong with me,untill it was too late. Now I have a new doctor who has found out my medical condition, but a few years too late.

  14. I agree with this article. It is sad for all involved. I beleive MJ paid the ultimate price for his guilt.Dr. Murray let the greed govern him, so sad. They both forgot God, he is the KING of EVERYTHING!!!

  15. I see a lot of comparisons between MJ’s Dr. and Octomom’s Dr. Both caved to patient pressure, greed & fame. At some point individuals need to start taking responsibility for their own health. We need more “Wellness” doctors. To be honest, I think Michael was really trying to keep up a lifestyle and persona that had a shelf life and he didn’t know how to get out of it. Death is one way. I just hope everyone learns something from this whole ordeal.

  16. Michael Jackson was a drug addict who had been using propofol for many years illegally, administered by many different doctors. It is widely misused, and results in death and is a suicidal agent of choice. Conrad Murray was wrong- now let’s sentence his predecessors!

  17. I am not so quick to condemn Dr. M. I live every day with a severe case of Restless Legs Syndrome and even though there is medicine to help, there are times when I can only pace back and forth, begging God to let me die. Sooner or later the discomfort quiets and life is O.K. again. But when you are in enough pain you will do anything to make it stop.

  18. This is our second King that we loose because of these “make-me-feel-good doctors”. The same thing happened with my Elvis back in 1977. Too bad that no-one brought his doctors to Justice…

  19. ON dr murry should have been not guilty ,michael was a druggie had several alias’s used several dr’s for different drugs ,so i say they all should have been on trial, dr murry was the new guy and got burnt.
    yes michael was a great intainer but not a god the way people thought him to be.jusk a drug addit , the family had to know over the years all that was and had happened and should have forced him into rehab.

  20. In your letter you talk much about should and other ideal situations. However we live in a world of reality where people do lots of things that shouldn’t be done. Your question can’t be answered with a simple yes or no, especially not by lay people who have very little experience with what is really involved. I’m also a British SRN and an American RN.

    As you said in your letter, we all have our responsibilities, and in the case of Nichael Jackson, he went ‘Doctor Shopping’, probably because some of his previous doctors didn’t give him what he demanded! And to declare M.J.’s
    “Doctor” License to Kill is a little exaggerated. I definitely do not agree that Dr. Murray betrayed anyone, and that M.J. was well informed about the dangers of the drugs.

    However, to accuse that all or most doctors get a kick back from Big Pharma is NOT true. There are some, but certainly not the majority. Most of them are honest and decent people who do the best they are able to do in this crazy world. I think it would be far better to blame the pharmaceutical companies for advertising shamelessly with false advertising, and to encourage ignorant people to request certain drugs from their doctors which they probably would have prescribed if the patient needed them. I think, this peddling of medications “SHOULD” be prohibited, but it’s our Congress that ought to be blamed for this – and they definitely get kickbacks from all the lobbying that is done on Capitol Hill. I think they are much more to blame for much of the corruption that is rampant across the nation.

  21. I completely agree with Christian’s views. In my opinion, Dr. Conrad Murray is 100% guilty and responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. Michael Jackson trusted his expertise as a medical doctor and hired him for a fee of $150,000 a month in order to get help not to be killed. The “GUILTY” verdict clearly indicates that JUSTICE WAS SERVED. It is so sad to loose such a talented singer at such a young age.

  22. I agree with the conviction and with your condemnation of the “Doc in a box” syndrome that has permeated our medical industry, and make no mistake about it, it is a multimillion dollar industry right up there with developing cutting edge computers and high fashion clothing. I also agree that Jackson was responsible for his own demise because he demanded the treatments he received. How sad that the hippocratic oath has been submerged beneath the desire to make money and keep the customer from going elsewhere to get what they want.

    I also blame the general attitude of the American buying public. We – and I am talking about a statistical average We, not anyone in specific, have CREATED the “Doc in a box” by being willing to accept that kind of medical treatment. “Change what I eat? Gee. Wow. Hey Doc, isn’t there a pill I can take that will do the same thing? Or an operation?” The American buying public has created a market for the Doc in a box, and until the American buying public does something to make this kind of doctoring unprofitable, it’s not going to go away.

