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More Info- Inflammation and high Blood Pressure

This recent article update seemed to have hit a nerve for some.  Mostly because not only are there so many of us out here suffering from, or trying to control high blood pressure, but also because everywhere you turn now the buzzword seems to be ‘Inflammation.’

The small post from Sunday morning referenced recent articles that highlighted studies (mostly in mice and rats) that focused on hypertension and inflammation.

The inflammation in the hypertensive rats and mice was all over the board.  Renal, arterial, hepatic, pleural and arthroscopic inflammation was studied as it affected the blood pressure for the little critters, and eventually they looked at the effects of using antioxidants to reduce the inflammation.

The Most Powerful Blood Pressure Reducer, Study Reveals

Sitting, breathing and chanting does more for blood pressure than most commonly prescribed medications, a research team from the Medical College of Wisconsin found. The research reveals the importance of monitoring and limiting stress for those with high blood pressure.

In this research study, a group of 200 men at risk for heart disease were asked to perform Transcendental Meditation everyday for twenty minutes. After a few weeks, important heart disease risk factors –including high blood pressure—fell dramatically. The results of the study were so dramatic that a spokesman from the National Institute of Mental Health in the UK remarked, “If Transcendental Meditation were a drug conferring so many benefits, it would be a billion-dollar blockbuster.”

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Reduce Inflammation to Beat High Blood Pressure

Doctors should spend more time discussing ways to reduce inflammation than cutting out salt with their high blood pressure patients, a paper published in this month’s Hypertension notes. The research paper summarizes the research of nearly 100 studies on high blood pressure.

Their conclusions? Inflammation is the cause of the vast majority of high blood pressure cases and that cutting down on salt isn’t as effective as many believe. They note that reducing inflammation will inevitably also reduce hypertension is most people and should therefore form the first line of attack against high blood pressure.

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Supplement and Prescription Interaction- A Bad Brew?

Back to the reader files we go with this installment of our Natural Health Blog.  Readers and clients write in a lot concerning what they are taking and when with respect to their prescription drugs, and they almost always will go on to disclose a supplement (or five or ten) they are also taking.

Sometimes, we find that folks are using the natural, herbal world to make their nutrition a more complete picture.  Other times they are taking something that helps to correct a disease process that is a result of a deficiency, as with iron, calcium, or vitamin D shortages.

But occasionally, we come across disclosures that raise a flag, as in the cases relating to people who are on serious prescription drugs and also supplementing from nature with highly concentrated herbal supplements or mineral compounds.

Many times, there are no interactions.  In fact, some herbal supplements actually help a drug to be either better absorbed or to be more effective.  An example might be people taking fish oil capsules as well as hormone replacement regimens (whether natural or herbal).

My Blood Pressure Meds Gave Me Fat Ankles

Frequently, the visitors to our site are people who are on a certain treatment plan, but they are disappointed with the results of it.  This disappointment can range anywhere from the ineffectiveness of the pill to the side effects that tag along.

Many times it is both, but one complaint that we hear a lot rests solely in side effects: The medicine makes my ankles swell.

This is not an uncommon side effect. In fact, a quick review of the warning labels of ten of the most commonly prescribed blood pressure medications reveals that all carry a warning on the label of swollen feet or ankles and to alert the doctor when it occurs.

Calcium channel blockers are the most common culprits when ankle swelling is a problem.

Brain, Not Mouth, Biggest Weight Loss Barrier

If you’re looking to drop pounds it may be time to take note of your brain’s opinion on the subjects, a research team from the University of Illinois reports. The study tracked changes in the brains of obese mice that were suddenly calorie restricted.

The researchers found that alterations in the brain increased appetite and cravings for calorie-rich foods soon after caloric restriction. The scientists note that suddenly and dramatically reducing the amount of food that you eat may actually be counterproductive. Instead, they advise you to “trick” your brain by making small changes over time.

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Dramatic Calorie Cutting Temporarily ‘Reverses’ Diabetes, Study Finds

Reducing calories as part of a dieting bout is common fare for type 2 diabetics. However, a new research study conducted by scientists at the Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre found that a short-term intervention of extreme calorie cutting can improve symptoms of type 2 diabetes dramatically.

The study assigned a group of long-standing type 2 diabetics to a very low calorie liquid diet that consisted of only 600 calories per day for 7-days. Remarkably, blood sugar levels returned to normal by the end of the 7-day bout. The researchers note that the mini-fast allows the pancreas and liver to clear out excess accumulated fat –which pushes the reset button on carbohydrate metabolism.

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Put Your Closets on a Diet and Drop Your Blood Pressure

I know. It sounds weird. But you really can purge an incredible amount of anxiety if you purge your closets, cupboards, and underneath your bed.

A business associate emailed me this week because he was completely exhausted. His wife had decided that the month of August would be clean-up time, since the kids would be headed back to school , routines and crazy schedules would be starting, and frankly, they were falling over their junk.

Three kids, a dog and two parents have a lot of ‘stuff.’  Cram this into a house with even 4 bedrooms and it’s a recipe for elevated blood pressure and illness if not carefully managed.

Hammocks Boost Sleep Quality In Those With Insomnia

The relaxation effects that come from being rocked as a child stay with us as adults –with profound effects on our sleep – reports a group of University of Geneva sleep scientists. The study found that sleeping in a rocking motion –as in a hammock—can make sleeping easier in those with insomnia.

The research also found that hammock sleeping increased the quality of sleep. Those that took a 45-minute nap in a hammock had considerably more N2-stage sleep –a sleep stage that’s particularly restful—than those that slept in a stationary bed.

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