I can really relate to readers who have trouble sleeping due to severe pain. I couldn’t count all the sleepless nights I had when my neck was out (after literally being hit by a truck).

Of course, I assumed that my neck pain was keeping me up. This is exactly what many people suffering from Arthritis, neck, back, TMJ or other pain complain about.

You understand how it’s not possible to sleep when your joints are squeaking.

But there is a twist to this. It’s something I didn’t realize until my neck began to get better.

You see, as I began doing the exercises I teach in my neck pain program, I began to feel a lot better on a daily basis. Most of the time, I didn’t even notice pain in my neck at all.

But then came nights that I didn’t sleep very well. Sometimes I was flying overnight, other times it was anxiety or excitement that kept me up.

No matter what the reason for my sleeplessness was, the next day my neck always hurt like … you know, not heaven.

I’ve heard the same comments from many readers suffering from any type of pain.

If you don’t sleep well, all other health issues get worse.

So why is that? What does good sleep have to do with pain relief?

During the day, we’re so busy taking care of everything out there in the world that our bodies can’t restore themselves. Sure, we take a few pit stops here and there but that’s just so we can make it through the day.

It’s when we sleep that the natural doctors and nurses of our bodies get to work. They are able to breathe with the relief that our conscious mind is gone away and our much smarter subconscious has taken over.

As we dream about the green, green, grass of home, our growth hormones and white blood cells spread around the body, restoring harmed joints and sore muscles.

The tricky part is that it takes 90 minutes of sleep to get the maximum amount of healing hormone and cell production going. After that, more moderate amounts are produced and delivered throughout the night.

So if you don’t get a constant 2-3 hours of good, deep, uninterrupted sleep, your body never manages to bring itself up to its maximum production power. And anything that’s not essential suffers.

So if you’re suffering from pain, regardless of what it is, I’m sure you’ve checked out our neck pain program or our new arthritis program. They are both very helpful and thousands of people have benefited from them.

But also, make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night. Our natural insomnia program has been very helpful for this. Although easy fixes like relaxing before going to sleep and not staying up too long may be all you need.