  23. The Doctor is Guilty and is completely responsible for Michael Jackson’s Death. What he did was completely and utterly un-ethical in this day and age of modern medicine. He took a substance that is to be used only in a hospital setting and administered it to the patient in his home. How sick is that! I feel the loss to his family and especially his children was completely unnecessary and preventable. As for the License to kill, Dr. Murray used his license instead to help the singer to stay healthy he did use it to kill. I agree with Christian Goodman. He should never be allowed to practice medicine EVER again and be locked up until the day he dies. Maybe even the death penalty would be advisable for this particular case.

  24. Well, sorry for M J and his family but he got a death wish upon himself. I hope he will be in peace after leaving his family greaving and destroyed others people life and blame for his own actions. He uses his money to get what he wanted and as the case of DR M of course his attitude was driven with greed and forget the ethics of his profession. Now let us not blame a doctor but blame MJ himself because he cannot come back after he had destroyed himself with drugs. Also his family cannot give a sod when he was alive now he is dead they show what a grieving family they are but in real life they are not concerned about Michael and the children when he was alive. Now that he is dead they are looking for a scapegoat and DR murray is the small fish for them to fry. I hope the family can sleep after the verdict.

  25. Barbara, I totally agree with you. If Dr Murray is guilty then MJ’s previous Doctors are too.

    The drug administered was in MJ’s own home, don’t forget people. Where did he get it from? Those people who sold it to him should be prosecuted too.

    Don’t let’s forget though that MJ must have known the risks he took whilst taking this drug. A TEAM OF DOCTORS (namely surgeons) usually administer this dtug to patients ungoing surgery. MJ should have never been able to get the drug in the first place let alone have one lone doctor (not a surgeon) administer the drug.


  27. well said Christian nothing else to add except the bucks stop at DR murray what happening to the other pushers mean the others doctors who was involved in his care ,,,,,

  28. People under pressure take pills, and/or drink, and they will get hold of these if determined enough, no matter what the warnings about their possible life-threatening effects. It seems the bigger the star, the more the adulation, the more the stress (eg Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and many others – and who dosed them, pray?). Lesser mortals take eg Ecstasy or whatever they can get hold of to boost whatever they lack whether that be energy, optimism, libido, relaxation . . . Why blame the doctor? These behaviours are pointers to endemic misery that cannot be relieved in any other way, apparently, unless you can afford yet another book telling you how to deal with your problem (which advice may or may not work), or unless you can afford private ‘treatment’/counselling/psychiatric help. From my own point of view, in general I just do not trust medics any more than I trust other careerists: they have been educated to support the status quo. They sometimes misdiagnose and will often resist investigating further as it offends their ego, even though their treatment/s are failing. They offer medicines that have been touted by big pharma. Often these same medicines are found to have highly dangerous if not fatal side-effects. Too bad that 50, 100 or however many have already died before the fatal effects were noticed. Just look at the contents of some (if not all) vaccines. Yuck. Yes, Dr M’s medical decisions may have been bought by his patient – I’m fairly certain that goes on all over the world but we don’t hear much of it. The wealthy buy secrecy as well as non-suicide verdicts. There are many good Hippocratic doctors around, but who’s to know how firm a ground they stand on, and whether their moral stance is so unrelenting and self-righteous that they would refuse to give pain-relieving morphine to a patient in agony because the dose might kill him or her? If a patient dies under a doctor’s care, investigate, yes – if the patients are wealthy old girls he might be polishing them off after their Will revision in his favour, or he might just enjoy the power of killing. I do not think Dr M came under either of these categories. This was a death waiting to happen and Dr M by choice was Jackson’s doctor – he should have known what he was getting into.

  29. Etuele Ebi Prince

    What happend to MJ could happen to any one who would completely belief in doctors. If you ask me i think MJ know the consequences of his actions and the verdict is correct Murray has to pay for commiting such a great SIN against his fellow man.

