Reduce Inflammation to Beat High Blood Pressure

By Christian Goodman

Doctors should spend more time discussing ways to reduce inflammation than cutting out salt with their high blood pressure patients, a paper published in this month’s Hypertension notes. The research paper summarizes the research of nearly 100 studies on high blood pressure.

Their conclusions? Inflammation is the cause of the vast majority of high blood pressure cases and that cutting down on salt isn’t as effective as many believe. They note that reducing inflammation will inevitably also reduce hypertension is most people and should therefore form the first line of attack against high blood pressure.

How to reduce high blood pressure naturally here…

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Christian Goodman

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Frankincense Cuts Down On Arthritis Pain

By Shelly Manning

Although the Three Wise Men may not have known it, one of the gifts they were carrying on that famous December night –Frankincense—has the power to significantly reduce arthritis pain, a team of scientists out of Cardiff University found this week.

The researchers tested the ability of an extract of the ancient herb to reduce pain in a group of arthritis sufferers. They found that pain was reduced in most of the volunteers. They hypothesize that Frankincense contains unique compounds that shut down the chronic inflammation that exacerbates arthritis. The scientists add that Frankincense is an attractive natural alternative to prescription drugs that often bring on side effects.

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To Your Best Health,

Shelly Manning

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Surgery and Prescriptions Aren’t Always the Answer

By Christian Goodman

Recently a reader asked about a news article she had seen that explained the most common surgeries that many seniors have that actually should be avoided.

She asked about alternatives specifically to a procedure whereby a stent is placed in a narrowing artery near the heart to keep it open.

What caught her attention was the specific phrase “stable angina.” This means that the narrowing will cause pain or tightness in the chest with exertion like exercise, although with no acute danger like you’d see in a heart attack.

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Melt Away Arthritis Pain

By Shelly Manning

Arthritis sufferers looking for a way to combat their joint pain should get moving, according to a new study published in “Arthritis Care & Research.” In this research study, scientists pooled together research results from dozens of smaller studies published over the last 25 years. This type of study –known as a meta analysis –gives researchers more confidence that the results they find are legitimate and less likely to be due to chance.

After analyzing the data, the researchers concluded that, “…exercise improves pain and physical function in adults with the types of arthritis and other rheumatic disorders.” They found that group exercises classes such as Tai-Chi and water aerobics were particularly effective at reducing pain in those with arthritis.

Want more natural and healthy arthritis remedies? Look here…

To Your Heath,

Shelly Manning

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Rebuild From Arthritis Damage Naturally or Bionically

By Shelly Manning

A while back a reader wrote in because she was concerned about her doctor’s recent prognosis that the cartilage in her knees was breaking down to the point that only surgery to replace them will be the answer. Either that, or soon she wouldn’t be able to walk at all.

There are other doctors out there who disagree, though. Many go so far as to say that with the right support, supplements, and exercise, that the cartilage can be rebuilt, thereby avoiding the knife and very expensive surgery.


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Tai-Chi Helps Arthritis Sufferers Reduce Pain

By Shelly Manning

People relying on medications to treat their arthritis symptoms should consider adding Tai-Chi to their treatment regimen, reports a new study published in this week’s British Medical Journal. This study pooled together the results of nine other studies that had investigated Tai-Chi’s effects on osteoarthritis of the knee.

On average, they found that regularly practicing Tai-Chi reduced pain by more than 20 percent. Importantly, very few of the volunteers in the studies reported any negative side effects. The researchers also report that osteoarthritis sufferers that try Tai-Chi also tend to have lower levels of stiffness and greater levels of physical function.

Here are even more natural ways to relieve arthritis pain…

Best of Wellness…

Shelly Manning


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The Difference Between Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Shelly Manning

Hi, Friends…Shelly Manning here with today’s post.

Once we launched the Arthritis program, we had a lot of great feedback from readers but there were several issues that came up a lot. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was one that readers emailed Christian about right from the start and while some were asking about the program’s use for CPS, most were asking the difference between CPS and arthritis.

Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are two different issues, but can (and frequently do) occur together. In fact, people who already have Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis are at a much greater risk of developing CPS.

The reason is because of the process that affects people with arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint and connective tissues. The cartilage is broken down over time, and the smooth surfaces of the bones become rough and no longer glide smoothly.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the median nerve that supplies feeling and function to the thumb, index, middle and part of the ring fingers becomes compressed and pinched by swelling inside the bones that make up the carpal tunnel.

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This ONE Vitamin Quickly Improves Arthritis and Diabetes

By Christian Goodman

Repeated studies have proven that vitamin D is the single most important vitamin for people suffering both arthritis and diabetes. This is very important to know since 75% of people don’t get enough of this health-boosting vitamin.

Many people report drastic improvements in only a few days after correcting their vitamin D deprivation.

Best (and the cheapest) source of vitamin D is from the sun. Just 15-30 minutes of sun is usually enough from spring to fall. This however is not possible in the winter time. As we grow older, our skin also loses the ability to absorb vitamin from the sun.

You should therefore definitely begin taking vitamin D supplements daily. On top of that, eat plenty of fatty fish, milk products and other vitamin D rich food.

More info on naturally healing arthritis….

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Manage Arthritis Naturally

By Christian Goodman

Today, Amanda McQuade Crawford, medicinal herbalist gives us great tips on handling arthritis pain naturally:

More info on managing arthritis naturally…

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Lyme Disease Won’t Let Me Sleep!

By jodi77

Some time ago, an avid reader wrote in reporting sleep issues. Unlike many people who suffer from insomnia, he knew when and very likely why the problem started.

He had acquired Lyme disease. Sleep disturbances as well as chronic fatigue complaints are not uncommon in people who have this disease.

This nasty disease is typically known to start with a rash which then leads to fevers, aches, and chills. Arthritis and other disorders can also occur as a result of acquiring Lyme disease. Deer ticks can carry the bacteria, and this is about the time of year we see an ‘up-tick’ in tick bites. Yes…pun intended.

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