Supplement and Prescription Interaction- A Bad Brew?

By Christian Goodman

Back to the reader files we go with this installment of our Natural Health Blog.  Readers and clients write in a lot concerning what they are taking and when with respect to their prescription drugs, and they almost always will go on to disclose a supplement (or five or ten) they are also taking.

Sometimes, we find that folks are using the natural, herbal world to make their nutrition a more complete picture.  Other times they are taking something that helps to correct a disease process that is a result of a deficiency, as with iron, calcium, or vitamin D shortages.

But occasionally, we come across disclosures that raise a flag, as in the cases relating to people who are on serious prescription drugs and also supplementing from nature with highly concentrated herbal supplements or mineral compounds.

Many times, there are no interactions.  In fact, some herbal supplements actually help a drug to be either better absorbed or to be more effective.  An example might be people taking fish oil capsules as well as hormone replacement regimens (whether natural or herbal).

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Are CFS and FMS Over-diagnosed?

By Christian Goodman

CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: chronic and persistent fatigue and weakness in the absence of any other physical condition. This basically means that they don’t really know what it is, so it becomes “CFS” by default.

Symptoms aside from the fatigue include (and worsen upon physical or mental stress or exertion):

Sore throat
Loss of memory
Difficulty concentrating
Enlarged lymph nodes
Wandering joint pain

One problem with this is that these symptoms are also included in the list of certain types of infection, most notably Lyme disease.  They are also present in mood disorders like depression and also other psychological conditions.


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Does Snoring Cause Divorce?

By Christian Goodman

I have often been guilty of letting this thought run through my mind when I read some of the commentary related to people asking for help with their snoring issues.

The latest comes from a reader in Alabama who asked me to share her story as not only a caution to others, but also as a reassurance of hope.

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Headaches and Insomnia- The Vitamin C Relationship

By Christian Goodman

I am always intrigued to read up on studies that discuss nutrient
deficiencies as this is one area that is such a great controversy, especially
as it relates to supplementation.

It is generally known and accepted that many conditions
affecting poor health can be prevented and/or treated by simply increasing the
amount of a vitamin or mineral that might be lacking.

But what if we go the other way and cause problems because
of over-supplementing?

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Does a Horseshoe Really Improve Neck Pain and Sleep?

By Christian Goodman

Several of my readers who have long suffered with daytime neck pain and nighttime snoring have commented about those funny travel-type pillows that are shaped like a horseshoe.

Some people hate them and some people love them, and as always when there are dissenting opinions on a topic I just have to nose in and find out what the benefits and drawbacks are.

Being a traveler myself, I see those pillows all the time.  Even before a flight takes off, usually someone in my area has whipped it out and is attempting to shut out the world and catch a few Zs.

I hadn’t considered the use of this kind of pillow in the regular bedroom setting, though.  As I surfed around the ‘Net looking for examples, I found many, many separate companies that market this product.

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Shut Eyes Shuts Down Hypertension

By Christian Goodman

If your out of control hypertension keeps you up at night, you may be making things worse, a study published in the May 20011 issue of Repertory Medicine found.

The link between lack of quality sleep and high blood pressure is well known. However, the results of this research study have found the biological mechanisms that explain why those with inadequate sleep are significantly more likely to have high blood pressure.

In this study, a group of 22 research subjects with sleep apnea – a common sleep disorder that’s caused from poor breathing during the night—were studied as they slept through the night. They found that their bodies produced very high levels of two compounds, sFlt-1 and sEng. SFlt-1 and sEng are a pair of proteins that your body produces to increase blood pressure.

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night and/or treating sleep apnea may combat the rise of sFlt-1, sEng, and blood pressure while you sleep.

More info on lowering blood pressure…

More info on tackling insomnia…

If you’ve sleep apnea or snore, check this out…

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Lyme Disease Won’t Let Me Sleep!

By jodi77

Some time ago, an avid reader wrote in reporting sleep issues. Unlike many people who suffer from insomnia, he knew when and very likely why the problem started.

He had acquired Lyme disease. Sleep disturbances as well as chronic fatigue complaints are not uncommon in people who have this disease.

This nasty disease is typically known to start with a rash which then leads to fevers, aches, and chills. Arthritis and other disorders can also occur as a result of acquiring Lyme disease. Deer ticks can carry the bacteria, and this is about the time of year we see an ‘up-tick’ in tick bites. Yes…pun intended.

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Pain in the Morning-Is it the Way I Sleep?

By jodi77

Today I would like to take another question from the files of reader polls: What in the world can cause waves of pain upon waking?

This comes up from time to time as people write in about the Stop Snoring and Insomnia programs. However, this question is a bit more generalized than what people usually ask me.

To find out what is causing waking pain, we first need to find out when the waking pain is happening, and also where the pain is occurring.

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Grieving and Blood Pressure

By jodi77

Recently a staff member has been going through a very rough time. She asked me to share her experience because she knows as well as I do how grief can affect health and wanted our readers to know that you are not alone.

Her mother passed away after a brief but spirited battle with lung cancer. Just 14 months ago, she lost her father to prostate cancer. This is the same staff member who had a hysterectomy in May and so has had quite a lot of loss and anxiety to deal with.

After returning to work from taking 2 weeks away to help her sister care for their mother during her final days and to coordinate final arrangements, she shared some of her experiences.

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Sleepless Nights With Arthritis, Neck or Back Pain

By jodi77

I can really relate to readers who have trouble sleeping due to severe pain. I couldn’t count all the sleepless nights I had when my neck was out (after literally being hit by a truck).

Of course, I assumed that my neck pain was keeping me up. This is exactly what many people suffering from Arthritis, neck, back, TMJ or other pain complain about.

You understand how it’s not possible to sleep when your joints are squeaking.

But there is a twist to this. It’s something I didn’t realize until my neck began to get better.

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