  30. Dear Christian

    I do endorse your comments. Dr. Murray was grossly irresponsible in prescribing those powerful medication to Michael Jackson. He seems to have taken leave of his senses entirely.

    You have got to be able to rely on the judgement of our physicians and obviously he would be found guilty. I suspect he was swayed by the filthy lucre.

    I do hope that others will learn from this situation. Sadly, there is a great deal of corruption in all aspects of society and we now need to go back to the christian ethics.

  31. Christian, I agree with you. Dr Murray has been convicted because of his greed and negligence. However, I do feel sorry for him as I believe he was probably under great pressure from a wealthy drug addict. Michael Jackson is no loss to society. He might have been a prominent entertainer but as a person he appeared to be not so nice!

  32. Sadly, a life was lost. I’m not going to judge the situation, it has already been done. One thing is for sure, propofol is not a drug you can use at home. MJ was surely aware of the risk of using it. He gambled, he lost.

    I’m not certain that anyone really knows what happened that day except the doctor himself. If any other legal drug had caused MJ’s death by overdose, Dr.Murray might still be out of prison. The exceptional situation made it impossible for the him to prove his innocence. I agree he is responsible for his actions and he failed his patient. He gambled, he lost. Sadly, in a way, he also lost his life even if he didn’t die in the process.

    As for the general opinion about doctors, some are very good, competent and trustworthy and caring. I wish yours fits this category.

  33. In general, with the demands made on doctors through our system, many are short of time for their patients and try to solve problems by throwing at them whatever meds the drug companies are pushing at the time in order to recompsense for the research involved. With older patients they just push the pills (often leading one to wonder if they’re trying to cure old age!) rather than putting effort into addressing the patient’s true needs. IMHO

  34. Having worked in physicians’ offices a good part of my life and “pain management” doctors’ offices the last several years, I do know that “drug reps” are in the office every week and bring coffee, food, all kinds of goodies to ply the doctor and office staff and then they talk about the meds and leave samples. So voila—-the doc has LOTS of drugs to give his clients and usually certain drugs are pushed more than other drugs for a certain amount of time (usually until they are proved to have a problem). I think most patients want a “quick fix” and if their doc won’t do it, they will go to another who will, so it is not always the doctor. However, I do know my own children, with back problems from their medical jobs and they did not have health insurance offered to them, were certainly offered “pills” to help them, especially while on Medical, but nothing much else was suggested to them in the way of help and then we wonder how people get “addicted” to meds. Bravo for your accurate outlook on this all.

  35. You’re not wrong Christian.

    There’s a junk medicine continuum; Murray was down the extreme end.

    But any doctor who provides a drug to mask the symptom of a personally-generated body system dysfunction when he or she could have provided a lifestyle prescription that would have restored poor function to good is a shyster.

    Most national health services subsidize this practice.


    John Miller

  36. I have understood for a few years that as usuall the GP is under pressure from big pharma to prescribe for the profits of the company and its share holders.Its again the greed of the people at the top.There is no profit in cure so they want to treat the symptom not the cause!

  37. I do agree with the comments of “Wendy says: November 8, 2011 at 8:08 pm”, except that Dr. Murray was convicted because of GREED (No not because of Greed) but yes (I do agree)because of his negligence.

    Dr. Murray was already getting paid handsomely every month and who would like intentionally do away with it?

  38. In several of your articles, Christian, you have mentioned about people being more responsible for their own health, I totally agree with you. Michael Jackson was an adult not a child, although the doctor was guilty of providing such inappropriate medication, Michael didn’t have to use it. If Michael wasn’t capable of taking responsibility for his own health, couldn’t his parents or siblings, who have been at court every day and have been so concerned about getting the doctor convicted, have helped him in this respect and maybe eleviated the necessary for a court case at all.

  39. I absolutely and totally agree with everything you said. This individual was careless and incompetent beyond belief. I think his sentence is extremely light considering the “crime”.

