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Rebuild From Arthritis Damage Naturally or Bionically

A while back a reader wrote in because she was concerned about her doctor’s recent prognosis that the cartilage in her knees was breaking down to the point that only surgery to replace them will be the answer. Either that, or soon she wouldn’t be able to walk at all.

There are other doctors out there who disagree, though. Many go so far as to say that with the right support, supplements, and exercise, that the cartilage can be rebuilt, thereby avoiding the knife and very expensive surgery.


The reason cartilage deteriorates is usually due to three key causes:

-Arthritis or another similar disease process
-Wrong body positioning, placing excess stress on joints and cartilage

Whether you have started taking it or not yet, the supplement combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate is a must. These two, especially together, both are effective at slowing and even stopping the progression of joint damage in most everyone who takes them.

They are very effective at putting out the fire in the single most damaging symptom of arthritis: inflammation.

There is even a growing body of evidence that they work to reverse the damage and promote the re-growth of cartilage throughout the body. The importance here is that there may be options other than surgery to not only prevent but heal this problem.

Other boxes that absolutely must be checked before accepting surgery as a viable option include losing the weight that might be killing you. Aside from the hypertension, risk of diabetes and cancer, and host of other ailments that are avoidable, it is absolutely imperative that your body weight get as close to ideal and healthy as possible.

Attaining a healthy weight will also aid in your recovery if you do opt for surgery.

Once you have your supplement and weight loss plans ready for execution, you want to get more information on the surgical alternatives that your doctor is offering.

There are two kinds of joint replacement: partial and total.

Your chances of avoiding the surgical suite altogether are much higher if you are a candidate for the partial. This means that, as in the case of the knee example, only a part of the joint will be replaced or reshaped, such as where the knee cap connects to the tibia or femur.

Even though these surgeries offer a much quicker recovery time than a total replacement, they still carry some risks that you will want to weigh carefully before consenting to the procedure. Looking at the risks and paired with alternatives, sometimes surgery isn’t the best option.

Risks include (but are not limited to):

-reaction to medications or prostheses
-chronic pain
-trouble breathing
-deep vein thrombosis and other blood vessel issues

Alternatives, aside from those mentioned above, also would include physical therapy or chiropractics. These treatments can also offer some re-training on body positioning and mechanics to help you learn how to avoid some of the stress that is degrading your joints.

Equipment and other aides that reposition you or help you ambulate better can buy your body time to naturally rebuild its own cartilage. There are physicians who still believe that cartilage doesn’t regenerate like bone does, but some studies are proving them wrong.

One study listed in the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery followed more than 60 patients for over 12 years after experimental arthroscopy (less invasive than traditional un-compartmental knee replacement surgery) after implanting a paste of cartilage crushed from one part of the body into the damaged areas.

The study’s results showed that in almost 2/3 of the participants, they were able to re-grow viable, durable cartilage in the knee that was still intact more than 12 years after the procedure.

The body balance exercise in Christian’s Weight Loss Breeze and other programs are excellent to change the position of the body to stand and walk better and heal the knee.

For more information on naturally stopping and reversing the damage of arthritis, see my guide today.

Best of Wellness,

Shelly Manning


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  1. Tony Pagdin says:

    Interesting article, which a support in part. Glucosamine and it’s homologues appear to have been proved completely ineffective in recent scientific double-blind trials although I feed it to my dog with appaeant good results, although he knows no better. On the other hand so have homeopathic remedies been equally treated.
    I have started using salts of hyaluronic acid but it is expensive and after 3 weeks pain appears worse than ever.
    I have not had a satisfactory or proper diagnosis. I had my r knee xrayed but was not permitted to see the pictures my self and was told that wear’n tear was apparent sooo I;m playing it by ear, using my HA and 100c Ruta Grava plus some exercises that I purchased on line from the knee guru.
    Any othe sugestions would be appreciated.

  2. flora johnsen says:

    I have had arthroscopy on both my knees but have not been without pain since. I have taken the glucosamine for at least two years with no beneficial difference.
    I am not overweight and I do walk everyday (although with pain) as I do not have a car. I also climb stairs everyday in my house and the pain is more evident when coning down stairs.
    I have recently had another MRI and was told that I have now osteoarthrites and would benefit from another arthroscopy but no assurance that the pain will go. I am now thinking about it but I am not very keen to have further surgery.Not sure what else I can do to help.

  3. Orsi says:

    Hi Mateo, yes back then when I first started I had no idea of what to excpet or how to even use oxygen therapy. But I knew that I had found the right thing when after 3 days ALL of my arthritis pain was gone!And not only that, I just felt’ better. My outlook was more optimistic. Life seemed brighter and better and I instinctively felt that the best was yet to come and I was so right.Over the years using oxygen therapy I have so much energy, I didn’t think it was possible.Most of my friends are older, like myself, and most of them are faithfully taking pharmaceuticals and they are still suffering with arthritis, gout, diabetes and a host of other opportunistic diseases but I am healthy and disease-free.The saddest part is that even when they witness my new-found strength, energy and health, they still refuse to believe that anything their doctor didn’t prescribe can’t be good for them.So now after 3 years, I do not even mention oxygen therapy around them I just let my actions speak for my therapy.

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