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Borderline High Blood Pressure Still Dangerous

Getting your blood pressure to ideal levels is the only way to truly protect yourself from heart disease, a new study conducted by the Heart and Lung Foundation notes. They found that blood pressure slightly above the recommended 120/80 is enough to significantly boost risk of stroke.

Their results of more than 500,000 volunteers notes that borderline high blood pressure –defined as blood pressure of 120/8-129/90- has a 22 percent increased risk of developing stroke. Those with high blood pressure –at 130/90 or above, found themselves with an 80 percent greater risk. The researchers conclude that individuals with high blood pressure should act aggressively to get their numbers as low as possible.

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  1. My blood pressure was for a few years at 200/152. On the treadmill test it was 220/165. If I survived that, I can rest assured that my blood vessels and heart will tolerate a higher than normal BP. I’m happy to have my BP down to 140/90.

  2. Christian,
    The information in paragraph 2 above is absolute nonsense, even the Daily Mail, renowned for publishing ridiculous health articles, could not compare with this.
    As 120/80 is the optimum reading for healthy young people, how can it be the start point for the 22% risk area, and 130/90 be the start point for the 80%
    greater risk factor, when my GP has advised that 140/90 is
    acceptable in middle to old age.
    I seriously believe you should review the content of this article or give a more detailed explanation as to the basis of the content.
    Kind regards john

  3. It is true acceptable high blood presure may differ not just as a result of age but gender. It is not the same for men and women.

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