  40. Yes The Dr has some responsibility. But please I know there are clients who sometimes are so charming and of course the power usally get what the want by shopping around.Those around were too scared to say anything
    I love Micheal but get real where was his family they had blinders on now they will blame someone else. If he did not die then he was eventually going to. We have a certain amount of responsibility Drs are not Gods we must stop this stuff, Micheal and thouse who he surrounde himself with chose to turn a blind eye.How about the other Drs who started him on this road why single this Dr out? He is dead I do not understand all this iinterest should we not be looking at our own business?

  41. Stanley Wayne Mathis

    Four years? Is that all the time he get's for this unspeakable crime. Not to mention that he'll end up practicing medicine again somewhere after he gets out. A first year nursing student would know better than that! I think this was murder and the ones who put him up to it gave him a slap on the wrist to appease the public. Michael Jackson was far too influential globally and when they couldn't assinate his character they took the last resort. Murray would never kiil his meal ticket or allow him to kill himself unless some powerful people made it worth his while financially. Justice was not served here. Just like the Pharmaceutical Industry pays these doctors to push their drugs someone payed Murray to do the deed. Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyist are the biggest drug dealers on the planet. It all very crimminal!

  42. I meant to respond sooner but have been away from home for a time. I believe your article to be excellent – you have taken a calm and considered approach and your conclusions are both wise and measured. I believe Dr Murray has much to answer for, starting long before the terminal overdose and as Mr Jackson was so clearly very vulnerable it is unthinkable that his doctor should have been so irresponsible in his prescribing and treatment. Such a needy and vulnerable individual as Mr Jackson deserved to have his medical support monitor his health very closely rather than see him as a “cash cow”. That Dr Murray’s salary was so high suggests to me that his interest in his patient was more fiscal than medical. How much responsibility can be attributed to someone so addicted to drugs I do not know but my gut reaction is that it should be very little, certainly once his addiction had become so deep-seated. As a result I find Dr Murray’s treatment and post-mortem self preservationist actions beneath contempt and his sentence not nearly severe enough. In the interests of the sick I also hope that his medical license will be revoked.

    I read a few of the comments which have already been posted but not many so, if I have repeated what others have said, I appologise and will not be in the least offended if you do not add this one!

  43. Yes. Dr. Murray did contribute to the death of MJ. MJ brought himself to that state through continually choosing doctors who were willing to do what he wanted and not what was most beneficial.

    I think the state of US medicine is a disaster already happening and the FDA and drug companies are way up on the list.

    Now the FDA wants to outlaw almost all supplements unless they were marketed and have since been completely unchanged since DSHEA was made law about 17 years ago. Any new supplements since that date need more proof than the FDA even requires for prescription meds. They want the substances tested at 1,000 the recommended dosage and many minerals would be toxic in those dosages just like almost every prescription drug might be deadly @ 1,000 times recommended dosages.

    We need to check any drug prescribed for us to find out its upside and downside. Then we can make an educated decision about whether we even want to fill the prescription.

    CoQ10 will go down the tubes and anyone taking a statin drug that is NOT taking it is risking his/her life on the major, irreversible, side effects.

  44. I can't believe the majority of people's views on this. Like M Jackson was a vulnerable child abused by adults. He was an extremely rich adult man who chose to use his fabulous wealth, privelige & fame to destroy himself, not to mention his penchant for child pornography (yes read up about the original police reports re the paedophile case; child porn found in his house which is certainly a crime in the UK, as I would imagine it is in the US & yet he walks free!). The man would have destroyed himself anyway & the Dr, who may well have behaved less than ethically is being scape goated as someone needs to take the blame when such a high profile individual as Mr Jackson dies in these circumstances. I don't think Mr Jackson sounds like a very 'ethical' person considering his tase for young boys so maybe he got the Dr he deserved. And before I get the old 'He was found innocent' line -so was OJ who I have seen mentioned in this thread. The posts hailing him as some kind of messiah I find slightly distasteful considering his history.

  45. Christian:

    Your comments are right on the mark. There is no reason why MJ would not be alive today, but for the medical negligence of Conrad Murray. As you say, whether Murray injected the drug or Jackson injected the drug, makes no difference, the damage was done.

