We write a lot about different methods and tips for maintaining healthy blood pressure, alleviating anxiety, and other general health topics. Frequently, this includes summaries on different supplements.

Most of the time our authors like to pull comments from the emails and comment boxes when readers have questions or comments about certain tips or products, and we always like to look at what’s trending in studies conducted by different research labs.

Sometimes we will try to run down info on late-breaking discoveries, but frequently we will have a good look at decades-old information but only with a fresh set of eyes.

It might be tried-and-true home remedies like the benefits of increasing garlic in the diet or getting more vitamin D. Sometimes, we look at ‘old wives’ tales” too to see if there is any merit to that as well.

And so it is that we are having a look at a supplement called theanine. This compound was identified decades ago as a natural boost to mood, relaxation, and focus.

Found in green tea, it apparently works alongside caffeine to do a number of miracles in the brain.

Most notably, it is said to increase GABA levels. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is a neurotransmitter that is essential for brain function. It regulates the proliferation of neural stem cells as well as new synapse development.

Many dozens of studies throughout the last century have shown that giving theanine to rats- whether in injected form or ingested- not only resulted in positive effects on the spontaneously hypertensive ones (they weren’t induced by the scientists to have high blood pressure-they just have it), but also posed no negative side effects.

This is key for two reasons: 1) even at high doses, much higher than any human would ever take, there were no negative effects that could be seen. This makes it a very safe product if a reputable producer is making it; and 2) it’s wonderful when a natural compound is actually very effective.

It is so effective, in fact, even on dopamine levels that it is frequently added to the treatment plans of many schizophrenic patients. Apparently it has been shown to make other medications more effective. Obviously it’s not intended to be a cure or even to be used alone in that example, but for sufferers, every little bit of safety married to effectiveness counts.

The only problem with this and other effective supplements, is that people tend to use them as a crutch instead of driving right to the heart of their anxiety and stress with complimentary approaches to eliminating them.

Instead of working in lifestyle changes that incorporate more focus on diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation, a capsule of product is swallowed, thereby giving one the sense of “this is all I need to do to beat back my anxiety.”

In fact, it is not all that is needed. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be added to the aforementioned changes.

The most effective plans to attack a health problem are the ones that address all the sources that contribute to it.

For high blood pressure, as an example, the key source is stress. But this stress takes many forms:

– Nutritional insults that starve the body of needed vitamins and minerals and also bombard it with all the wrong kinds of foods
– Biological stress that is a result of a disease process or injury
– Psychological stress that may be emotional, environmental, or clinical

You may have a combination of these stressors. But the bottom line is that stress and anxiety are pouring over you like a cold shower, and the only way to turn that shower off for good is to attack it from a variety of fronts.

The easiest and most effective place to start is the blood pressure program. But adding the proper supplements, making needed diet changes, and getting a disease process or injury healed or at least controlled will do a world of good as well.

The verdict on this supplement? If you are not allergic to any of the compounds in it and you have visited with your doctor about possibly adding it (you never want to add anything that might interact with something you are already taking), then it might be a great addition for you.

If you are already taking this supplement and would like to weigh in, let us know in the comment box. Like I said before, I love to get your feedback.

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Warm regards,

Christian Goodman