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Stress and High Blood Pressure

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  1. If you’ve got something to say, just print it out so I can skim and read what I need. I won’t waste my time on long-winded, never-getting-to-the-point videos.

  2. OK, I take back my last comment. I overreacted, thinking that the video would be like others I’ve seen on other websites. Yours was very concise and to-the-point, so I apologize for assuming it would be the usual waste of time. It wasn’t.

  3. I have high blood pressure and use your blood pressure CD – I also meditate about 30 minutes per day – walk for 30 min. per day – I also have “flight’, “fright” and “freeze”. What I had suggested, with your blood pressure CD the emotional potion – to make positive statements after each breathing segment – example, anger – feel anger, breathe, say anger 5 times breathing in between, but you need a positive statement: such as even though I feel anger, I am loved by God and I forgive whomever or that you are even angry. Sorry, I’m not real good at this…..

  4. That was exactly the recommendation I would have made, until I watched your short video, which I much appreciated… Keep them short… Thank you. Pierre.

  5. Have had high blood pressure for 2yrs until a few months ago when I was diagnosed with extreme sensitivity to gluten. After stopping all gluten 2 mos later blood pressure is 117 over 70 (my usual) Are you aware that a simple thing like food allergy could do this?

  6. I agree, keep it short and to the point, no garbage. thanks

  7. want to know the exercise.

  8. Mind/Body transcendental medication is good for those with high blood pressure. What ever helps you 'transcend' your earthly problems, prayer or meditation with a monosyllable chant the more power to you!

  9. thanks so much.. I understand now after watching video..

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