    One troubling thing about this whole scenario is that a witness mentioned early in the trial that Jackson had a condom catheter…what on earth for? Is this another area where the “good” doctor let him down as well?

    Murray should lose his license and never be allowed to “practice” again. Obviously, no amount of practising helped MJ. Obviously no amount of practicing will ever excuse what this doctor did through neglect and greed.

  46. I tried to make a comment yesterday nut it couldn’t accept it , I don’t have s web address

  47. my wife and i was fans of m.j but we think they got it wrong we think michae jackson was a drug addict and did himself in doctor murry should not be convicted he is a small fish in a big pond

  48. I want to comment on Colin Coopers support of the British NHS and also support his statement that the poll on government or private insurance is too simplistic. I am currently on medicare and find it to be although not the best system in the world to be infinitely better than private insurance was. Although I was self-employed and able to afford the sizeable cost charged by private insurers and healthy enough to get coverage, I know many people that are denied health insurance due to pre existing conditions. Talk about death panels. It is the private insurance companies that currently are the purveyors of such panels. I personally knew someone who had a procedure rescinded by a higher up in their insurance company on the morning of the procedure which had previously been approved. I say knew as this person died due to this failure of service. Another insurance company denied an applilcant because he had migraines. If insurance companies can pick and choose who they will insure, they will only insure what they consider to be an actuarially sound risk. I can only hope that all those that think that private insurance is the way to go never lose their current benefits if they also have a medical condition that private insurers consider uninsurable. Good luck on that one. I have Canadian and British friends that are appalled by our willingness to deny health care to so many.

  49. I am not interested in clowning celebrities.
    But non the less I feel sorry for people that suffer.
    Addictions are so common that all addicts suffer.
    After all we all must die someday,it is just a matter of when,this does not justify if he died because of a doctor that may be the cause.
    When we die all our celebrity,wealth is something we all leave behind.
    There are manny people we never hear of that died very honorably and truly good people.
    In the after life all our efforts and achievments will truly show our worth.

  50. who supplied the doctor.

  51. who supplid the doctor.

  52. i thik that the dr should had say no when micheal jackson keep asking for the dosed he should had call the hopsial him self and got micheal some help.

  53. Michael Jacson’s doctor is absolutely wrong in first place. It is a shame for this doctor not to have referred Michael to other experts if he felt unable to handle the stuation alone other than calling his patient midless. Too bad to be true.

  54. I agree in parts with all of you. I can tell you though that when you are not feeling well and you go to your Doctor for help–most of the time they are not really listening or maybe they do not know what to do so they just keeping giving you medicines, hoping that one of them might help you. They are not
    trained in preventive care. its really up to US to chose our Physicians carefully and to try to stay on the more natural and holistic side. Its hard, especially when you feel pain and everything is so uncertain!
    I think Dr. Murray is a caring man who was probably doing what he was told. At some point, he should have drawn the line or had a serious word with his patient that he could not go on administering these dangerous drugs.

  55. Looking beyond this example of medical crime it all only makes sense when you look at the big picture. Doctors are in cahoots with the largest organised crime syndicate the world has ever know. GSK has just been fine 3Billion$ for hiding the fact that one of its diabetic drugs was killing tens of thousands of victims. Not one famous singer but thousands of fathers, brother sisters grandparents etc. Where is the media on this, where are the TV crews outside the head office of this drug company? Where are the public demonstrations calling for the jailing of the guilty parties to this corporate murder?
    Is this an isolated case? No! It is happening year after year for the past 50 years. How can these criminals stay in business and still pay these fines. They simply bribe doctors to deliver more drugs that do not work.
    While organised crime is allowed to have a virtually monopoly over our health and bribe politicians, doctors and influence the media (by buying adverting time), then nothing will change.

  56. Anyone who has had to deal with addicts will know it is their choice and their choice only not to just get high, but to destroy all of those around them including themselves. Drugs kill and whether or not Doc Murray was guilty of over administration it was MJ who decided to die.

