Some time ago, an avid reader wrote in reporting sleep issues. Unlike many people who suffer from insomnia, he knew when and very likely why the problem started.

He had acquired Lyme disease. Sleep disturbances as well as chronic fatigue complaints are not uncommon in people who have this disease.

This nasty disease is typically known to start with a rash which then leads to fevers, aches, and chills. Arthritis and other disorders can also occur as a result of acquiring Lyme disease. Deer ticks can carry the bacteria, and this is about the time of year we see an ‘up-tick’ in tick bites. Yes…pun intended.

Given the symptoms of the disease itself, it seems little wonder that his sleep would be negatively affected. People complain of not being able to fall asleep as well as awakening frequently throughout

Such poor sleep (or lack of sleep altogether) at night then leads to the being excessively tired and sleepy during the day. A fair percentage of Lyme disease sufferers also complain of restless leg syndrome at night.

Such fatigue, of course, can then create an environment for even more ancillary harm to the body. When we are worn out physically and mentally, we are primed for other illnesses and injuries.

Such a serious disease requires consistent medical attention. However, there are many natural ways to significantly help alleviate many of the symptoms, including sleep disturbances.

Creating a comfortable sleep routine and sleeping environment is especially important for anyone who suffers from sleep problems. Relaxation is a necessity in aiding sleep, so establishing a soothing nocturnal ritual can help with this aspect.

Noise control makes sense to help ensure sleep continues uninterrupted. Abolishing the many brain stimulants such as the television shortly before bed time will also help. A better option would be to practice relaxation exercises combined with peaceful music.

A number of people tout the benefits of certain natural herbs to help with both symptom control and even Lyme disease treatment. As always, I caution you to research this and consult with a trusted herbalist or other alternative treatment practitioner before attempting to cure the disease.

As with all ailments, this is also an especially important time to ensure proper nutrition. It seems obvious, but often we crave the less nutritious “comfort foods” when we are in pain, are extra tired and are suffering. Those comfort foods, though, do not offer long term benefits; whereas a healthy diet will help create strength and energy which is needed to combat any health ailment.

Given the many issues (many of them debilitating) that accompany Lyme disease, I offer complete sympathy to sufferers and appreciate the opportunity to share some information.

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