  57. The doctor knew better and that speaks for itself the doctors oath is: “First do no harm”. Somehow this all got lost here. My daughter was hung up on Oxycondin a doctor gave her for pain. The doctor never explained that the drug was very addictive. She spent several years getting off the drug and made it. The patients trust the doctors and the doctors screw them over. We the people better wise up. The doctors are simply legal drug lord’s. Most of the doctors make money pushing their drugs simple as that,

  58. It seems that the doctor was in an impossible situation. There will always be doctors who will be willing to prescribe to stars. No-one questioned the doctors who did so for Elvis. His doctor said Elvis could always get the drugs. So it seems could Jackson who self harmed with drastic plastic surgery and drugged himself upwith what proved to be lethal cocktails of them.

  59. The man was a drug addict. His demise from that affliction was just a matter of time

  60. why do so many people feel sorry about mecheal jackson , he was nothing more then a drug addtic and ped-file !


  62. my daughter has chronic from back and chiari malformation surgery. her doctor has kicked her out of the pain mgt program with a months prescription giving no thought to the withdrawal (she had the surgery 1-1/2 years ago so the withdrawal will be pretty brutal). you would think they would have the obligation to her of off the oxycondon and morphone and see her through the withdrawal but noooooo. “deal with it” they said. so much for the Hippocratic oath! I don’t care if MJ was an addict, he was a human being and his doctor should have tended to him accordingly. Addiction is an illness and these are not throw away humans.The addiction should be treated.

  63. Quit blaming Dr. Murray for the death of someone who has been addicted for years and has the power(because of his celebrity status and money) to get what he wants one way or another.

  64. jack trever jr says:

    November 12, 2011 at 10:09 am
    Has it ever occurred that perhaps there is more to Michael jacksons death than meets the blogging publics eyes, lets take in to consideration his billionaire status,
    his celebrity status, his , alleged child molestation legal status, his decision to invest his fortune in a foreign land rather than in The US of A, why he was pissed.
    He was silently getting back at the Legal system for branding him a could be child molester,
    A brand that at age 50 does not pardoned very easily no matter how many top celebrity connections he may have had.
    Also he now had a criminal record that will linger until the end of the day the US government is dismantled.
    Why would he invest any of his hard earned millions in such a place, he was not a stupid man, nor was he ignorant he was fast, thinking, quick to the draw but he was hurting,
    emotionally, and physically…he was also tired of the false friends that kept crawling up the flag pole and saddened to see the good ones die of illness or old age.
    All this was taking a toll on his life force.
    He felt like a candle been burned at both ends, but he was determined to allocate his millions else where than US territory, there are and where those in certain agencies that did not see this from a kindly view and felt this may present a tread as money transfers
    lend for other activities, and Michael was notified that it would be to his best interest
    not to relocate large funds in the hands of other Principalities but Michael was determined.
    So what about the doctor, well the doctor fits in like a perfect jig saw puzzle,
    and so does the lone man theory.
    They are now pulling “the lone man theory”. Yeah, just like Timothy McVeigh.
    Dig up Michaels planned investments, the secret ones, not the public ones.
    Who inherits his estate? How much goes to Uncle Sam? How much is listed as non recoverable? How much is listed as undetermined losses? May the force be with you at this one because public figure assassinations are a fine tuned art of the establishment.

  65. Don't agree with you at all Christian Goodman. Michael Jackson made his own choices. You need to check your spelling!

  66. Michael Jackson’s addiction is what killed him.Had that doctor not been there another would have. Michael Jackson made the choice and his choice killed him. All over our world people are making similar choices. Having been through the off and on addictions of a son that I love, I have taken classes to learn about inabling and I have learned that there is One Power in the Universe that can help addicts and those who love the addicts.Ultimately, each of us are responsible for the choicees we make and enabling a loved one only prolongs the issue.I intend to remember Michael Jackson as the beautiful spirit that gave us the song,We Are The World, that song gives us a clearer picture of the the soul of a man we lost to drugs. drugs.


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